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Antiquated Dating: 6 Old Dating Rules Women Shouldn’t Follow Anymore

When it comes to dating, society likes to follow an unwritten set of “rules” that will hopefully lead to everlasting romance. However, the way we look at dating changes over the decades and that means these rules often change. What we once thought of as foolproof dating tips are now antiquated and useless. This is especially true when it comes to old dating rules for women. Women used to adhere to certain dating standards that just aren't necessary anymore! Check out six old dating rules women shouldn't follow anymore:

1. Let the Man Pick Where You're Going

The old standard was to let the guy decide everything. Where you go, when you go, how long you stay…it was all up to him. While you can still leave some of the details up to him, it's okay for you to plan some of the dates and make some of the decisions.

2. Always Dress Up

It used to be expected of women to dress up whenever they went anywhere with a man. This meant wearing a super fancy, uncomfortable dress even if you were just going somewhere casual. Dressing to the nines at all times isn't the norm anymore. Now you can feel free to dress for the occasion and wear a t-shirt and jeans if you want!

3. Avoid Serious Topics or Conversations

A well-known dating rule for women and men is to avoid discussing serious topics like religion or politics early on in a relationship. This rule should be thrown out the window. It's actually better to talk about these things and find out where you both stand on these things before you go any further in the relationship.

4. Play Hard To Get

We're not sure why women have always been told to play hard to get, but we are sure that they need to stop. Playing hard to get is only misleading and confusing for everyone involved. It's better to just be upfront with your feelings and let someone know that you're interested in them.

5. Don't Have Sex On the First Date

Women have always been told to not have sex on the first date because they'll be seen as “easy.” The reality is that women should do whatever they want, whenever they want. If you want to sleep with a man right away, go ahead. If it makes him think less of you in any way, he's not the guy for you.

6. Wait For Them To Contact You

One of the biggest dating rules has always been to let men initiate all of the communication. Let him make the first move. Wait for him to call. Wait for him to text, and so on. In this modern dating scene, women should feel free to make the first move. If you're interested in a guy or want to see him again, go ahead and give him a call!

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Old Rules: Should Men Still Pay On the First Date?

When it comes to dating, there's always a set of “rules” that people recommend following. While some of these rules are tried and true, other rules seem a little outdated. One old rule that may not apply to the dating scene anymore is that men should always pay on the first date. It used to be seen as chivalrous for men to pay the bill when they took a woman out for first time. Now, for many women, it is important for them to feel equal and independent. This means they may prefer to split the bill on the first date, rather than having the man pay for the whole thing. At the same time, there are still women who prefer the old tradition of men picking up the tab. So, how do you know whether or not you should pay on the first date?

Here's what we say: Pay on the first date, unless she asks/offers to split the bill. Call us old-fashioned, but we still like that old rule of men picking up the bill. With that said, we respect women who want to pay their own way. So we feel the best way to handle this situation is for the man to automatically go to pay, and if the woman wants to split the bill, she needs to offer. At that point, the man should agree to pay half. Don't make it a big back and forth argument at that point. If she mentions it, go ahead and split it. If she doesn't offer, pay the whole thing. Seems simple enough, right?

It also helps if you can try to get a sense of who this girl is before you go on a date with her. If she's very independent, it's likely that she will want to pay for her own meal. If she seems very old-fashioned and likes to be courted, she'll most likely appreciate you picking up the tab. Either way, we wish you the best of luck on your first date!

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Times Have Changed: 5 Old Dating Rules You Need to Ditch

When it comes to dating, some people like to play by the rules. There are certain dating rules that seem to be as old as time. People are following rules that were made up decades ago, and then wondering why their love life isn't working out the way they had hoped. We are here to tell you that it's time to move forward! The dating scene has changed and so have the rules! We've got five old dating rules that you absolutely need to ditch:

1. Guys Always Making the First Move

Ladies, it is time to take the reigns! It is a whole new world out there, my friends. You no longer have to wait for men to make the first move. It is totally and absolutely okay for you to approach a guy you're interested in and ask him for a date. Back in the day, women would obsess over sending a guy signals, hoping to encourage him to ask them out. Thankfully, that's a thing of the past. If you like a guy, ask him out. In this new day and age, he'll find it attractive how forward and confident you are.

2. Setting Ridiculous Standards

This is definitely one of the old dating rules that has got to go! We're not saying you need to drop all your standards and settle for just anyone, but you do need cut people some slack. It's okay to have some basic standards, like a potential partner needing to have a job and a car. However, if your standards are that they're a doctor with a Mercedes, you need to reconsider how high you set the bar. If your standards are freakishly high, you need to evaluate what's really important to you and set new standards.

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3. Making Sure Their Friends and Family Like You

There's some skepticism surrounding this rule. Obviously you want your partner's friends and family to like you, but you don't need to bend over backwards to make that happen. It used to be that someone would jump through a million hoops to get the approval of their partner's friends and family. That's no longer the case, and rightfully so. If your partner's friends and family don't like you (for no good reason), then that's fine. You're not dating them. You should focus on how your partner feels about you, not how their friends and family feel.

4. Not Sleeping Together On the First Date

This is one of the old dating rules that we are so happy to do away with. Back in the day, if you slept together on the first date, well…there was a certain “image” it would convey. Fortunately, this idea seems to have died off over the years. In fact, it's actually considered practical to sleep with someone on the first date, because it shows you early on if you have sexual compatibility. If the sex is awful, you can bail on the situation before either person develops feelings.

5. Waiting Three Days to Contact Them After a Date

This has always been one of the dumbest dating rules, but so many people follow it! After a date, you don't want to come on too strong or seem desperate, so you wait at least three days to contact the other person. We want you to know: it is time to ditch this rule. This rule only confuses both people involved and makes you both think that the other person isn't interested. It turns into a stand-off of who will contact the other one first. Not only is this silly and childish, but stressful, too! So go ahead and contact the guy or girl you just went out with last night. Odds are they'll be glad to hear from you and it will lead to a second date sooner!Dating Rules Not to Follow