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Little Gestures: 30 Simple Ways To Make Your Partner Smile

We all know relationships can be tough. While relationships can be really hard, they don't always have to be! There are plenty of ways to lift the spirits in your relationship and some of them are totally easy. If your partner is feeling down lately, or the two of you have felt disconnected, there are many ways to put a smile on their face. We've got thirty simple ways to make your partner smile! Check them out below:

  1. Make them their favorite meal
  2. Kiss them “goodbye” before work in the morning
  3. Bring home their favorite snack or candy
  4. Put on their favorite movie at random
  5. Surprise them with a meaningful gift
  6. Make them a couple's scrapbook
  7. Help them pick out an outfit to wear somewhere
  8. Make reservations at their favorite restaurant
  9. Give them a compliment
  10. Have the house clean when they get home
  11. Take over laundry/dish duty
  12. Prepare a warm bubble bath for them
  13. Give them a massage
  14. Say “I love you” out of nowhere
  15. Take them for a nice walk at sunset
  16. Bring them to the place where you had your first date
  17. Ask to borrow their car and then take it to get washed and fill the tank with gas
  18. Being home flowers or jewelry
  19. Send them a cute, flirty text message unexpectedly
  20. Put on their favorite music
  21. Let them pick a TV show to watch
  22. Ask them how their day was and actually listen to the response
  23. Give them a kiss “goodnight” every night
  24. Plan a monthly date night
  25. Invite them to do something you usually do alone
  26. Start a new hobby with them
  27. Write them an old school love letter and put it in the mailbox for them
  28. Bake them cupcakes/cookies/brownies
  29. Write a poem or song for them and then recite/sing it to them
  30. Take them on a nice ride to a place you've never been before

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