Talking About Your Relationship Can Be Harmful

You may assume that talking about your relationship with your boyfriend will make you feel more connected to him, but it doesn't always work for him. When you’re dating a new, the more time you spend with him, the closer and intimate you become with him. So why isn’t he moving things forward quickly enough? Can’t he comprehend how close you both are? Do you need to talk or remind him about it?

The Two Relationship Roles
We know it can be frustrating of spending more and more time with a guy who has little or no interest in taking the relationship to the next level quickly enough. And when this happens, the woman feels tempted to talk about the topic with him and ask him why isn’t he ready to make a commitment in the relationship. But, when you do this something else happens. You see in a relationship, if one person becomes a “convincer,” in this case that’s you, the other person becomes the “resistor,” in this case, that’s your boyfriend. The more you push or convince your partner to do or accept something, the more he/she will resist. A man will withdraw from the relationship, and you’ll begin to feel insecure, and he’ll withdraw more.

Comprehend His Commitment Timeline
Apart from a few exceptions, when it comes to relationships, men usually move slowly toward commitment than women. Before making any solid commitments a man need to feel what it is like to have you in his life, and to realize that he feels happy being with you, and spending time with you. This feeling doesn’t come quick, and it happens gradually and over time. Also, a guy wants to feel that you only want to be him; it’s more than a commitment. All men have their fears, and some men think that a woman is more interested in him for her agenda or benefits than in him as a person. So, your best approach here will be to wait and let him express his commitment in the relationship at his own timing. Resist the urge to focus only on the destination of your relationship. Make your man feel in every step of the way, that you love him, appreciate him and enjoy being with him.

Establish A Base Of Positive Experiences
If you’re dating someone, here is an insight that can transform your relationships with men for the best. Men want to HAVE and LIVE a relationship than having a talk about it. If you want your boyfriend to know that his life is far better and more exciting with you, and convinces him that he can’t live without you, then you will need to create a solid foundation of positive experiences together. The right way to do it is by enjoying different activities with him. For example, go hiking together, take your dog for a walk together, play a sport that you both enjoy, go on an adventurous trip, etc. It’s these kinds of moments and experiences that a man will feel connected to you, makes him want to get closer to you. And the closer and intimate he gets, the more secure you’ll feel, and stronger your relationship will get.

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