Talk To Your Partner About Their Weight Without Being Insensitive

When it comes to relationships bringing out the topic of weight can be a sensitive issue as much as it’s a taboo. But talking about it is essential nonetheless. If you’re concerned about your partner’s weight whether he or she is too fat or too thin, smashing your mate’s self-confidence and self-esteem is the last thing you wanted to do. If you think you’re ready to have the discussion with your boyfriend or girlfriend about their weight, read along how you can do that in a nice way.

Is it Important?
Are you hinting on your partner’s weight because of all health problems associated with obesity, hypertension, or malnourishment? Or is it simply because your spouse’s weight issues have affected your sex life and the physical attraction you’ve for him or her? Or is it because you’re feeling insecure? Keep in mind that if a woman has become a mother recently, she won’t get her pre-pregnancy weight right away. And a man or woman who is 20 years older won’t look like the way he or she looked when you first met given the fact he or she has gained some extra pounds because of age and change in metabolism. Having a talk about weight with your partner is a serious matter and the way you address it can change your relationship forever. Therefore, make sure you think thoroughly about the reasons for having the conversation.

Choose the Right Location
Talking about weight is very personal. Don’t talk about it in front of your friends, family, coworker and any public place. Doing it will make the issue seem irrelevant and will only embarrass your boyfriend or girlfriend. Choose a right location and time so the both of you can talk about the subject privately.

Seek Help Together
Your partner just wants to listen that you’re willing to embark on a structured nutrition and fitness program together. It will motivate them and give them the confidence as they know there is someone whom they love that will be with them every step of the way. Also, your significant other might need your help to see a therapist or nutritionist. In some cases, your partner may need to be hospitalized. In that situation, she will need all your support to go through the process.

Don’t Do All The Talking
When you have a conversation with your partner about their weight, ensure you focus what he or she says about the subject. This might be the first time your partner feels confident and comfortable or has had the chance to discuss the issue which can be embarrassing and emotional. Turn off your TV and your mobile phone, make eye contact, and give him or her your undivided attention that they deserve. Only by listening can you fully understand how your partner’s weight is affecting them. Accept that it is hard to open up, and appreciate your partner for sharing his or her feelings and thoughts.

The Bottom Line
When you’re in a relationship, and if you are willing to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about their weight, then we can confidently tell that you are looking for a change. Suggest solutions that both of you can analyze together, and end the conversation with a plan of a solution and an action.

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