The Main Reasons Why Women Leave Their Boyfriends

You meet someone you like. You make a connection with them. Things seem to go nicely, and then all of a sudden your girlfriend just goes ‘poof’. Your girlfriend just disappears, never to hear from her again. This type of occurrence is pretty common when dating, and can be really frustrating at times. You keep wondering what actually happened, you have no clues, and you’re left with no closure. Well, here we have listed some of the main reasons why women abandon their boyfriends without giving them any explanations:

1. She found someone better. This is a tough pill to swallow, but very common. Sometimes you meet someone you like, go on a few dates with her, and in the meantime, she meets a man who is better than you. If she stops responding to your calls and texts, it means that she met someone better and isn’t interested in you anymore.

2. She thinks you’re boring. This is subject. Some women, who find someone fun or exciting, might be boring or bland to others. If your girlfriend has gone ‘poof’ after having a few dates with you, it might You're too boring for her personality.

3. She thinks you’re a space invader. Women don’t like their dates or new boyfriends who invaded their personal space way too early in the relationship. If you’ve have been dating your new girlfriend for a few days, and begin asking or give hints that you want to be physically intimate with her, we won’t be surprised if never calls you again.

4. She’s scared that you’ll ask her why she left. After going on a few dates, a woman decides that her date isn’t right for her. She ponders telling him why she isn’t into him, but at the same time, she feels afraid that the guy would ask her to give an explanation. So, she disappears. A lot of women agree that they would abandon their boyfriends, then tell them why that they left him because, he was short, too angry or a bad kisser.

5. She thinks you’re clueless about certain things. For some women, it’s easy for them to poof that spend days or hours explaining their boyfriends why the date isn’t working out or will never work out in the future. They don’t want to be involved in a dramatic conversation. So, they fade away instead.

6. She can’t deal with conflicts or arguments. It’s not a good reason, but a real one, nonetheless. Many women admitted that they rather disappear than deal with awkward conversations or conflicts with their boyfriends.

7. The date was bad. If you’re met someone new and went on a date with her, and the date went terribly bad. Don’t be astonished if she doesn’t return your calls or messages. Many ladies told that they severed all connections with their respective dates because of bad dates and lack of chemistry.

The bottom line is when you found someone new and went on dates with her on a few dates, and then leaves you without telling you anything; remember that this can happen to anyone. She left you not because there is something wrong with you; she left because her intuition told her that you aren’t the right man for her.

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