The Differences Between Love, Romance, Lust, Desire, Passion, and Intimacy

Love is by far one of the most complicated human experiences. It fully encompasses our emotions, minds and bodies and has many various personifications. Desire is something that is confusing and ranges from one-night-stands to committed relationships. Most people can’t acknowledge the emotional and physical cues of their relationship, but there are several differences.

According to Robert Sternberg, there are three main components of love — intimacy, passion, and commitment. It’s the intricate interactions of these three components that will make a romantic relationship successful. So how can you understand the fundamental differences of love, romance, lust, desire, passion, and intimacy? Read on to find out:


Romance is when you have butterflies when she wants to talk to you. You want to see her and want to do stuff that will make her happy. It is romance when you can understand her mind and know very well what makes her tick. It is romance when you want to spend most of your time with her.


Desire is when you yearn for her. You want to experience a romantic and sexual journey together. It is desire when you have an erotic imagination for her. You feel very curious about your girlfriend and have an intense desire to experience an erotic connection with her together and separately.


Lust is when you want to have sex with your girlfriend to fulfill your physical and emotional needs. Your head is full of horny thoughts, and you are desperate to get laid by someone. Your ultimate goal is sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. You want to experience intense erotic fantasies and adventures with each other.


Passion is when you intensely want someone, physically and emotionally. It is passion when you have confidence in yourself that enables you to create a sense of mystery. If you and your spouse are passionate for each other you will laugh, smile, have fun, be playful, and create surprises. You make love in creative ways and focus on each other’s pleasure.


Intimacy is when you and your significant other are comfortable with each other. You don’t feel any fear in your relationship and share everything with her. You appreciate her through words and actions. You remain committed to her. You realize that both of your hearts have become one and you feel a deep emotional bond with her. That’s a sign of real intimacy in a relationship.


Love is when you feel a strong sense of affection for your girlfriend. You express your love to your partner with words and actions, and you also want your lover to do the same to you. Love makes you create intimate and spiritual communication in the relationship. You want to kiss her, cuddle her, hug her, and touch her intimately in the spots she wants to be touched. You realize that you need to have five things in your relationship for the love to last. This includes respect, trust, friendship, communication and passion. In dating and relationships, each stage of love provides new experiences and sensations. Each one invokes a different set of reactions in you and your beloved. All you have to do is enjoy them.

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