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Is This Performance Enhancer Helping Kyle Busch Cheat NASCAR? Find out More about This Nootropic ‘Smart Pill’ Brain Enhancer

We're looking into the SB nation report behind Kyle Busch's favorite performance enhancer. Apparently all of the NASCAR drivers are using it!

If you have been watching NASCAR recently, you'll know that Kyle Busch has landed in the middle of a MASSIVE INVESTIGATION into nootropic supplements that NASCAR drivers are using.

If you've never heard the term “nootropic“, you're not alone. It's a relatively new form of supplements. They're also called cognitive enhancers or smart drugs. They have been scientifically proven to enhance cognitive function, especially executive functions, memory, focus, creativity and motivation in healthy individuals. In the sport of NASCAR, drivers need to stay focused and have exceptional reactionary skills for nearly three hours. Nootropic supplements can really give these drivers an advantage.

Drivers are routinely tested for stimulants, which might raise their performance level. Adderal (used for ADHD) and modafinil (used for narcolepsy) are two such stimulants. However, nootropics such as , the supplement that Kyle Busch has been taking, contain 100% natural ingredients and do not show up on drug tests. Technically, they aren't even considered banned substances. There was no way that using them could be detected, until an all-out Twitter war was waged between Kyle Busch and his rival Brad Keselowski:

Is Kyle Busch Using a Nootripic Smart Pill Cognitive Enhancer to Gain an Edge?

Busch should have stayed quiet on the matter, but Keselowski baited him into the admission that he uses . He faced the media for the first time today since the scandal broke.

He was asked if he thought using gives him an unfair advantage over other drivers. He replied with a laugh.

kyle bush nootropic brain pill“First off, all of the drivers are using . I mean everyone. Obviously we try to gain an advantage over our fellow drivers. It's always under the NASCAR rules, though. I wouldn't consider this cheating. All of the ingredients are natural. None of them have been banned,” Busch replied.

“Look,” he continued. “we race for three hours straight. We need to be at our peak awareness level when we're going 200 mph. It's a matter of life or death. takes us to that level and keeps us there throughout our training and races. It's the ultimate performance enhancer. It's the real deal. Whether or not you're a pro-athlete, any man can benefit from using this. Everyone wants to live life at their peak level of focus and performance, whether for their job or social events.”

What is ?

There's already been some controversy over this performance-enhancing pill. The original version of was released around five years ago. It was mostly used among college students, business executives and athletes. Large pharmaceutical companies tried to have it banned, claiming that not enough testing had been done for it to be on the market. The truth was that they feared it would decrease the sales of drugs like adderall, modafinil and ritalin.

Three years and over 2000 Stanford University trials later, and is back in production. It is, once again, clinically proven to work and FDA approved. This time the supplements are even stronger than before. The secret to this improved formula is Huperzine A.

Do Nootropics Cognitive Enhancing Smart Drugs Really Work?

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, a leading neuroscientist, has called Huperzine A “the key to Turbo-Charging the brain”. For centuries it has been praised for its ability to heal and rejuvenate the mind. What's so special about it and why can't it be used by itself? Well, combining it with the potent and natural ingredients in makes your mind even clearer than a Zen monk's. It results in an increase of grey matter by about 60% in the brain. Your focus, memory, mental energy and overall brain health are all improved. Men between the ages of 25 and 55 benefit from it the most because the effects are intensified by a gene in the male brain called NRXN3. Basically, as far as cognitive performance, you will become the perfect version of yourself.

We Tried it Ourselves – Is it Worth the Hype?

With so many accolades from athletes and research papers, and endless positive reviews from users, we wanted to see if it was worth the hype.

Nearly everyone in the office wanted to try it, but we picked our Health and Science Editor, Josh, to try it out. Below are his results after using for 4 weeks:

The Results – 4 Weeks on

Week One

I got a bottle for $70. (UPDATE: They're now offering free sample bottles.) It arrived at the office two days later. I felt the effects start to kick in about thirty minutes after taking the first pill. It began with a nice wave of calmness that washed over my entire body. My mental fog and stress started to vanish. I soon reached a level of concentration that I had never experienced before. I wasn't even registering sound. It felt like walking around in winter after the snow has fallen. It was so easy for me to ignore distractions and outside noise. The best part was that there were no side effects like jitteriness.

Week Two

I was worried that would stop working after the first week. It didn't. I was feeling more energized and focused than ever before. Work was really busy and I was doing 12 to 14 hour days, but my energy level stayed high. I was constantly alert and determined to finish the task at hand. I still had a lot of energy after I got home. With any other stimulant, I wouldn't have been able to fall asleep at the end of the night. doesn't have this issue, though. I slept like a log.

I had made no changes to my diet or exercise and was improving my ability to focus and function. All I had done was add to my daily routine.

Week Three

I was still feeling the effects of . It was exciting how many items I could now cross off my to-do list. Before, I had problems completing tasks. was keeping me focused on the task at hand and finishing it. Throughout the week I noticed that I didn't feel stressed and I was able to control my emotions. I thought by the third week that my body would be used to the ingredients and I'd run out of steam, but this wasn't the case. My energy remained steady throughout the whole day.

Week Four

I got a new nickname at the office: “Super Josh”. I had become the most productive staff member. All the credit goes to . The supplement never stopped working for me. I was able to recall old memories with vivid clarity and I never lost focus. It was unbelievable how much I had changed in just four weeks. I didn't become a genius overnight or anything, but definitely improved my memory and the speed with which I process information.

The Verdict

Over these last four weeks, I have found myself jumping out of bed because I couldn't wait to take . The things that once annoyed me weren't an issue anymore. I was only focused on the important things. I hardly got stressed and was always able to control my emotions. I was at peak performance and focus level.

Something I didn't expect was the euphoric feeling that gave me. I was enjoying my work so much that my co-workers would laugh at me when I was walking round with a permanent smile on my face for no reason. I had a positive aura around me at all times.

I've tried modafinil and adderall, along with countless other drugs that supposedly make you smart. This is by far the only thing that makes you feel like the smartest, best version of yourself. Don't just take my word for it; try it. There are no side effects, besides feeling amazing. It will truly change your life.

Will work for you?

Being praised by athletes like Kyle Busch, and with our own experience, we know that is a product people can use to enhance their cognitive function and become the best version of themselves. According to all the research, there are no side effects. But with that being said, you should still use common sense when taking these. Do not go overboard. When you wake up, take one pill and see how you feel the rest of the day.

With the massive amount of attention that is getting from this Kyle Busch scandal, they are taking full advantage by offering free samples of the product when ordered through this exclusive link. This is for a limited time only – the first 300 orders. We definitely encourage you to try this supplement, even if you're just slightly curious. With this promotion, you have nothing to lose!