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More Than Good Looks: 4 Things Women Look For In A Man

They say that women look for a man who is tall, dark and handsome. The truth is that it's so much more than that. There are certain traits and characteristics that women want in a potential partner. A handsome face isn't going to be enough anymore! If you're interested in what women really want, check out these four major things women look for in a man:

1. Sense of Humor

Women love men who can make them laugh. There are few things that are sexier than a man with a sense of humor. If a man can laugh at himself and doesn't take things too seriously, it makes him ten times more attractive.

2. Confidence

Confidence is attractive to just about everyone. No one likes a guy who is insecure and desperate. When a man has confidence, women will flock to him. Women want a man who feels secure in himself and does not doubt who he is. This is why confidence is one of the main things women look for in a man.

3. Sensitivity

Traditionally, men have been programmed to be hyper-masculine and hide their emotions. The reality is that women appreciate a man who isn't afraid to express his feelings. They want a man who will open up to them and be emotional if he needs to be. This is why sensitivity is an important thing that women want in a potential partner. Sensitivity also helps men to be more in tune with the emotions that their partner is feeling, leading to a healthier relationship.

4. Intelligence

While no one is saying that a man has to be a genius to get a girlfriend, intelligence is always a plus. It's nice to have someone that you can have a substantial conversation with. Women enjoy men who are cultured and can discuss various issues and subjects. Men who have knowledge about different topics are more intriguing and more likely to have women interested in them.

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Forever Alone: 5 Reasons You Don’t Have A Girlfriend

Are you having trouble wooing a woman? Do you feel like you're doing everything right, but you're still alone? There are some things that absolutely repel a woman and you might not be aware that you're doing those things! From personal hygiene habits to annoying conversation quirks, we've got five reasons you don't have a girlfriend:

1. You Talk About Yourself Too Much

If you talk about yourself all the time, it may be one of the reasons you don't have a girlfriend. No one wants to be with a narcissist. If all you do is brag about your accomplishments, your job, your car, or whatever else, she's going to stay far, far away from you.

2. You Have Bad Personal Hygiene

Perhaps the biggest turn off to women is bad personal hygiene. If you smell bad, you're not going to get a girlfriend. If your breath is awful because you don't brush your teeth, you're not going to get a girlfriend. If your hair has small animals living in it, you're not going to get a girlfriend. If your….okay, you catch our drift.

3. You Laugh At Your Own Jokes

Girls love a funny guy, but they don't love a guy who thinks he's funny when he's not. Laughing at your own jokes immediately kills any potential to be funny, Instead, be humble when joking. Let her laugh at your jokes instead of you laughing to reaffirm your humor.

4. Your Wardrobe Is All Wrong

Style is important to a lot of women. A man who dresses sloppy is a huge turn-off for many women. You need to make sure your clothes are clean, fitted, and free of holes or stains. Otherwise she'll just think you're a slob.

5. You're A Bad Tipper

This may seem like something small and trivial, but it's really not. There are few things less attractive than a person who tips poorly. If you're a bad tipper, consider it one of the reasons you don't have a girlfriend. Women do not want to be with a man who is either inconsiderate or cheap…or both. So the next time you go out to eat, leave a good tip!

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What Women Want: 5 Foolproof Ways To Impress A Woman

What do women want? How can you impress a woman? These are questions that have plagued men for years. Try as they might, they can't seem to figure it out. It turns out that what women want is very simple. There are a few easy things you can do to impress a woman and have her falling at your feet. Check out five ways to impress a woman:

1. Have A Sense of Humor

Women love a man with a sense of humor. If you can make her laugh, you're going to win her heart. So if you really want to impress a woman, you need to work on being funny! Now, there's a disclaimer with this one: don't tell any offensive jokes. You have to know the difference between being funny and being rude. If you offend her, she'll want nothing to do with you.

2. Be Kind to Strangers

If you want to impress a woman, show her that you are kind and compassionate. No one likes a rude person. So make sure that you are kind to everyone around you, especially to strangers. This means being nice to servers at restaurants and being kind to your Uber driver. It'll definitely make you look better when you take a woman out.

3. Don't Brag

If you want to impress a woman, do not brag. Do not be a narcissist. Do not talk excessively about your accomplishments. Do not talk about how much money you make. Being humble will go a long way. Women do not want to be with a man who is full of himself. Rather, show her how great you are through your actions, not bragging up things you've done.

4. Clean Up Your Act

No woman wants to be with a slob! If you want a woman to like you, you'll have to clean up your act. This doesn't mean you have to be physically handsome. We're not expecting you to be Brad Pitt. All you need to do is be well put-together and have good hygiene. Don't take her out wearing stained clothes. Do wear some nice cologne. Make yourself presentable and she'll be impressed.

5. Have Confidence

The absolute best way to impress a woman is to be confident. Don't be insecure. Don't act desperate. Have confidence in yourself and be sure of who you are. Your high self-esteem will show and she will really be impressed with you.

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Why is it So Hard For Men to Understand What Women Want?

When it comes to relationships most women will tell their partners exactly what they want – both physically and emotionally. Women want to be desired physically and respected emotionally. However, for women who don't explicitly tell their partners this, they are often left wanting. While men want to fulfill their girlfriend or wife's desires, they often don't know what those are unless they're told. Not knowing what women want can lead to men making huge mistakes in their relationship and hurting their partner.

It's normal for men who appreciate and respect women to want to please them. However, it's often difficult for men to figure out exactly what it is their partner wants or needs. Men tend to be primal and animalistic. They take what they want and make it very clear how they feel. Women tend to be more calculated and will often keep their feelings to themselves. This leads to confusion in a relationship. In order for men to understand what women want, a balance of physical and verbal communication must be established between the partners.

With a lot of understanding, loving and caring, men can begin to understand what women want in a relationship. Obviously it's easier said that done. Building a healthy relationship takes a lot of work. To create a successful relationship, take it slowly. Work on your physical and emotional connection. Work on your communication. If a woman is not blatantly telling her partner what she wants, he may want to ask. Men often neglect the importance of verbal communication. It never hurts to ask the woman in your life what she needs or wants out of the relationship.

By no means are we criticizing or questioning how women communicate their needs. We are only saying that it's almost impossible for men to figure these needs out without being told. It's challenging for men to actually understand where women are coming from and what they desire. While many women need to start voicing their desires more, many men need to start asking women what their desires are. It will take work on both parts. With a lot of time, patience and effort, men can begin to understand what it is that women want.