The Best And The Most Successful Flirting Methods For Men: Improve Your Chances Right Away

Flirting is the best way to approach a woman. After all, it is interesting, secret and it may be more than just successful. In essence, you can flirt with two types of women. With those, you don’t know and to those you already know. With those you approach for the first time, the first impression is extremely important. And yes, women do pay attention to the shoulders, looks, and behavior! Flirting with women you already know is more about the inner you. Keep in mind that in some cases, flirting may be used just to confirm are you or she attractive or to test the ground.

So, do you want to know the best flirting methods for men? Of course, yes, because you are reading this. A good news is that you will have to practice, a lot and a bad news is that not a single method can guarantee you success. Try to remember that flirting is all about first impressions and making yourself more appealing to that woman. Here, we will be talking about some of the most effective methods, so pay close attention.

  1. Give a lot of space to her

The main rule of flirting is to give her a lot of space, so she feels pleasant. If you want to force your way closer to her, you will encounter a problem and you will lose your goal! Pay attention to the hand movement. If they are crossed or they are constantly between you two, give her more space. If she avoids long answers, change the topic.

Don’t be too direct as well. If you want to date her, don’t tell her something like ‘’’I will date you forever’’. This has a negative effect and it makes you look bad!  Use some clever methods, such as ‘’I would like to have a cup of coffee with you sometimes’’ and etc.

  1. Use an interesting compliment

Nowadays, women get millions of compliments, even if they are especially beautiful. This means that you must be original, or you won’t make a progress. Saying something like ‘’you have beautiful eyes’’ is a well-known pick-up line, so avoid it.

Try to be unique, so compliment here shoulders, perfume or ring (necklaces have been already used too many times).

  1. Use art

When a man compares a woman to art, it is perfect. Why? First of all, a woman will believe that it is special because art is. She will also think that you are intellectual, simply because you know a thing or two about art. All of this will make you more interesting to her and she will look at you from a different angle.

Never be too technical! Even if you know all about some painting, don’t use too many details and specifics. Try to be original, but generic. One of the interesting facts you can use is ‘’art must have just one purpose, to be art and nothing more.’’

  1. Remember all the things she said

Although this isn’t the method itself, it is something that should be used. When flirting you and a woman will reveal some specifics about yourself. Remember them and use them in the future. This is a great thing because in that future when you remember something that happened ages ago, you will get a reward.

If you cannot remember a thing, write it down and hire that paper or protect the file, obviously.

  1. Use literature such as Shakespeare

This is one method that is tricky, but more than just successful. Women like smart guys and she like those who read a lot (they believe all of them are romantic and they are poets). The main goal is to use words that look ‘’big’’ and they are advanced. She will get an idea that you are a smart young guy who likes romance, reading and walking in the rain.

Never, absolutely never use words you don’t know the meaning! If you use them in the wrong context or she asks you about their meaning, you can say goodbye.

  1. Eye smile

Eye smile is when you communicate with a woman through your eyes. It is the best and the most successful way to share your feelings and to make you more attractive. But, there is a severe drawback. If you mess the things up, you will end up with a catastrophic result. She will think that you are dangerous, weird or just inexperienced. Make sure to practice, a lot. In addition, eye smile is used to cause provocation.

  1. Make her smile

One of more interesting and highly successful flirting methods for men is when you make her smile. This is important, simply because it changes what she thinks about you. She will see that you make her happy therefore she will want to spend more time with you. Of course, you will have to use jokes, but not dirty ones. You should also try to connect with her, on some level.

Pay attention and use the books, movies, jokes and situations she likes. Smile to her jokes, but not too much. This is the best situation to use the aforementioned eye smile. She will be confused (you are funny and serious at the same time) so she will be more interestedin you.

The last thing to know

All of these flirting methods for men can be used as many times as you prefer, but you will have to practice. Don’t expect a huge success the first time you try one. On the other side, they will make you stand out from the crowd and be original, which is very rare nowadays and women appreciate that.

The last, but not least fact, you should consider is the place for flirting. Choose a nightclub, party or someplace where the atmosphere is relaxed and smooth. While practicing, you can use some other places, due to the fact they will help you learn a thing or two.

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