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Getting It Wrong: 40 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Marriage

When over half of all marriages end in divorce, you want to try extra hard to make yours last. It can be incredibly difficult to make a marriage work, especially if you're not even aware of the mistakes you may be making that could ultimately lead to the end. To help you recognize the mistakes that lead to divorce, check out the following forty mistakes you're making in your marriage:

  1. Not Saving Money Together
  2. Undermining Each Other
  3. Relying on Each Other Too Much
  4. Thinking You Don’t Have to Court Each Other
  5. Never Fighting
  6. Waiting Too Long to Try Therapy
  7. Having Unrealistic Expectations
  8. Ignoring Disconnection
  9. Never Going to Bed Angry
  10. Not Keeping Things Exciting
  11. Never Spending Time Alone Together
  12. Needing to Always Be Right
  13. Neglecting to Solve Problems
  14. Trying to Change Each Other
  15. Thinking Marriage Will Solve Your Problems
  16. Not Defining Boundaries
  17. Forgetting The Difference Between Love and Like
  18. Underestimating The Power of Date Night
  19. Not Appreciating Each Other
  20. Taking Your Phone to Bed
  21. Putting Your Children First
  22. Not Being Honest
  23. Waiting to Be “In The Mood” to Have Sex
  24. Not Having Each Other’s Backs
  25. Making Big Decisions Without Each Other
  26. Forgetting That Relationships Take Work
  27. Not Listening to Each Other
  28. Saying You Don’t Care
  29. Cheating
  30. Letting Outsiders In
  31. Not Having Sex
  32. Not Working on Yourselves
  33. Spending Too Much Time Together
  34. Forgetting to Talk About Sex and Desire
  35. Fighting for Control
  36. Not Being Friends Anymore
  37. Using Sex as a Barometer for The Relationship
  38. Not Being Totally Invested
  39. Spending More Time Planning the Wedding Than The Marriage
  40. Taking Each Other for Granted

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