How To Tell If You’ve Anything In Common With Your Date

In love and relationships, nobody wants to be with someone exactly like them in every way. You’ll only need to have some essential things in common between two people to have a happy, ever-lasting relationship. You’ll get a sense of the things you do and don’t have in common during the early stages of dating someone new. If you’re seeking a long-term relationship; it’s important to you and your partner to share a lot in common regarding behaviors, values and personality traits.

Below are some signs that will help you figure out whether you’ve enough in common with the person you’re dating for the relationship to last a lifetime:

1. Your date doesn’t seem to laugh at your jokes. If you’re someone who claims to have a good sense of humor, likes to laugh, make jokes, or be silly or goofy, then this a huge part of your personality and defines who you’re as an individual. So, if you want to have a lasting relationship, you need to date someone who likes jokes, values and likes your sense of humor. Also, you also need to be with someone who shares the same humor style as yours.

2. You like bustling, crowded places while your date hates crowds. Most of us think that this isn’t that important, but it is. If you don’t pay much attention to this, be careful as things can get messy if one of you dislikes crowds but the other one likes them. You’ll have issues when you realize that you and your spouse spend their free time differently.

3. You don’t watch the same TV shows or like the same types of movies. This difference isn’t that much of a relationship killer unless the two people dating don’t share other main things in common. The same analogy applies when one of you is a sports fan, while the other person isn’t.

4. You like to spend your free time outside the house, while the other person prefers to be indoors. A relationship will work best if both partners like to spend their free time indoors or they both love to spend time together outside or by doing outdoor activities. However, the relationship will still work despite this difference, but it will become more challenging in the future.

5. Religion is important to you, but not the other person. This is one of the few relationship differences that are workable if you want to have a long-term relationship, only if none of two people is codependent or need to share the same primary values or interests. Or else, this anomaly can turn into a big one and create problems later in the relationship.

6. One of you loves parties and hanging out in groups, while the other person likes one-on-one conversations. If one of you wants to go out, it indicates that this person is an extrovert if the other partner loves one-on-one conversations; it shows that this person is an introvert. Relationships with this difference can thrive in the long-term as long as both members of the couple are independent. We are saying this is because for the most time both partners in the relationship will want to do different things.

The overall point is if two people in a relationship differ in a few areas like TV shows, sports, or prefer one-on-one conversations, the relationship can work well and last. But if they don’t share anything common in most different areas, may it time they look if this is kind of relationship they would like to be in.

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