The 3 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

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Breaking up is hard to do. No one would call it easy! While breaking up is hard for person who is doing the “breaking up,” it's even harder for the person who is being broken up with. In order to not hurt this person any more than you have to, you need to handle the breakup with care and sensitivity. This means that you need to break up in a manner that shows you respect the person and the time you spent with them. The best way to break up with someone is in person, but it seems like some people think other methods are okay. We're here to tell you the three worst ways to break up with someone. Check them out below!

1. Social Media

Social media has become so ever-present in our lives that some people actually think it is an acceptable place to break up with someone. Social media is the worst of the worst ways to break up with someone! It is so inappropriate, it will basically tell the other person that you didn't care about them at all. While it's bad enough to break up with someone in a direct message on Facebook, it's even worse if you do it publicly on their timeline! Just steer clear of this!

2. Text Message

While texting has become the standard form of communication for well, all of us, it's definitely not okay to break up over a text message. Texting is too informal and impersonal for breaking up, which is almost always a delicate situation. If you absolutely cannot break up with someone in person, actually calling them on the phone is a much better option than texting them.

3. Email

Do people even email one another anymore? Email has become an act reserved strictly for formal matters like work conversations. When you open up your email, you expect to see a message from your boss – not your partner breaking up with you. Breaking up with someone over an email is just plain strange and hurtful. It kind of shows that you viewed your relationship as a business relationship that you could just terminate over an email!

worst ways to break up with someone

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