The Fastest Way To Get A Girlfriend – Some Tips At Your Disposal

Everyone wants to have a life partner with whom he/she can share everything. Some people are lucky and they find a partner easily while for some it’s just a dream. If you feel shy to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you might find it hard to get a girlfriend. Shy guys get nervous while approaching a girl. Many boys do not understand what girls like and dislike. As a result, they fail to impress a girl. You will have to learn how to impress a girl and how to make her feel that you really like her. This is the fastest way to get a girlfriend.

Many boys feel that they are not attractive enough so they have a fear of rejection by a girl. Because of this reason, they hesitate while approaching any girl. If you are one among such boys, you should work on yourself. If you don’t have an attractive face, you can make your behavior and personality attractive. Girls not always judge a boy by his face. They like boys who respect them and understand them. If you like a girl and you want to be her boyfriend; you should give her respect and love. These two things will surely attract that girl towards you.


Teenage boys always want to know how to get a girlfriend in high school. If you want to get a girlfriend or you want to impress a girl so that she will start liking you, you should keep in mind the below written tips-

  • Behave like a gentleman – This is a fact that girls like gentlemen and they prefer to date a guy who is a gentleman. If you are rude and immature, no girl will like to date you. So, the fastest way to get a girlfriend is to behave well among the girls and show respect and politeness towards them.
  • Be real – Never speak lie to the girl you like because when she will come to know about the truth, she will begin to hate you. Tell her what is the truth about you and don’t have the fear of rejection. Girls like to date real and honest guys so just be real while interacting or approaching the girl you like.
  • Let her know that you are interested in her – The fastest way to get a girlfriend is to show interest towards her. How will she know your feelings if you don’t let her know? Do everything what you can do to make her know that you truly love her and like her. If you do all what she likes, she will definitely appreciate you. She will get a good impression about you and it will make her feel for you.
  • Don’t be desperate – Even if you are very desperate to find a girlfriend, you should not show it among girls. You should live like you are happy with yourself. Instead of trying hard to find a girlfriend, you can make good friends. It will help you to know about girls and then you can prepare yourself for a girl.
  • Good physical appearance – Physical appearance matters a lot when it comes to dating or finding a girlfriend. If you like a girl, you can impress her with your clothing style and your physical appearance. Every girl will like you if you are good looking. Smelly breath, bad body odor, and unkempt hair makes you look ugly and girls don’t like it at all. The fastest way to get a girlfriend is to improve your physical appearance.
  • Appreciation – Girls will like you if you appreciate them for their look or any trait. Find out any good thing in a girl and compliment her for that. It will make her feel that you really like her.

Relationship Tips

If you are the lucky one and you are having a girlfriend but you want to take your relationship to the next level, you should let your partner know about it but in a proper way. You should know how to get a girl to have sex with you. You can arrange a romantic dinner at home for her and let her know that you want to come closer to her. Make her feel romantic and kiss her. If you find her comfortable with you, you can have sex with her.

If you are unlucky and you have lost your girlfriend because of breakup, you can make your ex want you back by following the below written tips-

  • Use of reverse psychology – If you find that after breakup with you, your ex girlfriend has moved on in her life and she does not bother to reply to your messages or calls, you should start doing opposite things. Stop calling her or messaging her and try to avoid her so that she will feel that you have also moved on. It will make her realize her mistake.
  • Never show that you are jealous – If your ex girlfriend is dating someone, you should never show her that you are jealous. Instead of that you should behave like a happy man and that you don’t care for her at all. It will make her think that you have forgotten her and then she will try to talk to you.
  • Be happy with yourself – Change your outlook and your behavior. Try to be happy with yourself as if you don’t need anyone. If you pretend to be happy, your ex girlfriend will feel that you don’t need her at all and this will make her feel insecure. So, she will try to contact you.
  • Improve yourself – You can go to gym to enhance your physical appearance. You can wear branded clothes to improve your look. If you do all this, you will find yourself good looking. This will increase your self confidence. You will start loving yourself and you will not bother about others. Your good looks will surely attract your ex girlfriend and she will try everything to get you back.

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