The Best Way To Kiss A Girl And To Make Her Feel Special

If you are 15 years old, you may believe that the best way to kiss a girl is to just do it. After all, all kisses are the same and it is more important that you just do it, than to plan for it. If you are an adult, you probably know better. In the reality, kissing a girl, so she feels special is actually, very complicated. Women are more sensitive than men and they require several aspects in order to get ‘’the feel’’. Luckily, there are some rules, recommendations you should use. They can be divided into two categories.

  1. Preparation for the best way to kiss a girl.
  2. Kissing her.

Both parts are equally important and they must be done in mentioned order. If you succeed to incorporate all of the steps and guidelines we will mention below, you will get the most amazing response you can possibly get.

Preparation for the best kiss

It is important when, where and how you want to kiss a girl. Just kissing her on the street won’t be very romantic, even if you are Ronaldo! On the other side, we have the possibility to make a girl get thehuge desire for the kiss, so she will think you are the best guy on the planet. The first thing to know is that all girls are romantic, even the ones that say they aren’t. This can be used, luckily! So, the bottom line is that you must prepare the girl and the situation for the kiss, no matter is that your first kiss or you want to get the best one.

  • Be romantic

In order to master the best way to kiss a girl, you must begin with a romance. As we said, all women are romantic, so a special situation is something that will make her feel better and feel special. Take her on the highest building to watch the sunset, to the romantic restaurant or somewhere you two can be relaxed and happy. Taking a girl in a park isn’t romantic, but if you prepare a picnic, it is! There are three things you must use in this case. They are flowers, location, and music.

  • Whisper

Maybe it sounds strange, but whispering is romantic and it makes any girl feel special. Thanks to it, you can use it for making the atmosphere for the kiss better. Don’t just whisper to her something irrelevant. Talk about something romantic, give her a compliment or etc. If you can, touch her ear with your lips. This is one of the best turn-on tips you can get!

  • Use your hands

Before and during a kiss, you must use your hands! Don’t afraid to pull your fingers through her hair or to hug her. Note Girls like strong hugging, so make sure you hug her tight!

  • Check what she feels

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should ask her what she thinks about kissing. It means that you should try to place your hand around her or to hold her hand. If a girl allows you to hold your hand, she wants a kiss.

The kiss

After you have prepared the mood and the environment, the time has come for you two to have that kiss. In order to make sure you found the best way to kiss a girl,you must be proficient with the kissing itself. Just an ordinary kiss won’t be the best thing to do. Once again, we have found what can help you get the kiss and what will help you make the girl feel happy and special. Important: All of these points must be followed and they are equally important.

  • Watch her in the eyes

Before starting to kiss her, watch her in the eyes. All people should know that a strong kiss must be paired with eye contact. If you look her in the lips, she will get an impression that you are inexperienced or you just want something else. Try to get the kiss that is completely mutual. Simply said, when you go for it, a girl should do the same. As a great kisser, you should wait a bit.

  • Treat a kiss properly

Yes, most men want sex as soon as possible. This is normal and women know that. However, you should know that a kiss isn’t a preparation for going to a next base. A kiss is something nice and it is the first, ‘’severe’ ’contract you two have. So, during the kiss, focus and don’t think of anything else. There was a story that a man kissed a girl and they had a marathon kiss of 3 hours on a sofa. During that time, both of them were fully clothed and all they did was kissing.

  • Hug her while kissing her

No matter how great kisser you are, you must hug a girl while kissing her. By doing this, you two will be more connected and you will feel closer. No matter where and when you are performing the kiss, make sure your hands are around her.

  • And kiss

Now the time has come to explain the perfect kiss itself. Do you think that using fast kiss with a tongue is the best alternative?! Obviously, it isn’t. You should start with gentle lips kissing and they use slightly of your tongue. Don’t just kiss her for a second. Women love long kisses, so make sure you two have a long and passionate kiss. Allow to her to end the kiss. After it, don’t just go away or look in the other direction. As the kiss ends, keep your eyes closed, and they move your head away and open the eye. Look her in the eyes while you are still holding her.

The thing is, all of these steps are mandatory, but some situations cannot be overseen. In simple words, you must be wise and compensate if something unplanned is happening.


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