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Is This the Exact Moment That Harmless Flirting Turns Into Cheating?

One of the most debated topics when it comes to relationships is this: Is it ever okay to flirt with someone else when you're in a relationship. It turns out, flirting with someone else is relatively harmless when you're in a relationship. Many people just have a flirtatious nature and they don't even realize when they're flirting with another person. With that said, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to flirting. Read on to find out the exact moment that harmless flirting turns into cheating…

Do you find yourself flirting with a co-worker? Are you exchanging flirty text messages with no intentions of it ever being something more? These things aren't that serious in the larger scheme of things, but there is one tell-tale sign that shows you've taken things too far. That one sign is lying to your partner about what you're doing or keeping it a secret altogether.

If you have a flirtatious relationship with another person or you interact with other people in a flirtatious way, your partner needs to know about this. When you lie to them about it or keep it a secret, that is when it becomes cheating. See, if you feel the need to lie about your flirting, there's a reason for this. Maybe you're starting to develop actual feelings for the person you've been flirting with. Maybe you plan to take this flirtation to the next level. Either way, it shows that the flirtation has become more than just harmless flirting and is now an actual threat to your real relationship. Otherwise, you would have no issue telling your partner about it.

So if you find yourself erasing flirty text messages so that your partner doesn't see them or you find yourself lying about the last time you spoke to the person you've been flirting with, your flirtation has already become a form of infidelity.

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Questionable Fidelity: 3 Things That Should Be Considered Cheating

A common question when it comes to relationships is, “What counts as cheating?” While there are some things that are clearly considered cheating, there are other things that can be a little complicated. To help you sort things out, the following are three things that should be considered cheating:

1. Having An Online-Only “Relationship”

Many people seem to think having a secret, online-only relationship with a strange is not cheating. Some people meet a stranger on Facebook or other social media and proceed to exchange messages with them for months or years. If these messages are strictly friendly and your partner knows about them, it's okay. If these messages are romantic or sexual and you keep them a secret from your partner, this is considered cheating.

2. Sharing Or Receiving Provocative Photos

Sharing nude or suggestive photos with someone other than your partner should definitely be considered cheating. Also, receiving nude or suggestive photos from someone other than your partner should be considered cheating. There is no reason to exchange photos like this with someone you are not dating and if your partner catches you doing it, expect them to leave ASAP.

3. Secretly Texting With An Ex

It's one thing if your partner knows that you're friends with your ex and sometimes talk. It's another if your partner has no clue you're still friendly with your ex and you secretly talk to them. Now, you may argue that texting isn't really talking, but texting is actually the most common form of communication in our modern society. If you're texting your ex all the time and your partner has no idea and would not feel comfortable with it, this should be considered cheating.