The Main Reasons Why Men Leave Their Girlfriends

You meet a great guy and start dating him. You start thinking of having a loving and committed relationship with him, but suddenly one day he just disappears without telling you anything. You feel frustrated and rejected. You keep scrambling to figure out why your boyfriend left you, but can’t find any real reasons.

Well, here are real reasons, why men abandon their girlfriends with no explanation!

1. You’re not in a relationship after two dates. Just being on two dates with a man isn’t enough to know him. You can’t be in a relationship after two dates. All you did in these two dates is talking and perhaps kissing. So, don’t make it a big deal if he doesn’t call or texts you. He doesn’t need to explain himself.

2. You criticize people. People say if a man goes ‘poof’ after dating you’re a few times; then he isn’t interested in you. But, did it occur to you that it might be you who chased him by criticizing him with statements like, ‘You have bad teeth, or you’re a bad kisser’. No guy wants to date someone who diminishes their self-esteem with uncomfortable conversations.

3. Sometimes men leave because they’re bad lairs. This applies to women too. Sometimes men abandon their girlfriends because they’ve found someone better or well-endowed woman. When their girlfriends ask them why some men are simply very embarrassed to give an explanation, and even if they give one, anyone can tell it’s a lie. Instead, they go ‘poof’.

4. He’s not ready for a serious relationship. If you’re dating someone and you decided to make the relationship, it can cause immense pressure on your boyfriend. So, they decide to leave you because he’s simply not ready to be in a committed and long-term relationship. Sometimes, men who are scared will rather date multiple women at the same time, and the women who get serious to be in a serious relationship will get the boot.

5. He’s unable to connect emotionally. Most men lack the emotional maturity and the confidence to face an adult person, or tell his girlfriend, that he’s unable to be in a serious relationship, or it’s not working for him. That’s why he disappears without any explanation. It might be painful for you, but in fact, consider this as good news, as having a relationship with a person who is emotionally immature will never be right for you.

6. The illusion that I am a good man is wearing off. We all like to think ourselves as nice and mean the same for other people also. But, it’s obvious that not everyone is a nice person. If you’ve made a lot of expectations, promises and misinterpreted your real intentions for the relationship, and theirs is a chance that the truth will get exposed, then walk away from the relationship. This way you can still maintain the illusion that you’re a great man.

When you love someone, and he or she just leaves you without any explanation, it can happen. There are many reasons for it, but the main thing to keep in mind that it’s no one fault. Get over it, and don’t lose hope in finding love again.

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