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The 8 Most Important Tips For Having A Healthy Marriage

For several decade now, the statistics on marriage success have been pretty poor. Over half of all marriages end up in divorce. Surely when you marry someone, you plan on it lasting forever. So what is it that these couples are getting wrong? According to divorce therapists and experts, they are not following these eight important tips for having a healthy marriage:

1. Always Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy – you've heard that before. A marriage build on lies and deception is never going to survive. It's one thing to tell your partner a little white lie every now and then, but you should never lie about the big things in your relationship. Be open and truthful with your partner and it will help strengthen your marriage.

2. Make Time For One Another

One of the leading causes for divorce is one partner neglecting the other. Over time, many married couples don't put in the effort to make quality time for one another. This leads one or both partners feeling like the other just doesn't care. Go out of your way to make time for your partner and you'll be more likely to keep your partner.

3. Stay Playful

Relationships can get boring over time. This happens for all couples. Having a healthy marriage means keeping things interesting. Try to hold on to that flirty, playful nature that you had with your partner when you first got together. This will keep things fun and new.

4. Communication is Key

Communication may be the most important aspect of relationships. Many marriages fail because the couple doesn't communicate properly with one another. You should be able to speak to your partner about your wants and needs, and vice versa. If you can be open with one another, things will work in your favor.

5. Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes

Mistakes are going to happen in a marriage. What matters is whether or not you own up to your mistakes and try to correct them. Healthy couples know how to take responsibility for their mistakes and avoid making the same ones in the future.

6. Have Realistic Expectations

If you want your marriage to succeed, you need to have realistic expectations. Don't expect ridiculous things from your partner that you know they cannot achieve. This may be expecting them to make way more money than they are making, or expecting them to cut off old friends and family. Have reasonable, realistic expectations that can actually be met.

7. Accept Change

Any long term relationship is going to go through changes. If you and your spouse cannot adapt to change together, you may not work out in the long run. Healthy couples can adjust to the natural changes that occur in life.

8. Learn to Compromise

Compromise is key when it comes to having a healthy marriage. If one or both spouses is always stubborn and refuse to budge on any disagreements, things are not going to work out. Find a balance, a way to have a healthy give and take. This will lead to a long-lasting marriage.

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Older and Wiser: 40 Pieces of Relationship Advice From Seniors

We could all use a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. We often go to friends for relationship advice, but maybe there's a better group of people we should be asking. Our elders are the wisest, because they've been through it all already! Certainly they've got the best words of wisdom when it comes to love. We've gathered 40 pieces of relationship advice from seniors that you'll want to take to heart! Check them out below:

  1. Always be a good listener.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions.
  3. Never try to control your partner.
  4. Don't complain about your partner to your friends and family.
  5. Love is not just a feeling. It's a choice.
  6. Don't blame your partner for your own shortcomings.
  7. Give love to receive love.
  8. Let love come to you. Don't search for it all the time.
  9. Ladies, don't chase after a man. Let him chase after you!
  10. Avoid jealousy at all costs.
  11. Smile every chance you get.
  12. Actions speak louder than words. Show your partner you care.
  13. Looks will fade, so make sure there is something more.
  14. Always keep your word.
  15. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  16. Passive aggressive behavior will always backfire on you.
  17. Take time for yourself after a breakup.
  18. Don't forget to spend time with your friends.
  19. Make family a priority.
  20. Love yourself before you love someone else.
  21. Don't obsess over exes or previous relationships.
  22. Don't expect someone else to save you.
  23. Setting your expectations too high will only hurt you.
  24. Do little things every day to show your partner you care.
  25. Be generous with compliments.
  26. Don't be afraid of rejection.
  27. Show your vulnerable side.
  28. Express gratitude and appreciation for your partner.
  29. Always be honest and faithful.
  30. Be open with your partner about your fears and insecurities.
  31. Practice empathy and kindness at all times.
  32. Don't let bad habits ruin your relationship.
  33. Go out of your way to keep the passion alive.
  34. Change things up every so often.
  35. Don't compare your relationship to other couples.
  36. Pick your battles.
  37. Show your partner respect even when they're not around.
  38. Don't play games with your partner.
  39. Support your partner through hard times.
  40. Remember that things won't always be easy.

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Before the Big Day: 5 Things You Need To Discuss Before Getting Married

Marriage is a huge commitment to make. In fact, it is the biggest commitment you can make in a relationship. When the divorce rate in America is over 50%, it's important to take the necessary steps to make your marriage last. There are certain things you should discuss with your partner before getting married, to make sure you are both on the same page and avoid any issues down the road. The following are five things you should talk to your partner about before getting married:

1. If You Want Children

Before getting married you should know whether or not your partner wants to have children. Having children may be a deal breaker for someone who never envisioned themselves as a parent. On the flip side, someone who has always wanted kids may not want to marry someone who is adamantly against having them. If you both want kids, you should also discuss how many kids you want. One partner might want only one child while the other wants a big family.

2. Where You Want To Live

It's important to discuss where each of you want to live before getting married. You may want to move away and live in a whole new place while your partner may want to stay close to their family. Maybe you both want to move somewhere new, but can't agree on where it will be. This type of thing should be settled before you make the big commitment.

3. How Finances Will Be Handled

Financial issues are one of the leading causes of divorce. Before getting married, you should talk to your partner about how your finances are going to be handled. Is one partner going to keep track of the bills? Are you going to have a joint bank account or keep your own separate ones? How are you going to divide the cost of things and the cost of bills? These things should already be taken care of before you get married.

4. Career Choices

Your career is an important part of your life, no doubt. This may change once you get married, though. Moving to a new place could change your career choices, so this will need to be figured out beforehand. Your partner may want you to be a homemaker while they earn the money to take care of things. This should be discussed in advance in case the two of you have different ideas.

5. Overall Outlook

Before getting married, you and your partner need to discuss your overall outlook on the future. This includes just general things. Do you want to travel a lot? Do you want to spend time with friends and extended family? What is your overall outlook of what you want your married life to be like? Talking about this before getting married will give you better insight into what your marriage will be like.


4 Pieces of Marriage Advice From Married Men to Their Single Friends

Getting married is a huge life decision. For this reason, many men are scared to get married. They're afraid of the commitment, or of their marriage possibly failing. The best way for single men, or soon-to-be married men, to get some insight into marriage is to speak to married people. We've got four pieces of marriage advice from married men to their single or engaged friends:

1. It's okay to be vulnerable.

You've probably heard that your partner should be like your best friend, and this is basically true. You should be able to completely open up to your partner. Men are often taught to hide their emotions and never show vulnerability. This isn't going to work in a marriage. You need to be able to let your guard down and show your partner how you really feel. Keeping your emotions bottled up will never lead to a healthy marriage.

2. It's not all passion and excitement.

Before getting married, understand that your relationship won't be exciting all the time. There won't always be the passion that was there in the beginning of your relationship. This isn't a bad thing! It's a normal part of any relationship. The longer you've been together, the more things will settle into a low-key, comfortable routine. Your Friday nights won't be going out to parties anymore. Instead, they'll be watching movies and ordering takeout. If you're with the right person, you won't really mind this. You should feel okay just having downtime with your partner.

3. Always be honest.

A marriage built on lies is never going to succeed. So one of the biggest pieces of marriage advice is to always be honest with your partner. If you can't be honest with your partner, what are you even doing with them? Lying to your partner, even if it's about small things, will never work out. If you want to build a healthy, happy marriage, you need to be able to talk to your partner about anything and always be truthful with them.

4. You have to put in the work.

This is a piece of marriage advice that cannot be glossed over: you need to put the work in. Marriage is hard work. Even the best marriages are not easy. There will be days where you're angry at your partner. There will be moments where you may want to call it quits. You need to be able to work through these times if you want your marriage to last. The happiest couples will tell you that they had to work really hard to get over hurdles in their marriage. As you've probably heard many times, the best things in life don't come easy.

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