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Major Turn-Offs: 7 Things That Men Find Unattractive

What do men want? It's an age-old question that women think they have found the answer to. They feel that most men want a beautiful woman who is also fun. The reality is that men are looking for a lot more than that. So what exactly are they looking for? Well, an easy way to explain what men are looking for is by telling you what they aren't looking for. The following are seven things that men find unattractive about a woman:

1. Wearing Too Much Makeup

Makeup is a great form of self-expression but when it's done in excess, it's something men find unattractive. Rather than slathering on a full face of makeup, opt for a more natural look with minimal makeup. Basically, go for a look that's not going to rub off on his shirt when he hugs you.

2. Gossiping About People

Gossiping and talking about other's business is a very unattractive quality. No one wants to see their partner reveling in another person's misfortune. So when you are gossiping about other people's lives and their issues, it shows that you are juvenile and insensitive.

3. Being Too Clingy

Being clingy is a major thing that men find unattractive. You need to have your own life and give him some space. If you insist on spending every second with him, you're only going to push him away. This also applies to contacting him constantly. Keep calling and texting to a minimum.

4. Being Full of Yourself

Confidence is one thing, narcissism is another. Men like women who are confident, but not arrogant. It's okay to be proud of who you are, but it is not okay to brag about yourself and act like you are better than others.

5. Complaining About Everything

Nobody wants to be with someone who is negative all the time. Complaining about everything is a sure-fire way to turn a guy off. Men would rather be with a woman who chooses to see the good in things, instead of a woman who constantly has something bad to say.

6. Talking About Your Ex All the Time

Talking about your ex all the time will definitely send a man running for several reasons. If you're always mentioning your ex, whether it be good things or bad things, it just seems like you are hung up on the past. No guy wants to get involved with someone who isn't over their ex.

7. Partying Constantly

It's okay to have fun, but there's a fine line between having fun and constantly partying. Dating a “wild child” may be a good idea for a young guy, but as men get older, they want a woman who is more down to earth and would rather stay home than go out and party.

What Men Want

More Than Beauty: 5 Things Guys Like About A Girl Besides Her Looks

What do mem want? Does anyone really know? Most women think that men want someone beautiful. This is why they spend hours working on their appearance, picking out the perfect outfit and doing their makeup. While men do look at beautiful women, looks aren't the only thing that matter to them. There are several other things that matter to men when they're looking for a woman to date. Read on to find out five things guys like about a girl besides her looks:

1. Brains

A lot of women think you need to play dumb to get a man, but that's so not the case. Show them how smart you are! Men appreciate a woman's intelligence. They like when they can have a substantial conversation with a woman. They like a woman who is cultured and well-educated, not someone who acts ignorant.

2. Confidence

Confidence is one of the sexiest things about a person. No one likes someone who is insecure and desperate. Men want to see a woman who is confident and knows her worth. They like women who have high self-esteem and will not settle for less than they deserve.

3. Happiness

Nobody likes a “Debbie Downer”! Happiness is contagious and attractive. It draws people towards you. This is why men love women who are happy. They do not like women who are miserable and complain all the time. A woman is negative and complains all the time will only bring down anyone who is with her.

4. Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is one of the top things guys like about a girl. A girl who can laugh and make fun of herself is a girl that people want to spend time with. If a girl can never laugh at herself and takes everything seriously, she is going to be awful to be in a relationship. This is why men love when a woman has a sense of humor.

5. Kindness

Kindness is one of the key things that guys like about a girl. Women who are kind to those around them are the most attractive. Always be nice to those who can do nothing for you. It shows that you have a kind nature and care about the feelings of others. If you are mean and nasty to other people, it will surely send any man running!

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