Tech Etiquette: 5 Rules To Follow When Texting Your Partner

Texting and Dating

Texting is a huge part of our lives. It is the most popular form of modern communication. Now, we all love to text, but are we doing it correctly? There are certain rules to follow when texting, especially when texting your partner. For help in that department, check out our five rules to follow when texting your partner:

1. Don't Argue

Arguments should never take place over text messages. Arguments should be reserved for in-person conversations or phone calls if necessary. This is because it's hard to read someone's emotions and tone through a text message. Arguments can easily escalate and be more than they should be all because someone misinterpreted the tone of a text.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

One of the biggest rules for texting your partner is to keep it short and simple. Don't send them entire paragraphs with unnecessary details. Texts should be to-the-point. Say exactly what you need to say and keep it at that. Texting wasn't meant for long-winded discussions, but rather short reminders or “hello's”.

3. Timing Is Key

It's important to consider the time you're texting your partner. You shouldn't be texting them when they're in the middle of an important meeting or when they're having dinner with a family member. Be considerate of what you may be interrupting and then only text them if it is an emergency. (Actually, if it's an emergency, you might want to pick up the phone and call…)

4. Don't Text Too Often

Listen to us on this one: never text your partner too often. You will drive them insane. If you're texting your partner over and over again, not even giving them time to respond, you're texting them too much. Give them some space and time to read your text and then text you back

5. Know When To Make A Call

The most important rule about texting is to know when you shouldn't text at all. Some conversations should be reserved for phone calls (or ideally in person). This includes anything private, emergencies, disputes, or really just anything serious. These conversations are too heavy for texting and therefore shouldn't be texted.

Texting in Relationships

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