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8 Major Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Are you worried that your relationship is headed for a dead end? If you feel like your relationship is on shaky ground, there are always some red flags that can really help you figure things out. Check out eight major signs that your relationship is in trouble:

1. You Never Fight Anymore

We know this may sound contradictory, but not fighting could actually be a bad sign for your relationship.Oftentimes, indifference is worse than anger. If you're not fighting over anything anymore, it means that you no longer care enough to fight.

2. You're Not Having Sex

Sex is a major part of a healthy relationship. Sure, most couples go through dry spells, but if you can't even remember the last time you had sex, consider this a major red flag.

3. You're Annoyed By Things You Once Loved About Your Partner

Did you used to love the way your partner would snort when they laughed, but now you find the mere thought of it nauseating? When your relationship is in trouble, you start to find little quirks that were once endearing to be terribly annoying. It's like you cannot stand even the smallest things about your partner.

4. You Don't Confide In One Another Anymore

Are you sharing secrets with friends and co-workers rather than your partner? Your partner should always be your ultimate confidant, so if you find yourself confiding in others, there's a problem in your relationship.

5. You Don't Think About the Future Anymore

Couples are always looking to the future, especially younger couples. If you're no longer envisioning the future, it could mean that you're no longer desiring a future with your partner.

6. You're Happier When They're Not Around

Are you happier when you're away from your partner? Do you dread coming home from work? This is a huge sign that your relationship is in trouble. If you'd rather be away from your partner than with them, consider things headed towards an end.

7. Your Relationship Feels Like An Obligation

Your relationship should be an enhancement to your life, not an obligation. If you find yourself resenting your partner and looking at them as an obligation rather than a choice, your relationship is definitely on shaky ground.

8. You Don't Include Them In Anything

Do you make dinner plans without inviting them? Are you spending the holidays with family and leaving them out? This is a huge sign that your relationship could soon be over. It's understandable to spend time away from your partner, but if you're not including them in anything you do anymore, it's a red flag.

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