What Does Taking a Break In A Relationship Actually Mean?

You probably have been hearing a lot about “taking a break from dating” or “taking a break from the relationship.” But, what does it mean? Nowadays, an increasing number of couples are “taking a break,” whether they’re in a relationship or dating. The whole feels so confusing to most people, often asking how you can take a break from dating or in a relationship. It’s like having your drink in front of you, and you’re drinking it too!

It's a way of an uncommitted individual to end his or her relationship, but don’t have the courage to face loneliness. That’s why they don’t end it straight away. Men and women who are taking a break from a relationship, want to keep their options open, but they want their partners by their side, in case they can lean on them when they want to. It’s common in both sexes, particularly who are in their twenties. It certainly isn’t a beautiful thing, and most aren’t appreciative it. It would have been better to stay single or be in a relationship, rather than keeping someone hanging on a thread. It’s unkind and hurtful. Despite all this, it is seldom reciprocated.

What are the main reasons for the couple to take a break from a relationship? Here are some of the most popular causes:

• They are gradually descending to a full-fledged breakup;
• They are using the “taking a break” as a threatening apparatus to get more out of their existing relationship, which they are not receiving at the moment;
• It helps the partners to spend more time with their friends;
• Couples use as an excuse to go on separate vacations;
• This contributes to postpone a marriage or discussions about marriage for that matter;
• It helps one of the partners to be more in control;
• It helps them to remain interested in other, and being apart from each other helps the cause.

Taking a break ultimately means that the relationship is over. If you’ve fallen out of love, or feel bored with your partner, then taking a break from the relationship won’t help much. You can coerce someone to love you or forcefully love someone. Even if couples take a break, reconcile and get married eventually, the marriage won’t last long because the same issues still exist. Until these problems are addressed, nothing substantial will come out of it.

So, what outcome that this “taking a break” brings to the table? Are you allowed to date someone else? Are you allowed to see someone other? How long will the break last and is there a time limit?

The scenario isn’t good, to begin with. You’re welcome to see someone else if he or she is better than your existing partner, and there is an opportunity that you might find a match within this time. And what if nothing works out? Feeling good or bad depends on you. If you and your partner are a right match, there won’t be many problems in the relationship. If two people come close, love each other, they will be happy to be together. Being apart from each other will only make them upset.

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