Terry Crews Diet Plan Is the Secret Weapon For The Star’s Herculean Physique

Terry Crews is a former NFL player, but apart from that, he is also a very talented actor. Actually, his career was built on this unique combination of his sense of humour and amazing physique. Fans can see him in TV in “Brooklyn Nine” and “The Newsroom.” His herculean physique impressed everyone in “The Expendables” and he soon became one of the fittest actors in Hollywood. He has all the attributes to be so successful as he has an intelligent sense of humor, charming personality, amazing physique and on top of that, magical ability to choreograph pec pumps to music. So how can't you just adore him?

He works a lot to keep his abs sculptured, but his diet is the one that makes the difference. As age does not forgive anyone, he also uses Terry Crews Supplements recommended by his trainers to help him boost his metabolism and burn fat fast.

“For me, there is no off-season. I consider that you should be able to look good all the time. However, believe it or not, my diet has more effect on my physique than does my bodybuilding routine. I don't restrict what I eat, but I try to eat clean most of the time and I am indulging my sense with occasional sweets.”

Terry Crews Diet


Terry is not very strict on the food he eats, but he keeps control on the quantity. Therefore, his daily meals look like this:

Meal 1: Apple & Vitamins

Meal 2: Protein Shake

Meal 3: Yogurt & Granola

Meal 4: Chicken Salad

Meal 5: Protein Shake

Meal 6: Chicken Breast


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