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Red Flag Radar: 4 Major Signs Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Are you worried that your relationship is on the rocks? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you're just going through a rough patch or if you're headed for a breakup. Check out these four major signs your relationship is in trouble:

1. You're Bored All the Time

While it's completely normal to feel bored at different points in your relationship, it's a bad sign if you're bored all of the time. Do you find that you never have any fun with your partner? Do you only enjoy the company of friends, family or co-workers? If so, this is a red flag for your relationship. You shouldn't feel bored all the time when you're with your partner. You should still find enjoyment in each other's company and be able to have fun together. Constant boredom could be a sign that the relationship has run its course.

2. You Rarely (Or Never) Have Sex Anymore

The longer a relationship lasts, the more likely you are to experience ruts in your sex life. This totally expected. However, if you cannot come out of that rut, you may have a problem. If you've gone for a very long period of time without having sex, it could be that you and your partner are not feeling the same passion you once felt for one another…which means the relationship could be headed for its end. Healthy couples are able to re-ignite that spark and get their sex life back on track. If you're having trouble doing that, things aren't looking good.

3. You Don't Celebrate Anniversaries Or Milestones Together

Now, don't get us wrong here. You don't have to celebrate every single anniversary in some big, extravagant way for the rest of your lives. With that said, if you find that neither one of you cares to acknowledge your anniversary (or just plain forgets it every year) it could mean that you no longer feel that love and attachment you once felt for your partner. You no longer value the meaning behind your anniversary and you no longer feel the desire to celebrate the milestones you've reached together. This could be the beginning of the end.

4. You Feel Resentment Towards Your Partner

One of the biggest signs that your relationship is in trouble is feeling resentment towards your partner. Your partner is the person in your life that you should always feel love and compassion for, not anger and resentment. Do you find yourself blaming them for everything? You may feel that being with your partner has ruined your life or ruined your chance of having the life you once wanted. This all falls under the feeling of resentment and it is very bad for your relationship long term. The resentment will only build as time goes on and eventually lead to the relationship crashing and burning.

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Is This the Number One Sign You Should Get Divorced?

When any couple gets married they plan on being together forever, but for over half of these happy couples the marriage just won't work. Obviously this statistic is discouraging, but it's the current reality. Not every relationship is destined to last forever and that's okay. If you've been struggling in your marriage and wondering if you may be one of the many couples that ends up getting a divorce, you're not alone.

Many people have a hard time deciding to take that final step and separate from their spouse because they hold on to hope that they can salvage their marriage. While there is in fact hope for some couples whose marriages have minor problems that can be overcome with time, there are some marriages that are just…well, for lack of a better word, dead. So how do you know if your marriage is one that can be saved or one that's is over for good? While there are many signs that a marriage has run its course, relationship experts say this one thing is the biggest sign you should get divorced: resentment.

Resentment is a hateful, nasty emotion. We don't feel resentment for just anyone. If you have gotten to the point that you feel resentment for your spouse – the person you're supposed to love more than anyone – consider your marriage over. A marriage should be filled with love, compassion, admiration and respect. When you cannot feel any of these things towards your partner because all you truly feel is resentment, it's unlikely you're going to save this relationship.

How do you know if you're feeling resentful towards your spouse? There are a few ways to tell. Do you find it hard to be happy for them when they succeed at something? Do you place the blame on them when anything goes wrong at home? Do you imagine that your life would be better if they were not in it? These are all signs of resentment and never feelings that you should have for your spouse.

While some experts might say that resentment is the biggest sign you should get divorced, you don't have to considerate it an immediate death sentence for your marriage. If you have just recognized these feelings in yourself and you still want to try to save your marriage, there are a few things you can do. You can talk to your partner openly about the way you have been feeling. Another option is to visit a marriage counselor to see if there are any changes you can make that will have you feeling better in your relationship. If these things do not work and you still feel resentment towards your partner, it is probably better for the both of you to end your marriage.

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