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Too Close For Comfort: 4 Huge Signs You’re In A Codependent Relationship

Relationships are meant to be close and intimate, but can a relationship become too close? Codependent relationships refer to relationships in which one or both partners become dependent on the other to an unhealthy extent. This often means that they completely rely on their partner for their happiness in life and are unable to function without the support and approval of the other person. While it is normal to be attached to your partner, it is not normal to be completely and entirely dependent on them. If you're worried that you may be in a codependent relationship, check out these four major warning signs:

1. You Have To Get Their Permission To Do Things

It is totally okay and actually beneficial to take your partner into consideration when making decisions. However, it is not okay if you have to check with your partner before any and every single thing that you do. For instance, if you have to get your partner's permission to have dinner with your best friend, this is not normal. This is a sign of a codependent relationship because it shows that you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

2. You've Stopped Hanging Out With Friends

One of the biggest signs you're in a codependent relationship is if you've stopped hanging out with your friends. It's understandable that you want to spend time with your partner, but if you only want to spend time with your partner, this can become unhealthy. If you notice that you have abandoned your friendships, this is a warning sign.

3. You Feel Lost or Unhappy When They're Not Around

It is okay to miss your partner when they are not around, but at a certain point is it not normal. If you find that you cannot be happy at all when you are alone or you don't know what to do if your partner is not present, you have become codependent. You need to be able to function normally without your partner by your side at all times.

4.You've Abandoned Old Hobbies or Passions

Do you find that you no longer have interest in the hobbies you had before your relationship? Have you abandoned your old interests and find yourself focusing all of your energy on your partner? This is a sign that you are in a codependent relationship because you are revolving your entire existence around your partner and completely neglecting the things you once loved.

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