Test Reload Overview

Nobody looks forward to getting old. It sucks. Part of the reason getting old sucks is because once you reach 30 and beyond, your testosterone levels start to decline gradually. The process continues year after year. As you lose more and more testosterone, your body is inflicted will all kind of complications. All of a sudden you realize workouts become very tiresome, losing fat and building muscle becomes harder, and your libido dips. Heck, even you are aroused getting an erection and maintaining it becomes harder and harder. These symptoms will tremendously affect your performance at the gym and the bedroom. If left unaddressed, it will lower your quality of life and happiness considerably.

Fortunately, there are remedies such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and natural testosterone boosting supplements. Testosterone boosters are much more safe, convenient, and economical when compared to hormone replacement therapy, and you don’t have to deal with doctors, injections, prescriptions, or nasty side effects. This is why natural testosterone boosters have risen in popularity. They are effective and safe. More and more men are now using testosterone boosting products to increase their body’s testosterone production process naturally. The problem is choosing the one the suits you. Here’s where Test Reload comes in.

So, what is Test Reload? Test Reload is a 100% natural testosterone booster that is produced and marketed by a well-known internationally acclaimed fitness program called Six Pack Short Cuts by famous fitness guru Mike Chang. Mike Change is based in the United States and is a popular figure in the fitness industry.

Benefits of Test Reload

The benefits promised by Test Reload are common to find in almost all natural testosterone boosters and include:
1. Increased testosterone levels
2. Blocks the production of excessive estrogen to increase testosterone
3. Enhanced muscle mass
4. Increased libido and sexual performance
5. Increased overall strength
6. Improved general mood and concentration

Ingredients of Test Reload and How They Function

Test Reload’s ingredients are all-natural and comprise of four critical ingredients. They are:
• Fenugreek: It helps boost testosterone levels by keeping the free testosterone molecules free. It does this by inhibiting the function of an enzyme called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).
• D-Aspartic Acid: This component has been clinically tested to increase the body’s testosterone production. It works by releasing more luteinizing hormones (LH) in the bloodstream which signals the testes to release more testosterone.
• Maca Root: It increases testosterone and sperm production. It also increases libido.
• White Button Mushroom Extract: It regulates the balance of estrogen hormone in men by hindering the conversion process of testosterone to estrogen.
• Beta Alanine: It helps to increase endurance during workouts.
• Mucuna Pruriens: It increases libido.
• Boron Citrate: It increases testosterone levels.

Pros and Cons of Test Reload

Pro of Test Reload
1. The ingredients are all natural.
2. It’s a bit expensive
3. There’s money back guarantee.
4. There are some positive Test Reload reviews from customers on Amazon.com.

Cons of Test Reload
1. The ingredients list isn’t fully disclosed.
2. The amounts of the ingredients aren’t disclosed.
3. Some users complained there are few testosterone boosting ingredients in the formula.
4. Mike Chang’s claims and marketing tactics seem a little suspicious.
5. The auto-rebilling offer can be costly.

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