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How Galentine’s Day Makes Valentine’s Day Fun For Single Women

Are you feeling down and out about being alone on Valentine's Day? No need to worry – women all over the world are single on Valentine's Day, and there is no reason to feel upset about it! In fact, many women have begun celebrating their very own holiday and it's just like Valentine's Day…but better.

If you're a fan of the show Parks and Recreation, you're familiar with “Galentine's Day.” Galentine's Day started out as a fictional holiday created by Amy Poehler's character on the series, Leslie Knope. The holiday is celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day and it is dedicated to women celebrating women. You spend the day with your best girlfriends or the women in your family. You celebrate one another, much like you would celebrate your partner on Valentine's Day. This totally makes sense, because sometimes our friends are actually way better than our partners, am I right?

While the holiday may have been fictional in its origin, it has garnered a cult following that has made it a reality. Many single women now get together on February 13th to have dinner, drinks, watch movies, talk, etc. Galentine's Day can be celebrated by any and all women, even those with boyfriends or husbands, but it is mostly single women who are enjoying the holiday. It gives anyone who is single the chance to celebrate the important relationships in their life just like people in a relationship do on Valentine's Day. In fact, Galentine's Day could be even more meaningful than its Valentines counterpart because friendships often last longer than romantic relationships.

It's also important because most of us do not take the time to show our friends that we really appreciate them and value our relationship to them. Galentine's Day gives you the perfect chance to enjoy one another's company and really celebrate your bond! So we say, grab your closest girlfriends and get ready for Galentine's Day!

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Does Valentine’s Day Lose Significance In Long-Term Relationships?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means many couples are making dinner reservations and getting romantic gifts for their partner…but a lot of couples aren't doing anything special at all. Why is it that some couples go all-out celebrating Valentine's Day while other couples don't do much of anything for it? The difference usually depends on how long you've been together. Don't believe us? We're breaking it down below…

Is there anything more exciting than your first Valentine's Day with your new partner? The relationship is fresh. The two of you can't get enough of one another. And now, Valentine's Day has come around. Valentine's Day is a free-pass to show off your love to the world. You can be openly obnoxious about your relationship. You can pack on all the PDA you want. You'll probably get your partner a freakishly huge heart-shaped balloon to walk around with. Maybe they'll get you a bouquet of 50 roses to display on your desk at work. The two of you will go to dinner at a fancy restaurant and take a dozen pictures for social media. You're totally allowed to act like this at this point – it's Valentine's Day, after all! For new couples who are still in that grossly infatuated stage, Valentine's Day is the best holiday they could celebrate. So why is it different for couples who have been together longer?

If you've ever been in a long-term relationship, you know that things fizzle out over time. While you still love your partner, you're no longer in that obsessive, can't-get enough-of-each-other, scream-it-from-the-rooftops kind of love. The longer you've been together, the more likely you are to show your love in more subtle ways. This may be sharing household chores or taking care of your partner when they're sick. These things may not sound too romantic or fun, but they do show your partner that you care. See, long-term couples realize that these everyday actions are actually more important ways to show your love for one another. That doesn't mean the showy, gratuitous affection you show someone in the beginning of a relationship is bad or unimportant. It's just means that the way you show love to your partner changes over time, making a holiday like Valentine's Day less necessary to celebrate over the years. Long-term couples will still celebrate the day, just in a smaller way. This may mean spending Valentine's Day at home and cooking a nice meal together or watching a movie you both love. You'll find that this type of Valentine's Day is just as much fun and romantic as the Valentine's of your earlier years!

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Better Late Than Never: 10 Last-Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas

So Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and you still haven't gotten your partner a gift? You're probably panicking, wondering what you can do at the last-minute. No need to fear. You can still make a wonderful Valentines Day for your partner with very little planning. There are numerous things that are easy to do and still let your partner know you care. We've got ten last-minute Valentines Day gift ideas right here:

1. Breakfast In Bed

Get up early before your partner does. Prepare their favorite breakfast and serve it to them in bed! it will start their Valentines Day off perfectly.

2. Homemade Cake

Anything homemade is a great way to show your partner you care. This makes a homemade cake the perfect last-minute Valentines Day gift. It's easy and your partner will see you put the effort in.

3. Flowers

Flowers are one of the standard last-minute Valentines Day gift ideas. Getting flowers for your partner is so simple, you can do it online or through a phone call!

4. Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates! It's easy to get chocolates at the last-minute, because nearly every store carries them. Just make sure to show a little more effort by getting a set of chocolates that are nicely packaged.

5. Nice Dinner At Home

This is one of the best last-minute Valentines Day gift ideas. Make your partner their favorite dinner at home. Set the table up nicely. Make your own home better than any fancy restaurant!

6. Handwritten Letter

This is one of the more sentimental of our last-minute Valentines Day gift ideas, which makes it one of the best. Write your partner a letter telling them all the things you love about them and the things you cherish about your relationship.

7. Mixtape

When we say “mixtape”, we don't really mean a mixtape. We know it's 2018 and actual mixtapes are obsolete. We mean that you should make a special playlist of all your partner's favorite songs, or just songs that remind you of them.

8. “IOU” Coupons

This is a creative way to show your partner how much you care. Make them a booklet of “IOU” coupons for things they would enjoy. They can then use the coupons throughout the year to get you to do special things like cook dinner or give them a back rub.

9. Cleaning the House

If your partner hates doing household chores, this is a great Valentines Day gift. Surprise your partner by cleaning the house, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, etc. They'll come home to a perfectly clean house and be able to relax, knowing that they don't have to do any household cleaning.

10. A Massage

Everyone loves getting a massage. Massages are great last-minute Valentines Day gift ideas because they require little to no preparation. Your partner will love getting a nice massage, and they might even reciprocate the gift.

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The Loneliest Day of the Year: 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day If You’re Single

Valentines Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Millions of people around the world spend Valentines Day having nice dates with their partners and exchanging gifts. While it's a special day for couples, what do all the single people out there do on Valentines Day? Do you wallow in loneliness? Do you celebrate your single life with others who aren't in a relationship? Do you just ignore the whole day altogether? If you're single this year, we've got five ways for you to celebrate Valentines Day. Check them out here:

1. Indulge Yourself With A Spa Day

A perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day is to indulge yourself at the spa. A spa day can be a great method of self-care and can definitely take your mind off being lonely. Get a massage, a facial, a pedicure, etc. You'll leave the spa feeling fresh and relaxed, and you'll probably have forgotten all about Valentines Day!

2. Party With Your Single Friends

Don't wallow in your loneliness on Valentines Day! Instead, gather up any other single friends you have and go out for the night. Ignore that the holiday is for couples. Who says it has to be? Celebrate with your friends instead! Odds are, you'll have a way better time going out with your friends than you would going to some fancy dinner with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Shows/Movies

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than staying in for the night and spending time with your favorite fictional characters? Make yourself a nice dinner, cozy up on the couch and binge watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Or maybe you want to dive into an all-new series. Either way, engrossing yourself in TV and movies is a great way to forget you're alone on Valentines Day (just avoid the rom-coms.)

4. Treat Yourself To A Shopping Spree

You probably spend the entire year refraining from indulgent shopping. We suggest you throw that idea out the window for Valentines Day. Go ahead and treat yourself! Spend the day at the mall getting yourself whatever you want. While everyone else has a partner getting them gifts for the holiday, be your own partner and get yourself gifts. At least you'll get exactly what you want!

5. Don't.

You read that right: Just don't. Don't celebrate Valentines Day at all. There is no unwritten rule that says you have to celebrate any holiday. It's a totally reasonable option to ignore Valentines Day altogether. Just treat it like any other regular day. Go about your usual business. Go to work/school. Come up, take care of things at your house. Make yourself dinner and watch some television. Before you know it, it will be February 15th.

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Change It Up: 8 Unique Date Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and that means you need to figure out what you and your partner will be doing! It's always nice to have a romantic dinner or a night in, but you may also be bored with that. If you want to do something different this year, you'll have to get creative. To help you out, we've got eight unique date ideas for Valentines Day:

1. Your First Date, Again

This is one of the best date ideas for Valentines Day because it is romantic and creative at the same time. Take your partner back to the place where you had your very first date. It will remind both of you of the beginning of your relationship and show your partner your sentimental side.

2. Museum

Add some arts and culture to your Valentines Day with a trip to a museum! Museums are always interesting and it gives the two of you a chance to learn and see new things.

3. Ghost Tour

Ghost tours are incredibly fun, and definitely one of the more unique date ideas for Valentines Day. Not only are they exciting, but they also give you a chance to see some of the historic buildings or areas in your city.

4. A Burlesque Show

This is the most risqué of all our date ideas for Valentines Day, so it may not be for every couple. With that said, if you're into it, burlesque shows can be really fun and entertaining!

5. Zoo Or Aquarium

If your partner loves animals, then the zoo or an aquarium are great date ideas. You can see some cool animals and get in touch with wildlife.

6. Karaoke Bar

Karaoke bars are perfect for dates. They give you and your partner an opportunity to let loose and pretend to be a superstar. If you're not bold enough to sing, you can always just be observers and watch other people sing!

7. Theme Park

It may seem childish, but everyone is young at heart! Take your partner to a theme park for Valentines Day and act like kids for a little while. It's all in good fun.

8. A Trip Down Memory Lane

This is the most sentimental of all the date ideas for Valentines Day, and your partner will no doubt love it. Take them to some places that are meaningful to your relationship, like where you first met or where you had your first kiss. You can even get creative with it and turn it into a scavenger hunt that leads them from each memorable place to the next.

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