The Different Stages Of Relationships

Relationships are precious and unique. They are the valuable assets of our lives. You may have been into several relationships throughout your life whose importance and worth keeps on changing with the passage of time. But no matter in what sort of relationship you are in there are certain traits that are common in any relationship and it binds our relationship to the similar path.

Relationship stages in your love life

Taking the case of your love life while discussing the different relationship stages, it undergoes several transformations. You might be facing inevitable disappointments and strange behavioral changes with the passage of time. You must be missing the small romantic gestures that were used to be the part of your love life at the start of the relationship.

We as couples changes over time. We develop as individuals and moreover, we reach out to the higher levels of sense and maturity. Let us define the different stages of a love life which you can match with yours concerning the current relationship status and meet the challenges accordingly. It will be helpful to you in understanding your love life in a better way.

The stage of infatuation

This is the stage where both of you are just focusing on the best you both possess and overlooking the rest. You are intensely attracted to each other physically and also enjoy spending time together, chatting, sharing and cuddling. This is where you are confusing your feelings of infatuation with love.

The stage of understanding

This phase refers to the time where you start getting to know each other pretty well. You share long night talks, little life secrets, family, your likings, and disliking. Your interest fascinates each other, and one can say that everything seems to be so perfect and romantic.

The beginning of romance

The stage of understanding gives you a clear picture of the feelings you both hold for each other. And this is the real start of your love life. You are madly in love with your partner, and he is the only one who is always on your mind. You both share such a romantic evenings together. Everything seems so beautiful. You feel like you are moving in a paradise. Perfect, just too perfect!!

Stage of landing into reality

In love, one feels on top of this world. But the reality is somewhat different. Every person is different. As the time passes, these differences start to take over and form the basis and cause of conflicts. The couple starts drifting apart and this is the most painful stage of the relationship.

To overcome such situations, it is suggested to start accepting, understanding and respecting each others’ feelings and behaviors.

The stage of stability

This is the stage which occurs when you finally succeed in taking the differences of each other. Your fights declare you both winners. You do not wish to change each other and sets the boundaries of understanding and respect.

A blissful stage

Finally after all the struggles you reach to the point of the relationship where you walk together through every thick and thin of your life. Together you make the team. And nothing can make you fall apart until the end of your lives.




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