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3 Crucial Steps To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams

When you ask an average guy what his “dream woman” is like, don’t be surprised that most of them will say they want someone who is drop-dead gorgeous. In other words, physical beauty is the top priority for men looking for a partner. We all know that physical beauty isn’t the only quality that’s required for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. In fact, relationships based on physical attraction don’t last.

So what should a man look for when finding the right person, or should we say his “dream woman” to be in a long-term relationship? Here are three crucial steps to finding and keeping the woman of your dreams:

1. Look At The Bigger Picture

If a man is adamant in his fantasy and the unrealistic quest for his “dream woman,” one of the biggest setbacks he will have to face is finding her in the first place. We don’t know that it will happen. If a man wants a dream woman and intends to be in a long-term relationship with her, he needs to change his thinking and look at the bigger picture. He should envision a woman who can help him achieve his dreams as well as share the life he always imagined for himself. It means that he should choose a woman who has all the essential qualities and behavior that are needed to love and support him in realizing those dreams, regardless how she looks.

2. Determine What You Want In Life

This one seems simple. Before your start living the life you always imagined, you first need to decide what your goals are. Clarify your personal vision of a happy, comfortable, exciting and fulfilling life. Once you’ve done that, the next step becomes apparent. Now you know exactly what qualities the woman of your dreams must have to help you to achieve those goals. So go figure yourself out. And until you know yourself and what you need, there is little to no chance that you will find a woman who will love and care for you in wonderful, life-changing ways for who you are.

3. Pair Up With Your Dream Woman

We find it amazing that lots of guys brood and complain about their cruel, selfish women in their lives. This happens because most guys neglected or weren't aware of the pros of “matching up” with their woman in the beginning. To put this into perspective, if you like to travel and always dream of sailing across the world, you need to date or be in a relationship with a woman who is spontaneous, likes being outdoors, is fearless, and has an incredible passion for nature and adventure.

The bottom line is, if you want to be in a relationship with your “dream woman,” first you need to be fully honest about what you envisioned for the future that you want for yourself. Only then will you  find success in your search for the perfect woman.

9 Types of Guys That Women Cannot Stand

When it comes to choosing someone for a relationship, we all have our own list of “can’t stands” and “must haves.” These qualities allow men and women to date a guy or a girl with behavior and traits that they think are important to be in a healthy and long-term relationship. Here we have listed nine types of guys that women simply cannot stand:

1. Mr. Liar, Liar

This is the biggest turn-off for all women. Nobody likes to date or even be with someone with a reputation for lying. Honesty and trust are the bedrock of a secure, successful and long-lasting relationship. Lying is the opposite of all these good traits, and women cannot stand when guys lie to them. This is the number one deal breaker, so, unless you badly want to destroy your relationship or marriage, think twice before you consider being deceitful!

2. Mr. Mean

Another main deal breaker for men looking for a girlfriend is being mean. Being rude, belittling other people, being prejudiced or simply being hateful to others is just a major turn-off for the ladies. Period.

3. Mr. Opportunist

Another “can't stand” when it comes to a man’s personality is the opportunist. It’s very unattractive to most women when their boyfriend uses or takes advantage of or manipulates others for his selfish reasons. Women are looking for a man who is honest, direct, respectful and straightforward with others.

4. Mr. Lazy Bones

Life is too short to spend it lying on the couch watching TV all day, or sleeping the whole day away. Women are looking for someone with ambition, drive, energy and passion.

5. Mr. Hot Head

Angry guys are toxic. Women can't stand a man who shouts, screams and can’t control his temper or anger. If there is something that is bothering you, handle it in a gentle and mature way. Don’t just shut it inside of you until it’s too late to have a calm and decent conversation.

6. Mr. Slob

Just like women, men love to come home to a house that is neat and tidy. Women also love when guys put effort to keep their homes and themselves clean and take pride in it.

7. Mr. Devious

Similar to Mr. Hot Head, this refers to the kind of guy who will send the gals running for the hills. Nobody has that much time for negative energy and drama.

8. Mr. Flake

This is the type of guy who promises you a lot of things but fails or forgets to deliver. He knows that he won’t be able to honor all of his pledges, but he still makes promises so that he can have a relationship with her. It’s sneaky and creepy. Women love men who are reliable, stable, consistent, and steady. Being flaky and unreliable is a huge deal breaker.

9. Mr. Unfaithful

Infidelity is one of the most unfortunate things to happen in a relationship. Cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend can end your relationship. It’s also one of the primary reasons for divorces. Infidelity can cause tremendous emotional pain that takes a long time to heal from. Needless to say, most women will not date someone who has a history of cheating.

5 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over a Guy For Good

We all have been obsessive about something in our lives. One of the worst obsessions out there is yearning for someone who got away and who was never meant to be your partner. When it comes to dating and relationships, obsessive thoughts are rife in women. We have seen many single and successful women like doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc., talking about the men they are dating. They keep talking about how they are still waiting for his text message before going to bed, waiting for the call from their boyfriends, etc. They become anxious and get stressed out by over-thinking about what will happen if this guy asks them out for the weekend. These women could have gotten any man they wanted, and yet they are obsessing over a guy who is making them wait for hours just for a call. Why is that?

Women are attracted to men who might like them, instead of men who already are interested. However, women feel like if a man is keeping them on pins and needles, then there is some interest in the guy. This means the guy is providing them some attention to fuel their obsession.

If you discover yourself in this situation, here are a few tips to help you stop obsessing over guys like this:

1. Face Your Fears

We all have our fears and insecurities. We need to get them out so that we can confront them. Writing down or talking about these fears will help you get it out of your head.

2. Limit Your Obsessions

Fix a day and a specific amount of time (say 10 minutes) to permit yourself to be obsessive. When the obsessive thoughts come to your mind, and it comes at the day and time outside of your schedule, tell yourself it is not time. Only reserve those thoughts for the time you allowed previously.

3. Ask For Help From Friends

Friends are there to help and support you during the sad times. Friends can help you differentiate between facts and fiction. If you’re sure that your boyfriend is hanging out with someone else and there is no evidence, your close friend can tell you that you shouldn’t think like this unless you have substantial evidence.

4. Keep Yourself Distracted

When you start to obsess, immediately direct your feelings and thoughts to a different thought or action. For instance, when you begin obsessing over something, tell yourself you will do twenty push-ups or listen to your favorite podcasts. Immediately, you will either see yourself thinking of something else rather than obsessing over him.

5. Shut Off All Communication

If you’re anxious that he won't call and you make yourself unavailable, this will keep your ego intact. You can tell yourself either he called, or he didn't, but you were unavailable. This tactic will give all the control back to you. There are plenty of examples where people obsessing over their ex got terribly out of control. The obsession may fuel the affection, but it will distract you from being YOU. Don’t let your obsessive thoughts control your life.

Therefore, if you’re dating someone, and you find yourself in this situation, these steps might help you to alleviate your obsessions.

6 Things Guys Secretly Adore About the Women They Love

When it comes to relationships, there are some specific things men love about the woman they’re dating, but they may not tell her. Whenever a guy falls in love with a woman, there are many little things about her and her character that will make even the most insensitive man smile and make his heart flutter with joy.

Here are six things that men adore about the women they love:

1. A man loves the way he smiles when he thinks about you. No matter how stressed out he is at work, stuck in traffic, or just bored, when he thinks of her, he'll smile. A man considers himself lucky when he has a woman come into his life who can get him to smile. Simply hearing her name or thinking about her will light him up like a firework display. What's not to love about that?

2. He loves it when he can make you smile. Sense of humor is an excellent quality most women look for in a man. A guy loves to see the woman in his life smiling, laughing, happy and having a great time. And he will go the extra mile to make it happen. It's even better if he can make the lady of his life laugh by telling her dumb jokes.

3. He loves being physically close to you. A man loves being close to his woman, whether you two are cuddling on the couch or in bed watching TV, or simply standing next to each other. It’s a good way to feel physically and emotionally connected with someone. You can’t beat the feeling of your girlfriend resting her hand or head on your chest or shoulder – it’s incredible! Another tip- he likes you playing with his hair while watching TV or while he's driving. It’s a great feeling to him! And did I mention he loves when he catches you looking at him?

4. Men adore the way women smile after being kissed. We all know the euphoric and exciting rush we get when we kiss the person we love. The rush emotions and endorphins in our bodies takes us over. Can you explain the spark that you feel when you kiss him or her, and they smile at you? It’s incredible. I doubt there is any other better feeling.

5. He loves how things feel so natural with you. In a relationship, there is no question that every man and woman has to put in some effort to make a relationship work. But if two people can feel at ease and be entirely comfortable with each other, the relationship will feel natural. They won’t feel bored or stressed, rather they will feel content.

6. A man loves going to you for advice or suggestions. If you love someone, you'll naturally respect him or her, who they are and the way they think, and you will value their views and opinions. You'll want to get their suggestions or advice. You'll want to hear about how their point of view compares with your's. You’re interested to hear out their perspectives. If the man in your life asks for your opinion, take it as an excellent sign that he loves you.

3 Enchanting Things That Will Make a Man Love You Forever

Some men admit their inability to commit to a woman because they don’t feel ready for it or the timing isn’t right. But sometimes, even the most dedicated bachelor will be willing to take the plunge when he has met the woman of his dreams. So what qualities in a woman really captivate a man and will make him abandon his single life forever?

Here are three qualities that will make a man love a woman forever:

1. She's Not Looking For a Husband

You know what turns off men when it comes to dating and relationships, and even commitment? When you tell your man that you’re desperately seeking a husband – and trust me, every guy is scared when they hear that.

Men desire women who let them be who they are, not for what they can do or give. When a guy gets even the slightest hint that his girlfriend has an agenda beyond just getting to know him, he shuts down immediately and begins to feel less attracted to her. We totally understand that you’re not in the position to waste your time, and you need to find out quickly that the man you’re dating is capable of making a long-term commitment. But, it’s dangerous if you make this your focus in the early days of your relationship. Rather, take your time getting to know him better and let him feel that you enjoy spending time with him.

2. She's Willing To Walk Away

When a man finds out that you've centered your whole life around him, he’ll be pressured because he's started to think that you’ve already made him your partner before you having a conversation about it. He’ll feel immensely pressured to meet your expectations, and at the same time, he hates to disappoint you. He’ll also keep wondering how come you made up your mind about him so fast. Your best approach here is to convey to your guy that you’re selective. Tell him that while you like him and enjoy being with him, you’re also a woman open to options and you are in control of what happens to you. You can do this by living a life outside of him, spending quality time with your family and friends, cultivating your hobbies, and improving your career and life.

3. She Enhances His Life

One of the best and most meaningful ways to build a solid, lasting relationship with a man is by creating positive experiences for him. You can’t talk a man into having a committed relationship with you. A man needs to have a deep, emotional connection with a woman before he can commit to her. If you want a man to believe that his life will be much better with you in it, you’ll need to create the right kind of experiences which will invoke emotional attraction in him. These experiences should be positive and something you both enjoy doing and something that makes you both happy.

5 Ways To Let A Woman Know You’re Interested Without Saying a Word

How can you tell a woman you like her without actually telling her?Well, it turns out that it's all about body language. According to experts, 55 percent of our communication is expressed with our body, while only 7 percent is expressed with our words.  The remaining 38 percent originates from our tone of voice. So, with our posture, mannerisms and eye contact we can let someone know we're interested in them.

Here are five body language clues that a man can use to show a woman he's attracted to her:

1. He Touches His Face

A man who's interested in a girl will make her look at his face. He does this by touching his face at various times. He might also touch his ears, scratch his chin, run his fingers through his hair, or lick his lips – all of this screams that he’s attracted to her. By the way, all of these body language signs are also seen in women when they’re attracted to a man. One big reason both men and woman touch or lick their lips when they see someone attractive or sexy is because lips are one of the most erogenous zones in the human body. So, we subconsciously feel good when we touch them.

2. He raises his eyebrows

When a guy is excited, the pupils of his eyes will become wider than usual. When this occurs, the eyebrows rise and fall as the eyes get bigger. If a woman talks to a man and he feels attracted to her, you can easily see that his eyebrows go up and down while having a conversation with her. Body language specialists also report that a man will become more lively when talking to a girl that he feels attracted to, as he is trying to lure her in.

3. He Fidgets With His Drink

If you see a guy playing with his drink while speaking with a lady, it doesn’t mean that he’s bored or worried. Instead, he’s actually into her. Guys, who are sexually attracted to a girl, might play with things using their hands. For instance, he’ll try to peel off the label of his beer bottle, adjust his watch, tie, undo his cuff links, etc.  The fidgeting will become more pronounced the more attracted he is.

4. He Leans Towards Her

If a man feels interested in a woman, he’ll lean towards her. He’ll also look into her eyes. If he keeps looking into her eyes while having a conversation with her, it’s an indication that he’s interested.

5. He Touches Her

While dating a woman, if a man feels attracted to her, he’ll subconsciously touch her throughout the whole date. Even the most sensitive and shy guys will attempt to nudge her elbow, hand, or back. The challenging part for any woman here is to understand whether these delicate touches are accidental or on purpose. If it’s on purpose, then his intentions are clear and he is interested.

6 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

Let’s be honest; hot, beautiful women have a way easier time getting guys to like them compared to women who are “average.” But just because they’re beautiful and lucky doesn’t always mean they’ll win. It’s possible for a man to end a relationship with a girl even if she looks like Angelina Jolie.

Here are some things women do that turn men off, no matter how pretty she is:

1. Always Talking Negatively

Negativity and depression are contagious, no doubt about it. No person wants to feel bad while dating someone and even the most positive and confident man will subsequently get dragged down if he’s constantly bombarded with negativity. A man will eventually run away from a woman who is always depressed, whining, and complaining.

2. Not Bathing

This applies to everyone. If you want to make people come close to you, you’ll need to bathe and smell good. Not taking a bath means you’ll smell like death, and that’s a turn-off.

3. Being Overly Aggressive

There are plenty of angry and overly aggressive women who are dealing with personal issues. But, unfortunately, these ladies continue to go on dates with men without dealing with their anger problems. If a guy happens to date one of these women, and when he discovers her anger issues, he will usually run the other way because he thinks that woman might be unstable. It’s not possible to have a happy and healthy relationship with someone that you hate or feel bitter towards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, if you haven’t dealt with your anger issues, it may be time to stop dating.

4. Always Talking About Her Ex

A man hates it when he hears his girlfriend always talking about her ex. This also applies to guys too, and it’s not much different. It’s an indication that she is still in love with her ex, he is still on her mind, and this guy’s a rebound. And no man wants that.

5. Acting Desperate and Insecure

Being desperate or needy is unattractive in romantic relationships. Desperation or neediness is something people can smell from a distance, and it will drive away any man. It’s not easy to hide it. We understand people can be desperate if they haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, but walk away if you feel desperation manifesting inside of you. Another thing that turns off a man is when he discovers a woman who can’t handle her insecurities. So, get all your fears and insecurities figured out before you start dating. There are many cases of good relationships that have been ruined because of insecurities.

6. Having No Ambition Or Motivation

A man gets turned off by a lady who has no motivation or ambition to do anything, discover anything or even try anything out. It’s common for men to encounter a woman who wants them to have a great career, be ambitious, motivated, driven and have a vibrant and exciting life to offer. Equally, men also like to date women who have the same attributes. Most guys want a life partner, not a pet.

Other things that turn men off while looking for a woman are: if they’re social media obsessed, play dumb, smoke, hide their real personality, act overly dramatic, etc. Therefore, if you’re a woman reading this and you’re doing any of the following, stop immediately.

5 Reasons Why Dating an Alpha Woman Is a Great Decision

If you want to have a relationship with a strong-ass, confident woman, you need to be one confident man. And if you manage to be in a committed relationship, then we can safely say you'll be rewarded with a challenging, satisfying and thrilling partnership. Why? Because an alpha woman knows what she wants in a relationship and can communicate it. She’s adventurous and has both the motivation and strength to try new things. She has no issue taking control when needed, which allows her partner to sit back and relax. Overall, alpha women are the best of them all.

Below are seven reasons why dating an alpha woman is the best decision a man can make:

1. She Knows Her Worth

An alpha woman never dates jerks. She knows all too well that she doesn’t have time for that. She knows that she deserves to be treated like a goddess. An alpha woman doesn’t like to play games. She knows her self-worth and also knows that she’s great on her own. Confident, strong ladies don’t like to have relationships with men who won’t stick around for them and aren’t worthy of them.

2. She Doesn't Play Games

If you’re looking for a real life partner and want to have a committed relationship, you need someone who isn’t going to fool around. An alpha woman doesn’t like to play games and waste her time by having a boyfriend who's just looking for a good time. Instead, she would like to date someone who will share his life with her. She’s open to making compromises, but she’ll never sacrifice anything that will make her lose her personality and defines her as a person.

3. She Can Take Care Of Herself

Unlike other women, an alpha woman likes taking care of herself. She might be high-maintenance, but it’s because she can take care of herself, and don’t necessarily need a man to provide for her. She’s independent. However, an alpha woman also knows how to balance being tough and showing softness and vulnerability in certain situations, and she doesn’t need anyone to remind her of it. An alpha woman wants to be with a man because she wants him, not because she needs him.

4. She’s Never Boring

An alpha woman is unpredictable. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and challenge the status quo. An alpha woman will never back down during uncomfortable or painful moments because she wants to show others how she can take care of challenging situations. Besides, she wants to show who she is.

5. She’s Super-Ambitious

An alpha woman has high ambitions about her career and life goals, and she’s ready and willing to work hard and sacrifice for them so that she can reach where she wants to be. That’s why alpha women, when it comes to dating, are looking for a relationship with a man who can handle their ambitions. Also, he should have aspirations, career and life goals of his own, so he too can be with her on the way to the top. As alpha women are strong and confident, they can expect a lot in return. If she happens to be a highly capable woman or a high achiever, she’ll prefer to date and have a relationship with men who are of the same standards.

8 Ways Women Wish Their Boyfriends Would Say “I Love You”

Being in love is a wonderful thing. No doubt the woman in your life loves you and wants all the good things in her love life. Sure, there are times when you probably get angry or frustrated with your girlfriend, who is always asking you to say those three special words, “I love you.” This might seem trivial to you, but it means more than anything to her in the entire world. Don’t get annoyed telling your girlfriend, “I love you” again and again. Because, if you truly love your girlfriend, it will never stop, period. After all, when you love someone, why would they want you to stop saying it to them?

Here are some simple ways you can tell your girlfriend you love her without saying “I love you” again and again:

1. Kiss her on the forehead

This gesture isn’t very highly rated and encouraged. When it’s done perfectly, it’s incredibly intimate and sweet.

2. Send her thoughtful texts

Women always love to have a real conversation, but they’ll be very appreciative if you send them a cute or flirty text during the middle of a busy day. This will let them know that you’re thinking of them, and girls want their boyfriends to think of them. Want some bonus points? Then send a romantic text to your girlfriend when she wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night.

3. Show her your vulnerable side

You don’t need to show your soft side to everyone you know. But, you can show your soft side to your significant other because it will help them to know and understand who you really are as a person. So, don’t be scared to be vulnerable and emotionally intimate with your girlfriend.

4. Cook for her

Women want their lovers to cook for them and they really love it.  Some say that it’s very appealing and sexy for guys.

5. Introduce her to your friends

When you’re out, hanging out or having fun with your buddies, don’t forget to bring along your girlfriend and introduce her to them. Women really do expect it from their partners.

6. Give her chocolate

This one isn’t surprising at all. Every girl’s face will light up when they hear the word, “chocolate.” So, bring your girlfriend chocolates whenever you can. We are totally serious.

7. Keep your word

A woman feels incredibly attracted to a man who lives by his word and actually does the things he says. It doesn’t matter if those tasks are big issues or small ones. It’s an indication of respect and admiration he has for the woman he loves and cares about.

8. Accept her quirks with admiration and without hesitation

No two people are the same. We are all weird in our own way. Most people really like it when other people love their particular quirks. So, guys, no need to be afraid. When you’re dating a girl, don’t hesitate to tell her that you adore and love the way she sings or dances or even laughs!

5 Things Men Can Do to Help Their Wives Get Pregnant

When you’ve been married for a while, you and your wife may start planning to start a family. Let’s face it: getting pregnant isn’t always an easy affair. You can’t get your wife knocked up just by stopping using birth control and having plenty of non-stop sex. For some couples getting pregnant can become an issue, but if you follow some of the steps below, you can get your girl pregnant faster! Here are five things you can do to make sure to get your partner pregnant:

1. Masturbate

Most guys think that if they want their spouses to get knocked up faster, they should quit masturbating altogether. But that’s not the right approach. In fact, you shouldn’t stop doing it at all. You see, your sperm production is based on demand. If you’re someone who is habituated to jerking off morning and night, then you should keep doing that. You’ll have some problems if you stop doing it.

2. Watch Your Diet

It’s common to hear about a woman getting pregnant faster by eating healthy, taking prenatal vitamins, exercising, and avoiding smoking, alcohol, and fatty foods. Well, that advice is also applicable for guys, too. Doctors have found that vitamins C, E, and Zinc increase sperm production in men. If you don’t like to take extra vitamins, then remember to have a balanced diet full of vegetables.

3. Cut Back On Alcohol

Want to become a dad? Then stop drinking alcohol. You don’t have to become a monk, but cut back on booze and drink moderately. Drinking alcohol results in the breakdown of sex steroids in your body. The more drinks you have, the more alcohol your liver needs to process, which results in more estrogen in your system. This can make you less fertile and also not able to have a boner.

4. Skip Riding Bikes

If you've decided to become a father, then cut back on riding bikes. You might ask what this has to do with getting your partner pregnant. Well, if you ride bikes for several hours a week, it can put tremendous pressure on the root of the penis. And what happens after that? The flow of blood in your penis will be reduced, which can reduce sperm production.

5. Keep An Eye On Medicines

Some guys believe that it’s a good idea to avoid taking their antidepressants or anxiety drugs so they can have great sex with their partners to make them pregnant. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Taking meds to calm your brain has no effect on sperm production. So, what does really affect a man’s fertility? Being seriously stressed out or depressed. So, if you want to make your marriage happier, take care of yourself, eat well, cut all vices from your life and take you antidepressants.