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The Great Debate: Does Social Media Help Or Hurt Your Love Life?

We live in an age that is dominated by the internet. How many of us sit on our laptops for hours, only to close them and open the internet on our phones? So much of our day is spent browsing the internet and most of that time online is spent obsessing over social media. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to Snapchat, the world of social media is literally endless. It's easy to get swept up in social media, posting pictures and sharing your life with people. While social media can be a good thing by helping you connect with people, there's been a recent movement to limit how much time people spend on social media. A particular debate that people have is whether or not social media is good for relationships and dating. We've got a few opinions on the matter, and we're going to break it all down here!

The Good

When it comes to dating, there are definitely some good things about using social media. The most obvious thing is that social media makes it easier to meet people. You can meet people online that you would have never met in person. Being online,  It also makes it easier to strike up a conversation with someone new. Talking to someone behind a computer screen takes away a lot of the intimidation of striking up a conversation in person. Social media is also a great way to, how do we put this…advertise yourself? On your social media profile you can tell people what you like, what you don't like. You can show off your best attributes. This helps to show potential partners what you're like and makes them more likely to pursue you.

The Bad

When it comes to relationships, social media has some definite downsides. For starters, a lot of relationships end due to “social media infidelity.” Social media makes it easier for partners to stray from their relationship. They can meet someone online and build an entire emotional connection all while being in a relationship! For this reason, a lot of people insist on having the passwords to their partner's social media accounts, which only breeds distrust. Another reason social media is bad for relationships is because being on it creates unrealistic expectations. Couples have a habit of portraying their relationships as being “perfect” on things like Facebook and Instagram. Not only is this false, but it makes other couples feel insecure about their own relationship. They begin to doubt whether their relationship is as strong as other couple's relationships, and this only leads to major problems.

The Conclusion

Basically, we believe that social media is good for dating and bad for relationships. When you're looking for a potential partner, social media can be a helpful tool. If you've already found a partner, social media can be absolutely lethal for your relationship. When it comes down to it, everyone is different and everyone uses social media differently. It ultimately depends on how things affect yourself or your partner that determines whether it's good or bad!

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Social Media Sabotage: 4 Ways Facebook Ruins Relationships

Are you hooked on social media? Unfortunately, most of us are addicted to our social media. We're especially glued to that pesky Facebook devil. We feel the incessant need to check our Facebook throughout the day. Did someone leave me a comment? How many people “liked” my post? What's everyone posting on the newsfeed? While using Facebook can be an innocent pastime, it can also lead to unnecessary issues. Facebook is especially troublesome when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. You probably don't realize it, but social media can lead to the downfall of an otherwise good couple. We've got four ways Facebook ruins relationships:

1. It makes you compare your relationship to others.

The most insidious thing about social media is that it encourages us to compare our lives to other people's. Even if you don't realize you're doing it, you likely are. Facebook ruins relationships in this way because it gives you insight into what other couples are like. You see their pictures or their posts about one another, and before you know it, you're comparing your relationship to theirs. This is never ever healthy, and it's also not realistic. Before you compare your relationship to what you see online, remember that not everything is as it seems. Many couples portray themselves in a better light online than they actually are in reality.

2. You expect your partner to “like” everything you post.

As social media has become more and more popular, we've put more value on it in our lives. We've started to use social media to evaluate our self-worth, and this is highly problematic. It's extra problematic in relationships. You may find yourself hurt when your partner doesn't acknowledge you on Facebook. Maybe they don't post a lot of pictures of you. Maybe they don't “like” everything you post. Suddenly you're questioning your entire relationship because your partner isn't paying attention to you online. When this happens, you have to remember that Facebook is not reality. You need to focus on how your partner actually treats you in person, not how they treat you on Facebook.

3. You share too much of your relationship with the public.

A huge issue with Facebook is that people use it to air their dirty laundry. They have full-blown arguments on it. They post cryptic comments directed at their partner. They change their relationship status back and forth, letting the world know that their on the rocks. This does nothing but harm to the relationship. It gives your friends, family and co-workers a front-row seat to your drama. Couples need to realize that social media is not the place to hash out your relationship issues.

4. It encourages jealousy and paranoia.

Perhaps the most prevalent way that Facebook ruins relationships is by creating jealousy and paranoia. You see your partner “like” someone else's photo and the next thing you know, you're searching through their phone and scouring their emails. You used to trust them, but now you think they're cheating on you. Maybe you see them comment on a co-worker's post and you're suddenly filled with paranoia. Your mind starts creating scenarios that most likely don't exist. Thinking too much into your partner's activity on Facebook is certainly a way to destroy your relationship.

Facebook Ruins Relationships

6 Ways Facebook Is Destroying Your Relationship

Not all infidelities are the same. They come in all shapes and sizes. The most obvious kind is the one where someone secretly has an intimate physical and emotional relationship with a person who is not his or her partner. Most people say you’re cheating on your spouse if you flirt with someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend. But now, in the digital era, thanks to social media, there is a new type of affair that is more and more evident. It’s called digital infidelity. It's like emotional infidelity, except for the fact that it’s happening via social media. Apart from looking for potential mates through online dating sites and dating apps, more and more people are looking for love or affairs on Facebook. Did you know that remote infidelity by using Facebook can ruin your relationship?

Here are six ways that the social networking site Facebook is destroying your relationship:

1. Using Facebook excessively can result in conflict with your romantic partner

If someone is addicted to Facebook, he or she is more likely to get into conflict with his or her partner. It’s been reported that men and women who are in relationships but use Facebook excessively are inflicted with terrible outcomes like infidelity, breaking up, and even divorce.

2. Bragging on Facebook is doing you more harm than good

So, now you’re in a relationship and you want your friends and others to know that you aren’t lonely or single anymore. But, according to a new study, it’s been discovered that men and women who constantly brag about their significant others tend to be more insecure and less happy. Also, most people are annoyed by folks who consistently share updates and brag about their relationships.

3. Young relationships can be adversely affected by excessive Facebook usage

People who use Facebook a lot are highly likely to get into conflict with their spouses, especially if the couples are young.

4. Using Facebook excessively can increase jealousy

Excessive use of Facebook can spark jealousy in a relationship. There are many factors responsible for it. Facebook users can get jealous if they see more information on what their partners are doing. This can result in couples finding it difficult not to stalk their partners on Facebook, or create misunderstandings with their boyfriend or girlfriends.

5. Your selfies on Facebook are making your partner feel less appreciated and supported

If you happen to be someone who posts or shares too many photos of your friends and events than those you snap with your partner, he or she will feel less appreciated and supported. So, if you’re sharing more pictures of your friends than your girlfriend, it’s time to evaluate your actions.

6. There is a link between Facebook and breakups or divorce

If you want to be in a relationship or marriage that is happy and long-lasting, then stay away from social media sites. New research has found that men and women who use various social media sites, particularly Facebook, can be a predictor of a breakup or divorce. So, if you’re married or dating, it’s for the best that you limit your Facebook and other social media usage.