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Swiping Guidelines: 6 Tinder Rules To Always Follow

Tinder has become the pinnacle of online dating, and for good reason! You may have your concerns about Tinder, but you can't say it's not convenient. It uses GPS to show you the people who are in your immediate area. You can easily dismiss people that you're not interested in by swiping them away. Plus, there are no unsolicited messages from creeps! You can only get messages from users that you match with. So I think we can safely agree that Tinder is a great dating app. With that said, there are some guidelines you need to follow when using it. These tips will help you use the app as efficiently (and safely) as possible! Check out six Tinder rules you should always follow:

1. Don't Be Over-the-Top With Your Expectations

There's no bigger turn off than seeing a Tinder profile where the person lists off their expectations for a potential partner. It's totally okay to mention one or two things you're looking for, but if you've got a laundry list of what you do and do not want, you're gonna get a firm left swipe.

2. Avoid Using Tinder on the Weekend

Though you're probably most tempted to use Tinder on the weekend, don't. The weekend is the worst time to use a dating app. You're more likely to swipe right on all the wrong people. You're more likely to send desperate, ridiculous messages to your matches. It's just a bad idea all around.

3. Don't Give TMI

This is one of the major Tinder rules. Don't air your dirty laundry on your profile. Don't launch into a super personal story when a match messages you. Don't post ultra revealing pictures of yourself. Keep things simple. If you bring all the skeletons out of your closet on Tinder, you're going to scare away all your potential partners.

4. Try Not to Make It All About Yourself

It's important to remember not to make everything about yourself on Tinder. If your entire profile is just you listing off your accomplishments and positive attributes, you're going to come off as a narcissist. If a match messages you. make sure you ask them questions about themselves rather than just talking about yourself.

5. Be Aware That Not Everyone Is Who They Claim To Be

This is one of the more serious Tinder rules. You have to remember that not everyone is who they claim to be. There are a lot of catfishes out there and you need to be prepared to encounter one of them. Many people use fake pictures, names, stories, etc.You may have to go the extra mile to make sure that someone is who they claim to be before you meet up with them in person.

6. Don't Take Things Personally

Finally, one of the best Tinder rules to follow is to not take things personally. You may match with someone, and once you talk to them find that it's not going to work. There may be days/weeks/months where you don't get many matches. It's important to not take these things to heart and remember that it's just online dating!

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Internet Nightmares: 5 Awful People You Encounter In Online Dating

Online dating is a minefield. You really have to play it safe when you are looking to meet someone on things like Tinder or Bumble. You're likely to encounter some real jerks or even some people who aren't even real! If you're just getting started with online dating, we want to warn you. These are five awful people you encounter in online dating:

1. The Guy Who Thinks He's A God

We've all encountered this guy. His dating profile is full of well-manicured selfies and a laundry list of his assets/accomplishments. If you end up talking with him, he immediately starts bragging about himself, how great he is and all the reasons you should date him. He's completely delusional and full of himself. Let's put it this way: if you have to go online and try to convince people of what a catch you are, you probably aren't a catch.

2. The Guy Who Is Only Looking For Sex

We'll give this guy props for his honesty. This type of person usually lets you know what they're looking for from the get-go, but that doesn't mean it's not awful. Sex is the only thing on his mind. He'll probably ask you to “send nudes” the first time you talk, and just be an overall creep. Avoid these people at all costs!

3. The Guy Who Can't Take Rejection

This is easily one of the worst people that you can encounter in online dating. He comes off as totally cool and nice at first, and then turns on you in a split second. Maybe you told him you're not interested, or that you're too busy to hang out sometime soon, and he starts hurling insults at you. This guy cannot accept “no” for an answer and you need to run far, far away from him.

4. The Guy Who's Playing The Field

There's nothing wrong with playing the field with online dating. In fact, most people are talking to multiple people at once on apps like Tinder and Bumble. What makes it awful is when you are careless about it. This is the guy who calls a girl by the wrong name or very obviously copies a message that he sent to ten other girls. This guy doesn't care about getting to know you. He's just seeing who the easiest option is.

5. The Guy Who Isn't Even Real

Of all the awful people you encounter in online dating, this is the worst one: the catfish. This is when you're talking to someone and they're pretending to be someone else. They use pictures that are not them. They tell you information about their lives that isn't true. They basically make up an entirely fake persona to get you to like them, and then you eventually find out who they really are. This is the biggest let-down you can face with online dating.

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The Rise of Dating Apps: 3 Ways Dating Apps Are Changing the Way We Date

In recent years, we've seen a huge rise in dating apps. It's now considered the norm to find a date through an app on your phone, rather than actually going out and meeting someone in person. Sure, using dating apps is convenient, but are dating apps ruining the dating scene? We spend so much time swiping left and right through potential partners. We agonize over the perfect thing to put in our own dating profiles or which pictures we choose to represent ourselves. Isn't this ruining the authenticity of meeting someone in person? Does anyone long for the days of meeting someone traditionally and getting to know them by going out on actual dates? …or is this just me? Well, if it is just me, I am officially here to plead my case. I've put together three reasons that dating apps are ruining the way we date.

1. It's All About Hook-Up's

Dating apps seem to be less about actual dating and more about hooking up. For instance, does anyone on Tinder actually end up in a relationship? When we're swiping left and right, we aren't even looking for someone we want to get to know and establish a relationship with. We're looking for someone we think is hot and who we'd like to hook up with. Most Tinder matches result in a one-time, maybe two-time hook-up and nothing more. Back in the old days (I'm exaggerating, I know), we would actually get to know someone in person with the intentions of a relationship. We didn't swipe through selfies looking for someone to spend a night or two with.

2. It's Making Us Lazy

Like we've already said, dating apps are convenient. We can browse potential partners from the comfort of our own homes. We have our first conversation with someone while we're lounging on the sofa. This seems like a great thing, but is it really? Is this way of dating making us lazy when it comes to romance? I don't know about you, but part of what interests me in a potential suitor is how much effort they put in. Wooing me through a phone app seems like the bare minimum where effort is concerned.

3. It's Destroying Authenticity

We've all seen the show Catfish. Some of us have probably even been Catfished. Some of us may even be Catfish! For those of you unfamiliar with the term: First of all, where have you been? Second of all, a “Catfish” is a person who pretends to be someone they're not on the internet. Dating apps and online dating have made “catfishing” a common occurrence. If you're not meeting someone in person, how do you know who they really are? The pictures they put up may not be actual pictures of them. This in-authenticity doesn't necessarily have to be catfishing. It could just be that you present a different version of yourself through an app than you would in person, which doesn't give someone the chance to see the real you. When using dating apps, people often try to make themselves seem better or more desirable than they really are. This makes it hard to see who someone truly is. When we date someone that we've actually spent physical time with, we have a better idea of what they're really like. Meeting someone in person gives them less of an opportunity to present a carefully constructed image of themselves.

Now, don't toss your phone aside just yet. I fully understand the appeal of dating apps and why so many people use them. It's totally, absolutely okay if you do! However, if you're looking for a more authentic connection, you might want to reconsider an “ancient” form of courtship like meeting potential partners in person.

8 Ways To Make A Girl Notice You On Tinder

When it comes to online dating, you have probably read a ton of articles on how to meet the perfect woman. While looking for matches online, most men have already gone on dates with someone that has caught their interest. But there are plenty of guys out there who are yet to meet someone with whom they can have a relationship with or just want spend some time with. Well, this article is for men who are having a hard time meeting someone online. Keep in mind, none of these pieces of advice are critical or judgmental. Consider it just friendly advice.

Here are eight tips you need to know to get women to be interested in you on Tinder:

1. Don't hide your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses in your profile pictures hides your eyes. Most women will swipe left if they can’t see someone's eyes. After all, William Shakespeare said, “The Eyes are the window to the soul.” Show your entire face or the ladies will be skeptical. And just one picture isn’t enough – a few good ones would be nice.

2. Don’t wear hats. They are not sexy.

Not all hats are uncool; baseball caps are okay. Don’t wear cowboy hats or caps that have inappropriate messages on them. Also, if you are wearing hats in all of your Tinder pictures, women might think that you are bald.

3. Don’t post photos of your kids, please!

Including your children in your Tinder pictures won’t make any women swoon over you. It's not even attractive. It just makes people question your integrity. And most importantly, don’t even think of posting pictures of other people’s children.

4. Post a realistic photo of yourself.

Posting pictures of yourself that you took in beautiful landscapes is great, but that doesn’t give your match a good idea of who you are. It only tells her that you have traveled to exotic destinations. Put, profile pictures are supposed to display pictures of yourself, not where you went for your vacation. Women have no interest in seeing your car or your boat. You can show her all that later when she decides to meet you. Also, post recent pictures. Don’t post pictures you took five years ago. Never upload pictures of yourself with your ex. And, finally, don’t ever upload pictures of your manhood.

5. Never post a list of your dating requirements.

Sharing a list of your dating preferences on your profile won’t entice ladies to swoon over you. So leave it out. You can talk about these things later when you meet her.

6. Be confident to show who you are.

Don’t be afraid to show the real you. Truthfulness and authenticity are appealing to women.

7. Don't  send friend requests to your match too soon.

Sending your match a friend request on Facebook or adding her on LinkedIn without interacting or meeting her first won’t make your match like you more. They will just ignore you.

8. Don’t ask for her number right away.

Patience is a virtue if you are looking for a date. The ladies won’t give you their number or meet you after you've interacted with them for a few minutes. They will swipe right or even worse, will think you are a stalker. So give them some time.

Ultimate Guide to Tinder Dating

According to a poll from PEW, 38% of “single and looking” Americans have now tried online dating, and the majority of people now agree that the internet is a good way to meet people. But, honestly, online dating can be a bit annoying. You’ve got to browse through zillions of profiles, some of which are inevitably going to be completely fake or full of outdated photos from when the person was 4 sizes thinner and had a full head of hair. Then there is the hassle of writing messages, weeding out matches, and organizing stressful first dates. Continue reading