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8 Habits To Give Up For the Good Of Your Relationship

What is the best way to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship? The first step is to drop any bad habits you have that are destructive to your love life. There are certain habits that will only lead to the demise of a relationship and you need to step back, take a look at yourself, and see if you have any of these pesky habits. Check out eight habits to give up for the good of your relationship:

1. Your Social Media Addiction

Social media has definitely enhanced the way we live our lives and there are numerous benefits to using it, but it has also been the downfall of many relationships. If you find yourself spending hours a day checking your social media accounts or constantly posting on social media accounts, it is going to have an adverse effect on your relationship. All of that time spent on social media could be spent making memories with your partner. Another problem is sharing TMI about your relationship on social media. Your partner will likely not appreciate every detail of your relationship being shared with your followers.

2. Comparing Yourself/Your Relationship To Others

A really bad habit that many people have is comparing themselves to others and this transfers over to their relationships as well. They find themselves comparing their relationship to other people's relationships and the next thing they know, they are picking everything about their relationship apart. This is destructive behavior that will have no real positive outcome. Also, it's important to remember that the couples you are comparing yourself to do not always present the reality of their relationships. You may think that other couples are perfect, but you are only seeing a filtered representation of what they really are.

3. Criticizing Your Partner

Are you a very critical person? This is going to destroy your relationship – if you let it. It's one thing to criticize your partner if they do something deliberately wrong or hurtful. It's another to criticize everything they do, especially things they can't control. Too much of this will just be emotional abuse for your partner and it won't be long before your relationship is over. So try to catch yourself when you're being critical of trivial things and find a way to re-route your negative thoughts.

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4. Keeping Your Emotions Bottled Up

Being open and transparent in a relationship is crucial. Keeping your emotions bottled up isn't doing you or your partner any favors. So if you have a habit of keeping your feelings to yourself, work on opening up more. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything – especially the way you're feeling. Expressing your emotions will help you to have a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

5. Believing You're Always Right

Is there anything worse than someone who thinks they're always right when they're definitely not? If you're one of these people, consider it a death sentence for a relationship. Start being aware of when you refuse to accept blame or fault in situations. If you always believe that you are right, you need to really assess the circumstances and see if you're actually wrong. Being able to recognize and accept when you're wrong will help you to have a stable and honest relationship.

6. Your Need To Control Everything

Control freaks very rarely have healthy relationships. Your need to control everything will drive your partner insane and lead to the eventual demise of your relationship. Start learning to let go of certain things and hand over the reigns when possible. Not only will it help you have a more balanced relationship, but it will also take a lot of stress of yourself!

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7. Being Too Forgiving

While it's important to not be too critical and not too much of a control freak, it's also important to not be a pushover and be too forgiving. If you're the type of person who lets someone walk all over them, it's not going to lead to a healthy relationship. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself and hold on to your convictions. If a partner treats you badly, let them know. If a partner consistently hurts you, leave them. Being too forgiving in a toxic relationship will only be a disservice to yourself.

8. Having Unrealistic Expectations

While you should never set the bar low when it comes to a relationship, it's not practical to have unrealistically high expectations. If you expect your partner to earn a fortune and buy you everything you want, you're expecting too much. If you expect your partner to take care of your every whim, you're expecting too much. You need to be realistic about what you expect in a partner and have standards that someone can actually meet. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment.

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The 6 Most Important Things To Have In A Healthy Relationship

We all dream of having a happy, healthy relationship that lasts for the rest of our lives…but that's a lot easier said than done. So many of our relationships crash and burn, leaving us wondering what went wrong. What is missing from our relationships that causes them to end so abruptly? Is there a secret that happy couples know? Well, we're about to let you in on that secret. Check out the six most important things to have in a healthy relationship:

1. Communication

A relationship is nothing without communication. If you cannot talk openly and honestly with your partner, you might as well not have a partner. Happy couples can talk to one another about anything. This means being able to bring up any issues you may have or any things that you'd like to change in your relationship. You should be able to communicate your wants and needs to your partner for things to work out.

2. Trust

You must be able to trust your partner if you want to have a healthy relationship. If you can't trust your partner, then the relationship will never be stable. A relationship built on instability is destined to fail. When you don't trust your partner, it leads to endless fights and paranoia. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to be with someone who you can trust will not hurt you or put your relationship in jeopardy.

3. Fun

Ultimately, every relationship should be fun. Now, it's totally normal and expected for a healthy relationship to have a “rut” in which you may feel a little bored. In healthy relationships, this feeling should pass. You and your partner should always be able to appreciate¬† one another's company and do things that you both enjoy. This will make you never want to end your relationship or stray.

4. Respect

In every healthy relationship, both partners share a mutual respect for one another. You should always respect your partner and their feelings. Your partner should always respect you and your feelings. This means you do not intentionally hurt or degrade your partner and they do not hurt or degrade you. If you both treat one another with respect, it will lead to a much happier relationship.

5. Space

Giving one another space is a vital part of a healthy relationship. If you don't give each other space, you're likely to feel smothered and want to distance yourself from your one another permanently. Happy couples know when to give each other some space and do their own thing. This may mean hanging out with your friends or partaking in a hobby while your partner does something else. A little bit of distance will only make the heart grow fonder.

6. Passion

One of the most vital parts of any relationship is passion. A relationship without passion is boring and sure to end rapidly because both partners are unsatisfied. Sure, as time goes on you may feel a lack of passion in your relationship – but you should be able to reignite it. Happy, healthy couples know how to reignite the passion in their relationship by being more romantic or more sensual with their partner.

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