You are assaulted every day with all kinds of messages and advice to  try to eat healthy, drink a lot of water,  exercise as much as you can, and leave work behind long enough to enjoy the simpler things in life. Yet, there's something missing from your total mind and body wellness regimen: spa treatments.

And please don't start protesting because you have to know that upscale spas of today aren't just patchouli-scented bath houses littered with flower petals and the endless soundtrack of wind chimes. You will be surprised to know how many guys spend their free time in health clubs and spas relaxing after working in gyms and give themselves time to get spoiled. Now, grab your towel and go relax yourself in these facilities dedicated to men offering treatments—teeming with fitness and health benefits.

Don't waste time, get on board and book an appointment at a spa near you!  If you don't know what to choose,  we thought to help you out. Below we've highlighted the very best spa treatments a guy can get. So mute your cell phone, don a robe, and get ready for a major mind-body detox.

Aside from feeling ah-mazing, you can reap some major benefits from penciling in a rubdown. Massages can be used as part of a treatment plan for sports injuries like inflammation, strains, and joint pain—or even insomnia related to stress, headaches, and anxiety.

There are five types that are especially helpful for serious athletes and weekend warriors alike. These all work to cleanse your lymphatic system of the exhaust from muscle usage and relieve post-workout soreness.

Sports Massage: As the name implies, sports massage is geared toward athletes hoping to prevent or treat injuries. “When the athlete is healed enough, a masseuse works at the border, away from the injury,” says Scott Morofsky, a personal trainer specializing in joint replacement rehabilitation and massage therapy. The technique circulates more blood to muscles in need of nutrients and oxygen for repair and breaks up scar tissue to help with mobility.
Swedish Massage: This massage uses long, kneading strokes and deep circular movements to relax muscles—and you. “One full hour of Swedish-style massage is equivalent to approximately 8 hours of rest,” Morofsky says.
Deep Tissue Massage: You'll experience slower strokes with added force to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue; this type can help muscle damage from injury and increase your range of motion by breaking up scar tissue as well, says Morofsky.
Trigger Point Massage: A masseuse will press on tight muscle fibers that form from injuries or overuse, prompting nerves to release the muscles, says Morfsky.
Hot Stone Massage: “This is not far removed from acupuncture,” Morofsky says. A masseuse will place warm stones on various positions on your body. “It’s all about balancing the energy flow to ignite healing,” Morofsky adds. It's not all hype, but this type of massage works better for some more than others.

“A good regimen for getting massages is once a month to once a week, depending on your time and budget,” Morofsky recommends. Start slow and try different massage techniques if you're serious about adopting a holistic route of care through spa treatments.

You can barely remember to put moisturizer on, much less make the time to get a facial. Well, pencil it in along with your dentists appointments. (Actually, the two aren't entirely unsimilar; there's some buffing, polishing, a bit of pain from extracting, but the results are well worth it.)

Facials can be entirely personalized depending on your skin type (i.e. dry, oily), address problem areas like blackheads, and cater to conditions like ezcema or rosacea.

“Men benefit from facials as much as women do,” says David Stoll, award-winning board certified dermatologist and creator of the energizing body spray Creatop.

Regular facials can unclog pores, remove dead skin, and prevent or treat acne in ways you can't really achieve with your bar of soap. “Beard facials” can even moisturize your facial hair, hydrate the skin beneath it, and help free ingrown hairs.

Still think it sounds a little girly? This three-step cleansing and exfoliation process preps your skin after which three separate serums loaded with peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins are applied to improve skin tone and texture, and minimize wrinkles. To cool things down, you'll receive a facial massage, moisturizer, and lip balm with soothing ingredients like jojoba and Vitamin E to calm and refresh overheated skin (perfect for application post-workout).

If you suffer from migraines (or just scowl a lot), you'll benefit from acupuncture—on your face. Seriously. With facial acupuncture you'll experience a sort of natural face-lift. You can expect an improvement in skin tightness (i.e. fewer visible lines and wrinkles), clarity, and evenness of tone.

That's not all, according to the University of California San Diego. Case-controlled clinical studies have shown acupuncture can be an effective treatment for diseases and conditions all over the body like depression, insomnia, anxiety, headache, knee, lower back (including sciatica), and neck pain, tennis elbow, sprain, and arthritis—even improve digestive function and your overall sense of well-being.

“Acupuncture improves the body's functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites—commonly referred to as acupuncture points, or acupoints,” UC San Diego says on their site. Most people feel minimal or no discomfort as the fine needles are placed, even after the five to 30-minute session progresses.

Water stress relief treatments are definitely new and a bit niche but, hey, all trends start somewhere. The options listed below are great examples: The Infinity Float session is based on well-documented research that shows floating can help relieve pain, accelerate the healing process of injuries, enhance performance (via visualization), promote deep muscle relaxation, as well as rejuvenate energy levels and provide complete physical and mental stress relief. You don't have to know how to float either. You enter your own spacious “Float Suite” filled with a warm dense solution of Epsom salts and about 10” of water where you'll stay for 60 minutes. The idea is to shift your focus and awareness inward to get the full stress relief experience, clear your mind, and detoxify your body.

Another example of a water stress relief treatment uses a “Spa Oceana Capsule” to “increase your lymphatic flow by loosening your muscles using vibration, relaxing your mind and detoxing your body through aromatic steam and sauna.” Together, according to the Elizabeth Adam Salon & Spa in Chicago, these elements optimize your body's natural cleansing abilities to re-balance moisture levels in your skin and promote self healing inside and out. Within the dome of the capsule, a water massage finishes the treatment; powerful jets move rhythmically to massage your body, relieving mental and physical tension and strain.

Your face is exfoliated every time you shave. Your body? That's another story. (Unless you're anti-body hair and shave all that off, too.) By buffing away dead skin in hard-to-reach areas like your back, you can reduce, eliminate, and even prevent acne, which is great if you breakout from constantly wearing sweaty gym clothes. Body scrubs and polishes increase cell turnover to reveal new healthy skin cells and boosts hydration, perfect if you suffer from dryness and itchiness.

When used on top of a proper skincare regimen, peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments can repair damaged skin, improve imperfections, and treat acne scars, says Michael H. Gold, founder and medical director of Gold Skin Care Center, The Laser & Rejuvenation Center, and Tennessee Clinical Research Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Aestheticians will exfoliate your skin and perform superficial chemical peels. But for deeper, more lasting results more and more men have been requesting fractional laser treatments and involved radiofrequency (RF) microneedling, Gold says. “Skin tightening devices can be used around the eyes and on the face and neck for painless skin tightening over time; and if a patient has acne scars, the radiofrequency microneedling EndyMed Intensif is one of my go-to devices for treatment,” he adds.

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