The One: 10 Signs Your Partner Is Marriage Material

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How do you know that your partner is “the one”? Many people claim that they knew right away, while others say that it took them a lot longer. Some people never know! They marry a person and hope that it works out…which isn't the best idea. There are certain signs that will help you know your current partner is the one you should be with the rest of your life. Below are ten signs that your partner is marriage material:

1. They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor is absolutely necessary in a partner. If you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, you need them to be able to make you laugh. Otherwise, you're in for a boring future…

2. They Have A Good Relationship History

Have most of their previous relationships ended on decent terms? This is a good marriage material sign. If all of your partner's relationships have ended really badly, there might be a problem.

3. Your Arguments Aren't Too Volatile

Marriage is going to come with a lot of arguments. If the two of you have violent, volatile arguments, it is going to lead to a toxic marriage that will likely crash and burn. So if your partner knows how to walk away from an argument in a healthy way, they're marriage material.

4. They Are Independent

Co-dependent partners can be incredibly draining in a relationship. If you're going to marry this person, you need to know that they aren't dependent on you for every little thing and that they can stand on their own if need be.

5. They Are Kind To Others

The way a person treats the people around them is a huge indicator of who they really are. If your partner is nasty to other people, they're going to treat you the same way eventually and you definitely don't want to make a long-term commitment like marriage.

6. You're Sexually Compatible

Sex is an important part of any relationship. If you're not sexually compatible or there's no passion between the two of you, you definitely don't want to marry this person. If your sex life is awful, it will lead to a short-lived marriage.

7. They Keep Their Promises

Commitment is the most important part of marriage. You want to know that your marriage will not be full or broken promises. If your partner is someone who always keeps their word, then consider them a keeper.

8. You Have Similar Values

Having similar values leads to a healthy marriage. It means that you will want the same things in life and there will be far fewer arguments.

9. Your Friends and Family Like Them

While friends and family shouldn't be the deciding factor in getting married, it's always a plus if they like your partner. This means that the people closest to you see something in this person. If they can envision you having a future with this person, then you should be able to also.

10. They're Helpful In A Crisis

A partner who knows how to handle crisis is definitely one you want to keep around. Life gets tough…really tough. You want someone by your side who knows how to react to difficult situations. So if your partner can keep their cool under pressure, they're marriage material.

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