Taking the Plunge: How Soon Is Too Soon To Get Engaged?

One of the trickier questions when it comes to relationships revolves around getting engaged. With the recent whirlwind romance of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, many people are asking, “How soon is too soon to get engaged?” We're discussing the controversial topic right here!

Ariana and Pete got engaged after just a few weeks and the world erupted into a collective frenzy. Many people called it “nonsense” and “crazy.” Others called it romantic and said that “when you know, you know.” So who is right? Is it crazy to get engaged early on in a relationship? Or is it okay if you know that this person is the one? Here's what we think…

In the vast majority of cases, it's crazy to get engaged only a few weeks into a relationship. We would suggest that you date someone for at least a year before you get engaged, honestly. You just don't know someone well enough when you've only been dating for a few weeks or months. It's likely that you haven't even met their close friends or family yet. You may not even know basic things about them, like where they went to elementary school or what their favorite color is. These things aren't vital for a healthy marriage, but you do want to know the person you're going to marry! Getting engaged too early in a relationship usually leads to disaster because both partners didn't know each other well enough. They didn't know what the other person wanted in life. They didn't know what the other person liked or disliked. And in most cases, when you've only dated someone for a few weeks, you have an idealistic idea of them. During the early stages of a relationship, most people are on their best behavior and only show the positive aspects of themselves. If you get engaged too soon, this means that the realistic, sometimes problematic aspects of a person only come out once you're married.

With all that said, we will admit that there is one instance in which it is totally okay to get engaged early on in a relationship. It is totally okay to get engaged early on in a relationship if you were friends with your partner for a long time beforehand. This means that you do know the other person well. You have a history with them and you know their likes and dislikes. You have a pretty firm grasp of who they really are and you know what you are getting into. As far as we know, in the case of Ariana and Pete, they were friends before they started dating! Who knows how close their friendship was, but they obviously feel that they know each other very well. If that is the case, then we're totally on board with their engagement and wish them the best!

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