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4 Pieces of Marriage Advice From Married Men to Their Single Friends

Getting married is a huge life decision. For this reason, many men are scared to get married. They're afraid of the commitment, or of their marriage possibly failing. The best way for single men, or soon-to-be married men, to get some insight into marriage is to speak to married people. We've got four pieces of marriage advice from married men to their single or engaged friends:

1. It's okay to be vulnerable.

You've probably heard that your partner should be like your best friend, and this is basically true. You should be able to completely open up to your partner. Men are often taught to hide their emotions and never show vulnerability. This isn't going to work in a marriage. You need to be able to let your guard down and show your partner how you really feel. Keeping your emotions bottled up will never lead to a healthy marriage.

2. It's not all passion and excitement.

Before getting married, understand that your relationship won't be exciting all the time. There won't always be the passion that was there in the beginning of your relationship. This isn't a bad thing! It's a normal part of any relationship. The longer you've been together, the more things will settle into a low-key, comfortable routine. Your Friday nights won't be going out to parties anymore. Instead, they'll be watching movies and ordering takeout. If you're with the right person, you won't really mind this. You should feel okay just having downtime with your partner.

3. Always be honest.

A marriage built on lies is never going to succeed. So one of the biggest pieces of marriage advice is to always be honest with your partner. If you can't be honest with your partner, what are you even doing with them? Lying to your partner, even if it's about small things, will never work out. If you want to build a healthy, happy marriage, you need to be able to talk to your partner about anything and always be truthful with them.

4. You have to put in the work.

This is a piece of marriage advice that cannot be glossed over: you need to put the work in. Marriage is hard work. Even the best marriages are not easy. There will be days where you're angry at your partner. There will be moments where you may want to call it quits. You need to be able to work through these times if you want your marriage to last. The happiest couples will tell you that they had to work really hard to get over hurdles in their marriage. As you've probably heard many times, the best things in life don't come easy.

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Reading His Mind: 6 Things Guys Think About But Will Never Say

Wouldn't you just love to know what's on a guy's mind? Women spend so much time obsessing over what their boyfriends or husbands are thinking about. We eventually assume or imagine they're thinking horrible things about us or our relationship. The truth is that guys think about many of the same things we do, they just don't make it known. To help you get inside his head, we've got six things guys think about but will never say:

1. He's terrified of losing you.

Your guy may seem calm, cool and collected when it comes to your relationship, but that's not always the case. One of the main things guys think about is how scared they are to lose their partner. He's terrified that one day you'll leave him and break his heart. Since most guys will do anything to not seem weak, he'll likely never tell you this.

2. He has physical insecurities, too.

You might think you're the only one who feels insecure or wishes they could change things about their body, but this is so not true. Guys have insecurities about their bodies and wish they looked different sometimes. They might wish they had bigger muscles or a more defined six-pack, but they keep these feelings to themselves.

3. Your family drives him insane.

He doesn't want to upset you or cause any problems with your family, but sometimes he just cannot stand them. Maybe the weekly dinner with your parents is just too much for him. Maybe your sister's high-pitched laugh sends him into a fit of rage. Whatever the reason is, disdain for their girlfriend's family is one of the main things guys think about but will never say.

4. He's not confident about his sexual performance.

Men like to act like their sexual performance is incredible. For most guys, this is just a front. The reality is that he's not sure how good he is. He often wonders after (and during) the act, if you're truly satisfied. Even if you're making it explicitly clear that you're satisfied, he's still skeptical about his skills.

5. He doesn't want to seem clingy.

You know how we debate whether or not we should call/text? Yeah, well it turns out guys do that too! In the same way that we're afraid of seeming clingy, guys worry about being clingy also. They may be thinking of calling or texting us, but they wonder if they've already contacted us too much or if it's the right time.

6. Alone time is still important to him.

Everyone needs their alone time. Men value their time alone very much, but they might be afraid to tell you that. They don't want you to think that they don't like spending time together. They love spending time with you, but they still need time alone to focus on their hobbies or to just think.

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Ladies Know Best: 8 Relationship Tips From Women to Men

Most men like to think they know it all, but ladies know that just isn't the case! Love and relationships is an area where men often struggle, and women can lend a helping hand. We've got eight great relationship tips from women to men:

1. It's Okay to Be “Uncool”

The first of our relationship tips from women is to not worry about being “uncool”. You don't have to jump through hoops to portray a certain image to a woman. If you consider yourself a nerd and like comics, that's great! Don't hide these things, because the perfect woman for you is one who has these “uncool” things in common with you.

2. Remember the Little Things

It's important to never forget the little things in a relationship. Things like bringing her flowers or calling her at the end of the night may seem like small gestures to you, but they mean a lot to her. If you start neglecting and forgetting this little things, she's going to become detached.

3. Honesty Above All Else

Being honest is the biggest of the relationship tips from women. You should always be honest with your girlfriend or wife. If you're consistently lying and she cannot trust you, then it will be nearly impossible for your relationship to continue. Trust is what will drive your relationship forward and make it last.

4. Be Yourself

This is one of the most important relationship tips from women. You must always be yourself. Don't get caught up trying to impress her by being something that is not true to who you are. Also, if a woman wants you to change and be something you aren't, she's not the right woman for you.

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5. Show Your Emotions

So many men are hung up on the idea that showing emotion is not manly. This is a myth. Women appreciate a man who is in tune with his emotions and is not afraid to show them. Let your girlfriend know how you feel and don't be afraid to be emotional in front of her.

6. Take Charge

Women like men who can take control in a situation. This doesn't mean you should be a control freak and dominate your entire relationship. It just means that you should be able to make decisions and call shots when it's necessary.

7. Be A Friend to Her

If you want a lasting relationship, you need to be your girlfriend's friend in addition to her partner. Be someone who she can turn to when she needs to talk. Be a shoulder she can cry on. Your girlfriend should be able to call you her boyfriend as well as her best friend.

8. Give Her Space

Sometimes women just need a little space. You can't be clingy all the time or contacting her all the time. If you're always with her or checking in on her, it will only drive her away. Trust in her and let her have time to herself when she needs it. This will only strengthen your bond.

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All Fun and Games: 5 Things You Should Know About Dating A “Funny Guy”

There are few things sexier than a sense of humor. Guys like Paul Rudd, James Franco and Ryan Reynolds are all hilarious and loved by women all around the world. Sure, they're good-looking, but it's their sense of humor that makes them even more attractive. A good sense of humor could take even an average-looking guy and make him attractive. This is the reason that so many women gravitate towards funny men. Before you run out and find yourself a comedian boyfriend, we've got five things you should know about dating a “funny guy”:

1. They Might Joke During Serious Moments

Some so-called “funny guys” use their sense of humor as a defense mechanism. This means that anytime they feel uncomfortable, they'll crack jokes to ease the tension. This means they joke around during serious discussions. They might even joke around at inappropriate events, like at a funeral. It's not that they're insensitive. It's just that some of them like to use their humor like a safety blanket.

2. They're Great at Parties and Social Functions

If you're not the life of the party, then it's great for you to date a funny guy. His sense of humor will take away from the fact that you're not a social butterfly. People will focus on him and his jokes rather than you. He makes a good distraction for any awkward behavior you may display at social functions. His sense of humor also makes him more likeable, which means you can readily take him to a family get-together without worrying about your parents disapproving.

3. They'll Make Any Day Better

Whenever you're having a bad day, you'll be particularly glad you're dating a funny guy. He'll be able to bring you out of even the most stressful times. When you're down and out, he can joke with you to lift your spirits. No matter how upset you are, how could you not feel better after a really great joke?

4. They're Not Obsessed With Comedy

If you're dating a funny guy, it's important to remember that they're not all obsessed with comedy. Just because they are funny, it doesn't mean they want to watch every funny television show or comedic movie. It doesn't mean they want to go to comedy shows every weekend. It also doesn't mean they're obsessed with Seinfeld re-runs or Woody Allen movies.

5. They Can't Be Funny All the Time

This is the most important thing to remember when dating a funny guy. He cannot be funny all the time, and you shouldn't want him to be funny all the time. You have to realize that your “funny guy” is still a person. He has good days and bad days. He's not always going to feel like being funny, so you can't expect him to be. Besides, joking all the time will eventually get old and lose its novelty.

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3 Enchanting Things That Will Make a Man Love You Forever

Some men admit their inability to commit to a woman because they don’t feel ready for it or the timing isn’t right. But sometimes, even the most dedicated bachelor will be willing to take the plunge when he has met the woman of his dreams. So what qualities in a woman really captivate a man and will make him abandon his single life forever?

Here are three qualities that will make a man love a woman forever:

1. She's Not Looking For a Husband

You know what turns off men when it comes to dating and relationships, and even commitment? When you tell your man that you’re desperately seeking a husband – and trust me, every guy is scared when they hear that.

Men desire women who let them be who they are, not for what they can do or give. When a guy gets even the slightest hint that his girlfriend has an agenda beyond just getting to know him, he shuts down immediately and begins to feel less attracted to her. We totally understand that you’re not in the position to waste your time, and you need to find out quickly that the man you’re dating is capable of making a long-term commitment. But, it’s dangerous if you make this your focus in the early days of your relationship. Rather, take your time getting to know him better and let him feel that you enjoy spending time with him.

2. She's Willing To Walk Away

When a man finds out that you've centered your whole life around him, he’ll be pressured because he's started to think that you’ve already made him your partner before you having a conversation about it. He’ll feel immensely pressured to meet your expectations, and at the same time, he hates to disappoint you. He’ll also keep wondering how come you made up your mind about him so fast. Your best approach here is to convey to your guy that you’re selective. Tell him that while you like him and enjoy being with him, you’re also a woman open to options and you are in control of what happens to you. You can do this by living a life outside of him, spending quality time with your family and friends, cultivating your hobbies, and improving your career and life.

3. She Enhances His Life

One of the best and most meaningful ways to build a solid, lasting relationship with a man is by creating positive experiences for him. You can’t talk a man into having a committed relationship with you. A man needs to have a deep, emotional connection with a woman before he can commit to her. If you want a man to believe that his life will be much better with you in it, you’ll need to create the right kind of experiences which will invoke emotional attraction in him. These experiences should be positive and something you both enjoy doing and something that makes you both happy.

5 Ways To Let A Woman Know You’re Interested Without Saying a Word

How can you tell a woman you like her without actually telling her?Well, it turns out that it's all about body language. According to experts, 55 percent of our communication is expressed with our body, while only 7 percent is expressed with our words.  The remaining 38 percent originates from our tone of voice. So, with our posture, mannerisms and eye contact we can let someone know we're interested in them.

Here are five body language clues that a man can use to show a woman he's attracted to her:

1. He Touches His Face

A man who's interested in a girl will make her look at his face. He does this by touching his face at various times. He might also touch his ears, scratch his chin, run his fingers through his hair, or lick his lips – all of this screams that he’s attracted to her. By the way, all of these body language signs are also seen in women when they’re attracted to a man. One big reason both men and woman touch or lick their lips when they see someone attractive or sexy is because lips are one of the most erogenous zones in the human body. So, we subconsciously feel good when we touch them.

2. He raises his eyebrows

When a guy is excited, the pupils of his eyes will become wider than usual. When this occurs, the eyebrows rise and fall as the eyes get bigger. If a woman talks to a man and he feels attracted to her, you can easily see that his eyebrows go up and down while having a conversation with her. Body language specialists also report that a man will become more lively when talking to a girl that he feels attracted to, as he is trying to lure her in.

3. He Fidgets With His Drink

If you see a guy playing with his drink while speaking with a lady, it doesn’t mean that he’s bored or worried. Instead, he’s actually into her. Guys, who are sexually attracted to a girl, might play with things using their hands. For instance, he’ll try to peel off the label of his beer bottle, adjust his watch, tie, undo his cuff links, etc.  The fidgeting will become more pronounced the more attracted he is.

4. He Leans Towards Her

If a man feels interested in a woman, he’ll lean towards her. He’ll also look into her eyes. If he keeps looking into her eyes while having a conversation with her, it’s an indication that he’s interested.

5. He Touches Her

While dating a woman, if a man feels attracted to her, he’ll subconsciously touch her throughout the whole date. Even the most sensitive and shy guys will attempt to nudge her elbow, hand, or back. The challenging part for any woman here is to understand whether these delicate touches are accidental or on purpose. If it’s on purpose, then his intentions are clear and he is interested.

The Best Ways To Build Muscle After 40 and Boost Testosterone

As we age, we start seeing a lot of unwanted changes in our appearance. This includes weight gain and the loss of muscle mass. The decline in testosterone levels that takes place after men turn forty is the primary cause of losing muscle mass. This low testosterone also makes it harder to build new muscle compared to how easy it might have been in your younger days.

How To Build Muscle After 40 Full Report:

While these age-related changes are natural and happen to almost everyone, most of us want to avoid them in whatever way we can. So how can we do that? There are several ways that men can build muscle after turning forty. The main way to build muscle while getting older is to make significant changes in your lifestyle, including your workout habits and diet. The following are six changes you'll need to make to your daily routine if you're looking to gain muscle after hitting the big 4-0.

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Over 40 Weight Training Routine

This might seem like an obvious way to build muscle, but it's not that simple. If you want to build muscle after turning forty, you need to practice weightlifting in a specific way. Your first thought may be to enter the gym and lift the heaviest weight you can, but that's going to hurt you in the long run. You need to remember that your body isn't what it used to be (I know you're trying to ignore that fact, but don't.). As an older man, lifting the maximum weight you can lift is dangerous and not practical. Your joints and muscles are not as strong as they once were and can be damaged easily. You can put unnecessary strain on your back, knees, neck and shoulders. Damaging these key areas will leave you unable to practice weightlifting at all, ruining the possibility of building any muscle.

According to experts, the best way to start weightlifting after forty is to start light. Rather than lifting heavy for few reps, lift light for many reps. Once you feel comfortable doing as many reps as you can at the lightest weight, you can move on to the next one. This is a safe and effective way for older men to start building muscle. To get you started, we’ve included a simple weight training program for men over forty:

  1. Warm Up: 5 Minutes – Rower, Skipping or Cross-trainer
  2. Legs: 3 sets of 10-12 squats with barbell or dumbbells
  3. Back: 3 sets of 10-12 rows with barbells or dumbbells
  4. Chest: 3 sets of 10-12 dumbbell chest presses
  5. Shoulders: 3 sets of 10-12 dumbbell shoulder presses
  6. Finish: 2 sets of 12 dumbbell dead-lifts
  7. Cool-down: 5 minutes on treadmill

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Stretching is good for building muscle because stretching is vital for any and all forms of exercise. Stretching prepares your muscles for lifting weights and other forms of exercise. It is especially important for older individuals whose muscles are often sore and achy.

If you find that you often wake up with tight or sore muscles, you will want to incorporate some moderate stretching into your daily routine. This may include your hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteals, or any other areas that are giving you a problem. You don't need to spend a lot of time stretching; you can start out very simple. A recent study showed that men aged 65 to 97 who stretched for just 60 seconds daily were stronger and more flexible. So it is recommended that you stretch any tight or sore muscles you have for just 60 seconds a day. That's easy enough, right?


An important part of staying in shape is staying active. This is especially important as you get older. As we age, our muscles begin to atrophy and in order to build them back up, we need to put them to use. This is why, if you are looking to build muscle, you need to incorporate cardio into your routine.

When we say that you need to incorporate cardio into your routine, we don't mean running for hours on a treadmill. We just mean to keep active throughout the day. Do things that keep you on your feet a little bit and keep you moving. Keeping your body active helps you build muscle because it keeps you healthier and help you stay in good shape. Cardio and staying active will also help you to burn off the fat that many men acquire around their midsections as they age.

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In order to gain muscle and improve your physical fitness, you need to get appropriate rest. There's no way to do anything we've discussed so far if your body is exhausted. It's important for anyone, at any age, to get enough sleep and let their body recuperate from their daily activities. This means you need to make sleep a priority, no matter how much energy you may feel like you have! Older individuals typically need a little more rest than younger people, so make sure that you are adhering to a healthy sleeping schedule that makes sense for your age.

Resting isn't only about sleeping. Resting also includes just relaxing in general. You may be dead-set about improving your fitness and building muscle, but don't push yourself too hard. It's important to recognize when you are pushing your body too far, and to take the time to relax. Too much exercising can cause wear-and-tear to your joints and muscles that cannot be repaired.

Dietary Changes

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Your diet is essential to building muscle after 40, especially after you hit forty. Your body is very different than when you were young – you can't eat five Big Macs and not gain weight anymore. After you hit forty, you'll notice that you start putting on weight and losing your muscle mass. In order to combat this, you need to start following a healthy diet. The goal is to reduce fat production and increase muscle gain.

For men over forty, a diet rich in healthy fats is ideal for building muscle. Healthy fats include foods like almonds, olive oil, fish oil, peanut butter and avocados. It is also recommended to eat a lot of protein. This doesn't mean you have to chug protein shakes all day.  Good sources of protein include egg whites, skinless chicken breast, lean ground beef, wild salmon, turkey bacon and cottage cheese. The final part of a healthy muscle-building diet is carbohydrates like oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, brown rice and whole wheat bread.


The final thing that can help you build muscle after turning forty is the use of dietary supplements. There are more and more supplements on the market that promise to boost testosterone levels. Since declining testosterone is one of the primary reasons for muscle loss, increasing it will help you to build new muscle.

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In addition to building muscle, testosterone supplements can help you burn fat, improve your sexual stamina and increase your energy. While these supplements aren't for everyone, they have helped many men build muscle and improve their overall fitness after turning forty.

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6 Things Men Do When They Are In Love

People say that guys become more passionate and crazy when they fall in love, and it’s true, believe it or not. Although it can be difficult to tell if a man has started to have feelings, it’s pretty obvious for the ladies to understand how men act when they’re in love. If a man is really into a girl, it’s pretty simple to see it. However, at certain times, it can be challenging to realize when a guy is in love with a woman he’s attracted to.

So, here are six things men will do when they are in love

1. He will be more romantic

When a man falls in love with a woman, it suddenly becomes a huge deal for him. They’ll start to obsess and give her gifts, take her to nice places, give her flowers take her dining at nice restaurants, and try to make her smile. So, if you see a man doing these things or similar things, he’s most likely in love.

2. He will flaunt his girl to the people he knows

If a guy truly loves his girl, he won’t shy away from introducing her to his friends or family. When a man falls in love with a woman, she instantly becomes a part of his life, social circle and family scene. He will flaunt her to the people he knows and loves like his family, friends, coworkers and take her to his favorite spots.

3. He will show his ability to provide

When a man is in love with a woman, he’ll focus on showing what he can do for his girlfriend. It usually means he’ll show that he can provide for her or will start to show how good he can be to a girl. He shows it in the form of money and gifts. Besides, he’ll try to be sympathetic to her, and will act as a hero or protector to her.

4. He will be very interested in her opinions

If a man doesn’t love a girl or have real feelings for her, he won’t care much if she doesn’t approve of something. Meanwhile, if a guy is head over heels for a woman he loves deeply, he’ll be very interested in everything his girl says, thinks, and does which also includes her taste in food, shoes, clothes and even politics.

5. He drops the L-bomb

Of course, some guys will say “I love you” to manipulate a woman, but a lot of men really do mean it when they say it to a woman they love so much. Although, some men will say these words to a girl when they just think they’re in love with her.

6. He’ll soften up

When a man is in love with a woman, there is one thing in particular that you can’t help but notice. So what it is? When a guy falls in love with a girl, he’ll be happy and will soften up around women in general. All of a sudden, men tend to become more approving and passionate about women’s rights and achievements, respecting and treating women better, and feeling happier.

6 Things A Good Man Will Never Think Of Doing

There are a lot of articles with advice on what men “should do” or “shouldn’t do” while looking for a relationship. Some of these articles get plenty of backlash from men, as nobody likes someone who tells others how they should act or behave. Also, most guys do not actually behave in these ways. Well, that’s not true. Let’s make one thing clear: Good men do behave in these ways. If you are dating someone and she expects you to be more stable, well-adjusted, emotionally mature, then it’s safe to tell you that you aren’t a good man.

Here are some of the things a good man will never do. So, if you are looking to impress your girlfriend, pay close attention:

1. A good man will never judge his girlfriend by her looks.

If you are someone who tells your girlfriend things like, “I wish you were a little slimmer,” “I wish your hair was a bit longer” or “You would be even better if you wore more makeup,” etc., then you need to make some serious changes in your attitude. A good man will never judge a woman’s appearance. That’s demeaning, emotionally abusive, and it will make her think badly of herself. Instead, a good man will make her feel confident and support her emotionally.

2. A good man will never breach a woman’s privacy.

If you need to hide something in your relationship, it means you aren’t in a healthy relationship. It doesn’t matter what it is – texts, emails, Facebook messages. There is no need to hide anything. But that doesn’t mean you have the privilege to snoop through her things if she forgets to lock her phone or leaves her computer open. If you do, it shows that you feel insecure and don’t trust that your partner will be faithful to you.

3. A good man will never discourage his lover.

You can tell a person’s confidence level by seeing how they support the ambition of others. A good man will never hesitate to support and help people around him. He will never insult or discourage anyone no matter how bad things are.

4. A good man will never cheat.

There are folks out there who say that monogamy is not “natural.” They say humans aren’t biologically wired to spend their whole life with one person. Regardless of what people or science says, there is one universal truth. Monogamy is a personal choice made by two individuals in a relationship. It’s a promise made by two people before beginning their relationship. A good guy will never commit infidelity in the relationship because it means he’s breaking or dishonoring the pledge he has made to someone he loves and cares about.

5. A good man will never disrespect or abuse his partner.

A good man will respect everyone around him. He will never be condescending, arrogant or disrespectful to anyone around him, regardless of their intelligence or professional position. A good man will never be abusive to his girlfriend, either physically or emotionally.

6. A good man will never make his partner feel alone in their relationship.

When it comes to relationships, it’s a partnership. It’s a two-way street. Relationships are supposed to enrich each other’s lives, not complicate them. A good man will never make his girlfriend feel alone or disconnected in their relationship. He will never make his significant other feel like an afterthought and will always include her in important conversations and decisions.

4 Types Of Men Who Aren’t Ready For Marriage

While many couples are just having fun in their relationships and looking to be happy, other couples have a long-term goal to get married. Obviously there's no rush to tie the knot, but for many women they want to know the guy they're involved with has a commitment in mind. If your goal is to find a husband, you don't want to waste any time with a guy who has no intentions of becoming one. How can you tell early on that your new guy does not have nuptials on the mind?

Below are four types of men who women find aren’t ready for marriage:

1. “I need help” Guys

This “need help” kind of guy is entirely rooted in his own insecurities. This type of guys only talks about his problems. He rarely talks about his girlfriend’s issues or anything about her. He only wants a woman to be by his side because it makes him feel worthy and gives him a sense of purpose. Therefore, he always keeps asking her to help him until he’s fully prepared for marriage. Guess what: He will never be ready. Years will go by and he will keep finding excuses for things he wants to resolve before he gets married.

2. “Let's not discuss marriage” Guys

Since most men know that women believe in words, not actions, this type of guys hardly talks about marriage with his girlfriend. They know that’s what their girlfriends want to hear, so they won't say it at all. This kind of guy hopes that by avoiding the subject altogether, his girlfriend will never bring it up on her own. If she does bring it up, she'll probably get the cliche, “Let's not talk talk about that. We're not ready for that!”

3. “Let’s discuss marriage” Guys

This guy likes to talk about marriage, but never follow through with any plans for it. He will keep talking about marriage as long as his girlfriend likes. This kind of man discusses it in great detail, such as where will he get married, how the wedding arrangements are like, what kind of house he will buy, what kind of furniture he will have and so on. When his beloved asks him about his dreams, he will say whatever she wants and likes. It is okay for men to talk about marriage when they are in a relationship, but if there’s no action, only words, then we have a problem. These kinds of guys are all talk and aren’t ready to be husbands.

4. “Let's have fun first” Guys

These guys are looking for fun. These types of men treat relationships like a game. They stick to the relationship for the thrill. They think of it as a new adventure where they can have some good time. These men aren’t interested in future plans such as marriage, kids, family, or settling down with one woman. When you ask them what they want from a relationship, they will tell you they want sex and want to have some fun. If you bring up the subject of marriage, their mood and face changes and the fun ends.