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The Most Important Quality to Look For in a Partner

When it comes to marriage, most relationship therapists cite one question as the most frequently asked: “What are the most important qualities or traits to look for in a marriage partner?” There are numerous essential qualities to look for in a marriage partner. To be honest, only a saint will possess all of them. While there are endless qualities on the list, including attractiveness and sense of humor, which quality is considered the most important in a partner?

I believe there is a unique and distinctive quality in every person that not only defines who a person truly is but also who he or she will become in the future. This is the ability to love deeply. It is the ability to love deeply, even after heartbreak or unimaginable loss. The ability to love deeply and unconditionally is the most important quality a potential partner can possess.

The adversity a person faces in life varies. After a challenging time, a person must rebuild their life and their spirit. However, not every person is quick to re-establish their life and their ability to love after trauma. After heartbreak, many people don’t like to take risks again. They are afraid that they won’t be able to bear the same pain if it happens again. While this is entirely normal, an ideal partner is someone who is looking for happiness again and has the capacity to love again.

After a lot of heartbreaks, the average person has little motivation to learn from his past relationships. Most men and women measure their life based on comfort and security and stay away from risk and possibilities. It’s perfectly natural and good for self-preservation, but it can be an emotionally destructive life choice. We know that the possibility of risk and gain are equal, but many of us prefer to limit our joy and happiness depending on much they are willing to risk losing again. When looking for a partner, look for someone who is willing to the the risk to love again.

If you are looking for a new relationship or thinking of getting married, don’t let your past sorrows and disappointments prevent you from fully embracing what the future could hold. Be that ideal partner that someone else is looking for. If you already have the capacity to love again, look for someone else who is looking to again, too. whether it’s good or bad. Being able to risk it all again after the demise of an intimate relationship is by far the most important quality to look for in a woman or a man while searching for a partner.