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5 Ways Healthy Relationships Change Over Time

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that they are bound to change as time goes on. The ways that your relationship changes depends on the connection between you and your partner and the health of your relationship itself. Toxic relationships almost always get worse the longer you stay in them, whereas healthy relationships change for the better as time goes on. Find out five ways that healthy relationships change over time:

1. You Will Communicate More Openly

In a healthy relationship, it will become easier and easier to open up to your partner as time goes on. Couples who have been together for a long time learn to communicate more efficiently and express their needs in a constructive way. You won't feel hesitant to tell your partner when you're upset about something and you'll have no issues opening up about your feelings when necessary.

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2. You Will Encourage Each Other To Reach Goals

People in healthy relationships know how to encourage one another to achieve their goals. Whether it be getting in better shape or learning a new hobby, you'll find fulfillment and satisfaction in helping your partner reach new goals. It will actually feel like you achieved something together!

3. You Will Give Each Other More Space

When couples first get together, they typically want to spend every second together. As time goes on, you'll find it easier to give each other more space. In fact, you'll actually need your own space to keep the relationship healthy. Studies have found that couples who take the time to do their own thing and spend time away from one another tend to have better relationships. This is because spending too much time together can be smothering for your partner over time.

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4. You Will Find Compromise Easier

Younger couples often find compromise impossible. You may feel like you're giving up everything for your partner, or that your partner is asking too much of you. One of the biggest ways that healthy relationships change over time is the way compromising gets easier. You will have developed a healthy give-and-take, in which both partners have their needs met without anyone sacrificing too much.

5. You Will Want A More Easy-Going Lifestyle

Many couples find that as time goes on, they desire a more easy-going lifestyle together. The lively, busy life the two of you once led together just doesn't have the same appeal. This is especially true once the two of you have hit middle-age. It's likely that you'll both want to find a quiet place to settle down and live a more low-key life. You may find that thinking about the future is centered around relaxation rather than living things up and this is totally normal!

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