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Coping Mechanisms: 4 Ways To Deal With Depression In A Relationship

Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of people and makes everyday life hard to navigate. Depression can make things like relationships especially difficult, because it puts excess strain on both people involved. Whether you are suffering from depression or your partner is suffering from depression, your relationship needs special care and attention. The following are four ways to deal with depression in a relationship:

1. Take Care Of Yourself

When struggling with any condition – mental or physical – the most important thing is to take care of yourself. You need to take the best care of yourself that you can. This will help you to feel your best and will give your relationship the best chance to succeed. This means being in tune with yourself and knowing when you need to rest or take time to yourself. If you're going through an especially rough time, you need to make your self-care a priority.

2. Be Honest and Open With Your Partner

One of the most effective ways to deal with depression in a relationship is to always be honest and open with your partner. Tell your partner how you are feeling and make sure that you express yourself freely. If you keep your emotions bottled up, it will only hurt you both in the long run. You need to let your partner know when you are having a hard time. You also need to let your partner know if they are doing something that is damaging to your emotional well-being.

3. Have A Constructive Hobby

Dealing with depression in a relationship can be extremely stressful and tiring. It may get to a point where you want to take your frustrations out on your partner or vice versa. It is helpful if you both have separate, constructive hobbies to re-focus your energies. Putting your time and energy into a hobby will help you to not react so strongly and emotionally when having difficulties in your relationship.

4. Seek Help If Needed

It is important that people with depression seek professional help when needed. Depression can be unpredictable and unmanageable at times. When it feels like things are too much to handle, you need to seek help from a professional. It is also important that your partner seek help if they are having difficulty in the relationship. You may want to go to couple's counseling, if you feel that you would both benefit from professional help.

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Meet the Parents: 6 Pieces Of Advice When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

Is there anything more stressful in a new relationship than meeting your partner's parents? You stress out over what to say, what to wear, etc. You're worried about whether or not they'll approve of you. Listen – this is something that has made all of us nervous at some point. Let us give you some pieces of advice for meeting your partner's parents!

1. Do Your Homework

A fortunate thing about the modern age we live in is that we have social media. Social media is a huge advantage when it comes to things like meeting your partner's parents because it allows you to do some research. Before meeting the parents, look them up online. Try to get an idea of who they are. This will give you some insight into things they like, things they don't like, etc. It will help you to know what topics to steer clear of. For instance, if their Facebook is full of political posts that you disagree with, you know not to bring up politics.

2. Have Your Partner Give Them a Heads-Up

Most parents do not like being surprised by their child's significant other. Whether it be a family dinner or formal event, if you show up on your partner's arm and their parents had no idea you were coming, you're off to a bad start. Make sure your partner has told their parents that you will be coming to meet them. This puts both parties on level playing ground, giving them appropriate time to prepare as well as you.

3. Dress Modestly

This one should go without saying, but some people need a reminder: dress nicely when meeting your partner's parents! Do not dress like a slob. Do not dress provocatively. Do not wear your favorite t-shirt that has a cartoon character on it. All of these things will look poorly to the people who may one day be your in-laws. You want to make a good impression here!

4. Remember Your Manners

We're not little kids anymore, so we really shouldn't have to remind you to use your manners when meeting new people! It is especially important to use your manners when meeting your partner's parents. If you're rude or inconsiderate, they'll remember it forever. Think of this like you would a job interview. Make sure you are extra courteous and respectful so that these people will want you around in the future.

5. Avoid TMI

While you want to tell your partner's parents about yourself, you don't want to tell them too much. Remember that you're trying to look good, so this is not the time to air your dirty laundry. They don't need to know about all your previous failed relationships. They don't need to know about your family's short-comings, like Aunt Mary's drinking problem or Grandpa Fred's criminal history. If it doesn't make you look good, keep it to yourself.

6. Be Confident

Most importantly, be confident when meeting your partner's parents. Remember that they're people, just like you. They're probably nervous, just like you. All that they want is someone good in their child's life, so they might interrogate you and try to shake you, but don't let it get you down. You want them to see that you are a confident person who will only be a positive part of their family.

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Long-Lasting Love: 5 Habits of Happy Couples

While so many of us struggle to make our relationships work, there are tons of couples out there who have been together forever. These couples have made it all work and always seem happy! So what is their secret? We've got five habits of happy couples that lead to long-lasting relationships. Check them out here:

1. Making Time For One Another

One of the most important habits of happy couples is making time for one another. It's easy to get caught up in things like work or school and neglect your partner. Eventually, this will lead to the breakdown of your relationship. Happy couples make it a priority to set aside time for their partner. It doesn't need to be time for a week-long vacation. It can just be designating one night each month to a “date night” with your partner, where you don't let the rest of life get in the way.

2. Showing Appreciation

A lot of relationships fall apart because one or both partners stop showing the other that they appreciate them. If your partner is taking care of chores around the house or paying a lot of the bills, show them that you appreciate what they do. If your partner has dinner ready for you when you get home from work, let them know how much that means to you. Don't let your partner think that you're taking them for granted or they'll be gone before you know it.

3. Picking Their Battles

Another habit of happy couples is knowing which battles to fight and which battles to let go. Happy couples do not fight over every little thing. They learn to let the little things go and move on. Happy couples know when something is important enough to bring it up for debate. If you choose to fight over every single little thing, your relationship will become miserable. You need to know which battles to fight and which to let go of.

4. Sharing Responsibilities

The happiest couples know that responsibilities need to be shared. You cannot let your partner do all the work while you sit back and reap all the benefits. Both partners should be working hard to keep the relationship afloat. Both partners should contribute to things like house work and paying bills. If one partner does everything for the other, they're going to become resentful and want to give up on the relationship.

5. Giving Each Other Space

One of the major habits of happy couples is giving each other space. You cannot smother your partner and spend every moment with them. This will only drive them away. You need to know when to give your partner space. Let them have a monthly night out with their friends. If they have to spend their entire lives with you, they'll eventually get bored with you and want to leave.

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What He Really Wants: 25 Things Men Secretly Love

Do you know what your boyfriend or husband really wants? Men aren't as expressive or open with their needs as women are. They don't often say what they really want or tell you the things they enjoy. We've put together 25 things that men secretly love, but will probably never tell you about. Check them out below!

  1. Romantic, sappy gestures like love notes and anniversary gifts
  2. When you tell them exactly what you think, feel or want
  3. Watching cheesy rom-coms with you
  4. When you tease and make fun of them (just a little)
  5. When you watch sports with him even though you don't want to
  6. Changes in routine that shake things up a little
  7. When you surprise him by cooking his favorite meal
  8. Giving him a nice massage after work
  9. Having breakfast and coffee ready for him when he wakes up
  10. When you at least offer to pay for dinner
  11. Pampering you and making you feel like a princess
  12. Binge-watching your favorite show with you
  13. Binge-watching his favorite show with you
  14. When you let him have time with his friends
  15. When you go out for the night with your girlfriends
  16. Hearing all about your day at work, school, etc.
  17. When you let him in on secrets you've never told anyone
  18. When you initiate sex
  19. When you let him get out of hanging out with your family
  20. …But also when you include him in important family events
  21. Bragging about you to his friends or family
  22. When you brag about him to your friends and family
  23. When you text or call him (but not too much)
  24. Letting him play video games for hours
  25. Spending the day doing absolutely nothing with you

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Mr. Egocentric: 6 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Are you dating a total jerk? Does your boyfriend talk incessantly about himself and shows little interest in you? It's possible you're dating a narcissist! It can be hard to tell if your boyfriend is just a little misguided or is he's a complete narcissist, so check out these six sings that show your boyfriend's ego is way too big:

1. He Gets Jealous Easily

If he gets jealous really easily, you may be dating a narcissist. A narcissist is overly concerned with what they consider to be “theirs”, so they'll get very pre-occupied with the idea of somebody coming for their territory. So if you find that he gets jealous when there's really no reason to be, he may have a huge ego.

2. He Talks About Himself Constantly

This one goes without saying, but we'll say it anyways: if he talks about himself non-stop, he may be a narcissist. Normal conversations usually cover both people's lives, opinions and interests. If everything is about him, he's totally full of himself.

3. He Doesn't Listen To Anyone

Narcissists think they know it all. For this reason, it's nearly impossible to find them listening to other people. If your boyfriend thinks that only he knows best and he refuses to take advice from anyone, you may be dating a narcissist.

4. He Compares Himself To Others

A narcissist is obsessed with how other people see them. For this reason, they'll often compare themselves to other people. They'll constantly say that they are better than others and act like other people are beneath them to create the appearance of superiority.

5. He Criticizes You

If he picks apart everything you do and constantly criticizes you, he may be a narcissist. Narcissists think that they know everything and that they are superior to everyone, so you'll often find them critiquing other people.

6. He Puts Himself Before You

Narcissists only think of themselves. If he always puts himself before you, he's probably a narcissist. If he's only concerned with his needs and never with yours, he's got a huge ego and only cares about himself.

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Man’s Best Friend: 4 Ways Having A Dog Can Help Your Dating Game

Is your dating game awful? Are you having trouble attracting women? We hate to tell you, but you might need something a little more than your good looks and charm to entice a lady. They say that women flock to men with babies, but women also flock to men with pets! Now, we don't mean just any pet. Walking around with a snake may not attract a lot of women. What we're talking about is dogs! Not only are dogs “man's best friend” – they're also total “chick magnets”. Check out four ways having a dog can improve your dating game:

1. It shows you're compassionate.

Someone who shares their life with an animal is automatically a compassionate person. Animals aren't always easy to deal with. They require a lot of time and patience. Having a dog shows that you can care about something other than yourself. This is especially true if your dog is a rescue dog. It shows that you care about animal welfare and that you wanted to give an animal a good life.

2. It shows you're responsible.

Caring for an animal isn't easy, so having a dog shows that you're a responsible person. This helps your dating game because it shows that you can take care of something and have major responsibilities.

3. It could be common ground.

Having a dog helps your dating game because it creates common ground for you and potential partners. Other dog people will have a reason to approach you and a subject to talk about. It also gives you more places to go to meet people, like dog parks or pet stores.

4. Women just love pets.

This is just a fact. Women love pets and are automatically more attracted to men who have pets. Having a dog with you makes you ten times more attractive and will draw women straight to you like a magnet.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: The 7 Stages Of A Breakup

They weren't lying when they said, “breaking up is hard to do.” (We're not exactly sure who “they” are, but they're right!) Breakups are stressful, painful and sometimes downright traumatizing. In fact, breakups are such an ordeal, they occur in multiple stages! Let us fill you in on the seven stages of a breakup:

1. Shock

Immediately after a breakup, you're likely to be in shock. You'll wonder how it happened or why you didn't see it coming. You may feel totally blindsided and not able to comprehend that your relationship is over.

2. Denial

Denial is one of the most difficult stages of a breakup to get past. You'll spend a lot of time denying the fact that you're relationship is really over. You'll convince yourself that you and your ex are just going through a hard time and you'll get back together soon. You'll tell yourself anything, even if it's totally delusional.

3. Isolation

Once the denial has passed and you realize that your relationship is truly done, you'll want to isolate yourself from the world. You might lock yourself in your room and listen to music. You may isolate yourself to your apartment and binge-watch television. You'll avoid your friends and spend all of your time to yourself.

4. Anger

At this point in the breakup, anger is going to set in. You'll start to lash out at the mere mention of your ex. You may even reach out to them and fight with them, telling them how wrong they were to end the relationship. You're feeling a lot of anger and resentment at your ex for putting you in this position.

5. Bargaining

This stage of a breakup is when you start imaging a reunion with your ex. You may start thinking of trying to get them back. You'll start figuring out ways to win them back, like changing your appearance or taking up new hobbies.

6. Depression

This is one of the hardest stages of a breakup. Your stuck in the transition between bargaining and acceptance. Part of you still wants your ex and the other part of you has accepted that it is over. This combination makes you feel incredibly confused and depressed. You'll probably think that you cannot move on with your life because your heart is at a standstill.

7. Acceptance

This is the final stage of a breakup. You have fully accepted that the relationship is over. While you may not be entirely ready to move on, you have at least accepted that you're not going to be with your ex. You can acknowledge why the relationship ended, where both you and your partner went wrong, and how you plan to move forward.

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Romance Management: 6 Dating Tips For People With ADHD

Dating is difficult for everyone, but it can be especially difficult for someone who struggles with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD alters a person's behavior and may make it hard for them to be in certain social situations, which makes things like dating more complicated. If you or someone you know is trying to navigate the dating scene with ADHD, check out these six dating tips for people with ADHD:

1. Be Open and Honest

Being open and honest is an important part of any relationship, but it's especially important if you have a condition like ADHD. You need to communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner so that they are aware of what is going on with you. If you're feeling agitated or upset, you need to let them know. It's also important to be open about your ADHD when you're still in the dating process. Sometimes people try to hide their condition from prospective partners, but it ultimately comes out. You need to be honest from the beginning if you want things to work out.

2. Have A Sense of Humor

One of the best dating tips for people with ADHD is to have a sense of humor. This is a great tactic used by anyone who has a mental or physical condition that affects their daily life. There will be times your ADHD is very apparent, and if you feel embarrassed about it, make a joke out of it. This will make you and the person you're with feel more comfortable about the situation.

3. Practice Empathy

It's important to remember that not everything is going to be about you and your struggle with ADHD. There will be times you need to put yourself in your partner's shoes. For most people, this will be the first time they've dated someone with ADHD. They are not always going to know how to deal with things. They won't always know the right thing to do or say, so you can't freak out on them if they make a mistake. Imagine if you were in their shoes, trying to cope with your partner having ADHD.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Everyone needs help sometimes. It's important that you're not afraid to ask for help. Don't worry about appearing weak or needy. Don't worry about what people may think or say. If things become too much, always ask for the help that you need whether it be from your partner, a friend or a family member.

5. Recognize Your Strengths

Some people feel insecure about having ADHD and they let it define their lives. It's important to remember that you have a lot of things going for you and that ADHD is not who you are. If you're afraid to start dating because you're worried that ADHD might turn people off, remember that there are tons of things that someone will love about you.

6. Take Care Of Yourself First

The most important of all the dating tips for people with ADHD is to remember to take care of yourself first. Don't get in a habit of constantly putting other people's needs in front of your own. Don't get caught up trying to impress a potential partner and forget to take care of yourself in the process. If you really want to find someone to be with, you need to make sure you're on good terms with yourself first.

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She’s Over It: 8 Reasons Women Fall Out Of Love

There are many reasons that people fall out of love, but for women there are certain things that will almost always lead to the end of a relationship. If you see that your wife or girlfriend is pulling away from you, it might be that she is fall out of love. You may be stressing out trying to figure out why she's over the relationship and we'd like to help you out. Here are eight common reasons women fall out of love:

1. She's not appreciated.

If a woman doesn't feel appreciated, it's only a matter of time before she'll want out of a relationship. She may feel like she does a lot for you and feels no gratitude in return. If this is the case, you need to start showing her that you appreciate everything she does.

2. There's no intimacy in the relationship.

Intimacy issues are a common cause for the demise of many relationships. If there is a lack of intimacy between the two of you, she's not going to feel the same connection to you that she once felt. Eventually, she'll give up on you altogether.

3. She's not getting any attention.

This is one of the biggest reasons women fall out of love. If she feels like you pay more attention to everything else in the world, like work or your friends, she's going to look for attention elsewhere. This will lead to infidelity and ultimately the end of your relationship.

4. She doesn't feel protected.

Many women want to feel protected and defended. You need to let your partner know that you are on her side and that you'll defend her no matter what comes your way. If you're not willing to go to bat for the woman you're with, maybe you shouldn't be with her.

5. She has no support.

If a woman doesn't feel supported, she's going to fall out of love with you. You need to show the woman you're with that you're going to support her no matter what comes your way. Otherwise, she'll feel no security in your relationship.

6. She misses her independence.

After being in a relationship for a long time, some women find that they miss their independence. This may be because you're not giving her any space. If you make her feel smothered, she might start to miss being single.

7. There is no fun in the relationship.

If the relationship has reached a rut and she's not having fun anymore, she might start to fall out of love. You need to keep the fun and passion alive in the relationship so that she doesn't get bored with you and want to leave.

8. She's being emotionally/mentally abused.

This is a surefire way to make a woman fall out of love with you.. She may have been head over heels when you first met, but if you start abusing her emotionally. mentally or physically, she will definitely fall out of love and she has every reason to leave you.

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Reading the Signs: 6 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Infidelity is an awful thing that happens in many relationships. There are few things more painful than being betrayed by your partner and many people fear their relationships ending because of infidelity. Sometimes you can feel that your partner is being unfaithful. If you're worried that your partner has betrayed you, you'll want to read these six signs your partner is cheating:

1. They've cheated on an ex.

There is a small kernel of truth to the “once a cheater, always a cheater” saying. While every relationship is different and people do cheat for different reasons, there are some people who are habitual cheaters. If his last three relationships ended because he cheated, the odds don't look good for you.

2. They've developed new habits.

If you've been with someone for a while and they start developing new habits out of nowhere, it could be an infidelity red flag. For instance, if your partner suddenly changes their grooming habits, it could be that they are trying to impress someone else. Or maybe they've taken up a new hobby that they've never showed interest in before. It could be that they're making some changes to their life. but it could also be that they're trying to impress someone new.

3. They're showering you with gifts.

While this is one of the major signs your partner is cheating, you still need to take it with a grain of salt. Your partner getting you gifts does not automatically mean they are being unfaithful. What you need to look at is the circumstances. If your partner has always been generous with gift giving, it's probably nothing. If your partner never gifts you gifts and suddenly gives you a diamond necklace out of the blue, be concerned. They may be feeling guilty and trying to compensate for something.

4. Your sex life is suffering.

If your partner suddenly has no interest in sex, it may be because they are getting it from someone else. This isn't always the case, as there are many things that can interfere with someone's sex drive. But if they haven't had any interest in sex for a long time, you may want to talk to them about what is going on and see if their answer is suspicious.

5. They're spending more time at “work”.

This is one of the classic, tell-tale signs your partner is cheating. If your partner is constantly telling you that they need to stay at work late or they're taking on extra hours, you need to find out if they're telling the truth. “Work” may be a cover-up for the time they're actually spending with someone else.

6. You have a gut feeling.

There is a lot to be said for intuition. If you feel like your partner is doing something wrong, it's probably because they're doing something wrong. Sometimes you need to go with your gut and find out why you feel that your partner is being unfaithful.

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