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Shark Tank Investors Go All in and Invest Millions in Revolutionary Online Casino

During the highest rated episode of Shark Tank ever, this duo landed the biggest deal in the show's history! Their all-new online casino uses the power of FX Algorithms to offer amazing odds. If you can make an initial deposit of just $10, you have an overwhelming chance to walk away with thousands!

Never before have all five judges invested over a million dollars into a potential company.

The Shark Tank panel teamed up to buy an astounding 35% of the company and have since been personally mentoring the young entrepreneurs. They've helped the duo to improve their site and prepare it for a global launch.

The pair has dubbed their online casino, “a huge step forward in financial independence,” so it's no surprise that the judges jumped to invest in it. “We had no clue the judges would be so enthused about this. If anything, we thought they'd just give us some advice,” explains Eric.

Does the Shark Tank Online Casino Algorithm Help Win?

The Sharks were amazed that this online platform could do all of the following:

– Ability To Cash In On Risk-Free Money Bonuses
– Access to Your Winnings Instantly
– Far Greater Odds Than Traditional Casinos
– Guaranteed Jackpots That Increase Daily
– Approved & Licensed By Australian Capital Territory Gambling Commission

When asked how they could offer such high odds and guaranteed payouts to players, the pair explained that:

“We're able to avoid the significant overhead that comes with staffing and running a traditional casino. We take the AU$10.00 that each player makes and it is immediately inserted into our algorithm. This then resells it back onto the exchange as Australian Dollars. That is the primary source of revenue generation.

For every AU$10.00 deposit a player makes, the casino comes out with around 0.002 BTC. This allows  to offer crazy high odds to players, but still make a profit themselves.

The average player will make between $250 and $300 from their initial deposit. Some players are cashing out with really high wins. The player is free to withdraw their deposit at anytime. The trading formula on our platform allows us to reinvest and pass back the funds to our loyal players!”

The duo were the first contestants in Shark Tank history to receive investment offers from all five panel members.

Since they filmed the episode, the two have been working on their site and using all of the advice the Sharks gave them.

“We've completely re-branded our company and we came up with new financial backings that make sure we could keep such high payouts and really build our brand, explained Marc.

The two recently launched their innovative online casino platform in Australia and New Zealand.

They say that they sold out of Bonus Spins within 5 minutes after unveiling the company website.

“We made sure that we had more player accounts than we would ever sell, but then all of it sold out within five minutes!” exclaimed Eric.

While the Shark Tank judges are celebrating their investment, people are flocking online to join  and they say the results are unbelievable!

Since the release of this article, we've gotten over a dozen emails from our readers thanking us for mentioning the promotion  of 100 Free Spins. Many of our readers have tested their luck and won huge on ! We've heard some amazing stories and it seems like there are big winners every day!

We decided that we'd give a try for ourselves. We did some digging and found that over 1,400 players in Australia had won huge JACKPOTS with the 100 Free Spins in 2017. The Jackpot has already paid more than $4,542,633 in total earnings. It's likely that they'll stop the promotion soon because of how many people are winning daily.

Our very own Mark Thomson volunteered to test out . Pictured below are some of his results:

Nearly every deposit we made gave us a huge return!

When you look at the transactions list in the picture above, you'll see the single $10.00 deposit is followed immediately by a huge win. We repeated this process several times, every time on a new account. We made a profit all of these times!

Our lowest win was $253.75 and our highest was $10,051.30. Not a bad return on a $10.00 investment!


If you want to get involved in this amazing opportuinty then do the following:

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That’s right, is giving away credits to their amazing online platform  for FREE,  however can only offer sign up bonus for the next 2 players ensure you make the base $10 to qualify for the cash bonus.