The Reasons He Hasn’t Called You After Your First Date

On the one hand, where you feel excited about your first date yet it is a nerve-wracking experience. Fears surround you from inside, and you are nervous. You are conscious about the way you appear, do you look okay?  Does your hair look fine? Is he going to like you? You want to give your best shot and expect something positive response.

After spending a lovely romantic eve with him, you must be waiting for him to contact you again. And what if he doesn’t? According to you, everything went perfect but why didn’t he call you? This is quite a tense situation especially when you are completely blank about it. You do not know the guy very well whom you are dating then definitely you would not be able to understand that what is exactly going on and thus you are left with guessing session that what would have happened.

Why hasn’t he called you after your first date?

Everything seemed well to you but still he did not call you, very frustrating!! Following reasons might help you to figure out what would have happened:

  • He has lost your number:

Men are careless and sometimes very clumsy. If according to you everything went fine, you found chemistry and bonding between you two and still he did not call you then perhaps he has lost your number. He might have entered it wrong or deleted it by mistake. If you have written it on a piece of paper, then there are chances that he might have lost the paper.

  • He has lost or broke his phone:

There might be a possibility that he has dropped down his phone or has lost it somewhere. Another innocent reason, as there are many other ways to contact during this era of social media.

  • He just not feels like:

Simple ‘liking’ or feels like ‘into’ relationship are two separate feelings. Liking is that he undoubtedly liked you but isn’t really into you. So if you have sent him the message and he does not respond then, probably this would be the reason that he does not want you to get hurt in future.

  • He is a Shy Guy:

Sometimes men are shy. So if he did no call, then this can be a reason that he is feeling shy and confused that whether you liked him or not. He might be scared of asking you out for the second date because apparently, nobody wants to be rejected.

  • He could be extremely busy:

Probably something has come up in his life, a tight schedule, long meetings, workload, etc. that have become the barrier between you two. Give him time and wait; he will get back to you as soon as he gets time.

  • He is waiting for you to make the first move:

Although this one is not common; but it can be one of the reasons. This case is the rare one; only if he finds you the woman with dominant personality or who does not mind making the first move.

So lovely ladies, if you had a perfect date, but he did not call you then probably these are the reasons. However, this sort of situation has nothing to do with the compatibility or romance but is just simple common reasons to figure out the circumstances.

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