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On the Down Low: 30 Secrets You Can Keep From Your Partner

Is it ever okay to keep a secret from your partner? Many people will tell you that in a relationship, there should be no secrets. You should tell your partner anything and everything, and if you keep something from them, that is considered lying. We would like to dispute this common relationship advice and say that there are some things you should never ever tell your partner. What are those exactly? Read on to see our 30 secrets you can keep from your partner:

  1. You hate their family.
  2. Your family hates them.
  3. You think their culture/traditions are weird.
  4. You find their best friend attractive.
  5. Your best friend hates them.
  6. You hate their best friend.
  7. Your ex was better in the bedroom.
  8. Your ex was better looking.
  9. You blame them for your unhappiness.
  10. You stalk your ex's social media pages.
  11. You stalk their ex's social media pages.
  12. You don't like a gift they gave you.
  13. You have a crush on someone.
  14. You think they should lose weight.
  15. You hate a random personality quirk or habit they have.
  16. You think they're terrible at a hobby or pastime they have.
  17. You spent a little/a lot on a gift you got them.
  18. You wish they made more money.
  19. You think they have a stupid job.
  20. You have gross/weird bathroom habits.
  21. You have weird eating habits.
  22. You spend a lot on your wardrobe.
  23. You made a stupid/embarrassing mistake in the past.
  24. You can't stand their driving.
  25. You hate their child, if they have one.
  26. You hate their pet, if they have one.
  27. You cheated in your past relationship.
  28. You sometimes fantasize about other people in bed.
  29. You flirted with someone.
  30. You watched their favorite show without them.

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