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7 Ways to Have Her Missing You Like Crazy

Whether you're in a relationship or there's a girl you're interested in, you want the girl you like to miss you when you're not around. If she feels what it's like to miss you, it'll make her realize how much she really likes you and your time together. Here are seven ways to have the girl you like missing you like crazy:

Give Her Some Space

How is she going to miss you if you're always around? In order for her to start missing you like crazy, you need to give her some space. Whether it be for work, school or to hang out with friends, you'll need to spend some time apart. This might be difficult because you probably want to spend all of your time with her. However, it will be worth it. Once you've had time apart, she'll realize how much she misses your company and it will be that much more special when you do see each other.

Don't Contact Her All the Time

If you want a girl to really miss you, you need to limit your contact with her. If you're texting and calling her all the time, it'll feel like you never left. And if you text or call her when she's busy, then you're just being annoying. Constant contact will only push her away.

If you want her to be missing you like crazy, keep contact to a minimum. Not only will this make her miss you, but it will also give you more intrigue. She'll wonder what you're doing when you aren't contacting her and she'll be attracted to the mystery.

Have Fun Without Her

This may be hard because you want to include her in your fun, but it will better for you both in the long run. If you want her to miss you, go out and have some fun without her. Hang out with the guys, go to a concert, or go out with your family. Make sure to post pictures on your social media of you having tons of fun. This will make her wish she were hanging out with you and having a great time. It will also let her know you're not boring.

Show Her That You're a Leader

When you are with your girl, show her that you can be a leader. Take charge of situations. Make important decisions. Help her with tasks and things she needs done. This will make her value what you bring to the table. If you show how important you are to have around, she will notice the void left you're gone.

Give Her Gifts

It's no secret that girls love to get gifts. If you get her gifts, not only will you make her super happy, you'll also make her miss you more.

Get her a special gift that reminds her of you, and she'll think of you every time she sees it. This might be something she'll use everyday, like a makeup palette or purse. Whenever she uses it, she'll think of you and how kind you are. It could also be something personal that makes her think of your relationship, like a picture frame with a portrait of the two of you. Either way, getting your girl gifts will have her missing you like crazy.

Talk to Her Before Bed

While you don't want to contact her constantly, you do want to contact her at night. Studies have shown that before bed is the best time to speak to someone you love. Talking to your girl at night will make her more likely to have dreams of you when she falls asleep. It will also make her wake up thinking of you and wanting to see you.

Make Her Feel Great When You See Her

If you want to have your girl missing you like crazy, you need to make her feel amazing when you two are together. Fill her life with happiness and give her compliments. Make her best days the ones that she gets to spend with you. If you can do this, she'll want to spend every day with you because she'll enjoy your company that much.

Obviously you can't spend all of your time with the girl that you care about. Between work, school, or time with friends and family, the two of you are going to be apart at some points. Even though you can't spend every second together, you can have your girl thinking of you every second now that you know the seven tips to have her missing you like crazy.


How to have a Guy Ways to Have Him Missing You Like Crazy

We all enjoy spending time with the person we love, but we can't spend every second together. Sometimes we just need space or time apart. You also can't always be together because of things like work and school. Even if you're apart, you still want the guy you like thinking about you, right? Every girl secretly loves a guy obsessing over her when he's not with her. Here are 7 tips to have him missing you like crazy when you're not around:

Spending Time Apart

They say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. There is a lot of truth to this old sentiment. We don't know how much we enjoy someone's company until we're without it.

So the first way to make him miss you like crazy is to give him some space. How can someone miss you if you're always around? This may be difficult because when you like someone you want to spend a lot of time with them. However, it's important to spend some time apart for him to realize how much he values you and your time together.

Don't Text/Call Constantly

This goes along with giving him some space. If you're constantly texting and calling him, it will feel like you never left. It can also become annoying if you're contacting him when he's busy.

If you keep the contact to a minimum, it will have him missing you like crazy. He'll start to miss speaking to you and hearing from you. It will also make you more intriguing, as he'll wonder what you're doing when you're not in touch with him.

Text Strategically

While you don't want to text him constantly, you do want to text him every so often. Psychologists say the best time to contact a guy you're interested in is at night. This will make him more likely to dream of you and think of you when he wakes up the next morning.

Looking Your Best

This is more of a tip for making him attracted to you because the more he's attracted to you, the more he'll miss you. It's known that men tend to be more visual than women are. They rely more on their physical attraction to a woman than anything else. When a man finds a woman that he's really attracted to, he'll be thinking of her when he's not with her. So it's important to look your best when you're with him so you'll be on his mind when you're not together.


Not only is giving him a gift a nice way of showing you care, it is also a great way to get him to miss you. Give him something special for his birthday or just because you were thinking of him.

If you really want to give him something that reflects your relationship, make it a personalized gift. This could be something that has a picture of you on it or something that makes him think of you (a movie you saw together, a souvenir from somewhere you visited together, etc.)  Whenever he sees this gift, it will remind him of how much you care about him and have him missing you terribly.

Physical Contact

The physical contact you have when you're together will make him miss you like crazy when you're apart. Gently stroke his arm or tough his hand. He'll be thinking of these little moments when the two of you are not together.

Social Media

Be active on social media when you're not with him. When you're out with friends, make sure to take pictures of yourself looking good and having a great time. When he sees the pictures of you hanging out with friends and having fun, it shows him you're not boring and makes you more desirable. Seeing how much fun you have with other people will have him missing you like crazy and wishing that you were having fun with him.

While you definitely enjoy spending time with your guy, you know you can't be together all the time. At least now you have seven tips that will keep you on his mind when the two of you are apart.