The Benefit Of Being With Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

When it comes to dating and relationships, there is a reason that people say opposites attract! Men and women who have already been in relationships or married know very well that it can be really hard to be with someone who isn’t their type. It’s natural for people not to wander far from their comfort zones. Most of us go on dates with the thought of being open-minded and experiencing new things, but putting that into practice seems like a long shot. It doesn’t mean that we are intentionally picky, but breaking from our habits isn’t easy. When choosing partners, we all have a particular “type” with whom we want to fall in love.

But therein lies the problem. It’s okay to have a type, even healthy to some extent. But refusing to explore your options seems like you are doing a disservice to yourself. The reality is that dating someone who isn’t your type or “doesn’t fit the bill” can be a good thing. Just because a person doesn’t sound good on paper doesn’t mean he or she won’t be a good match.

When looking for a date, it’s likely that you have met someone attractive who has nothing in common with you. Their interests, hobbies, and opinions might be very different from yours. It’s also likely that they aren’t looking for a relationship. But that shouldn’t deter you from approaching them and asking them on a date. Maybe they will decide to give you a chance and see if the relationship is worth pursuing. It is one of biggest and most important leaps of faith you can take when it comes to looking for a relationship. There are many stories of couples admitting that they fell in love with each other without knowing how it happened or why it happened. All they could tell was that they had found the path that lead them to their true soulmate. Who knows? The same thing could happen to you!

Most people don’t have the courage to take that leap. They get discouraged and think if they go into a relationship with the expectation that things will be very different. But, couples who have found love in places they least expected it say that despite all the differences between them, the more time they spent together, the more they became familiar and close to each other. So much so that it became apparent to them that they wouldn’t be able to live without one another. These couples also say that their lives have become much better because they now have each other. All of these things affirm that regardless of your dating preferences, there is nothing you can do to control fate.

If you are someone who doesn't believe in fate or luck when it comes to dating and relationships, then think about this. If you find yourself accidentally dating someone who isn't your type, what's the worst thing that could happen? Nothing! Maybe you both will decide this relationship isn’t possible and both of you will go your separate ways. Nonetheless, we will tell you this: opposites really do attract and love has no type.

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