The Tricky Mind Games Men Play, But Any Girl Can Win

When men came to playing mind games, they play dirty. However, when we talk about women, they play to win. So how can we outsmart men with our own tactics? Men are basically programmed to take care of women. But why is this so that they purposely impose mental and emotional pain on the one they are supposed to take care of?

Why do men play mind games?

Sometimes there is a need to play a mind game just because to save a relationship. But when this mind playing game comes to the point where it is played to take advantage then the line is crossed. So let us find out why do men play such a dirty game with the emotions of women:

Ego Stroking:

Usually, men play mind games as it gives them the sense of power thus making them feel wanted and adored which men desire for intensely.

They possess a feeling of discontent:

If there is something in life that they are unable to achieve, they start playing with the feelings of women which they might discover to fill the gap inside them.

They want to test themselves:

This is similar to ego stroking, but in this, they want to check themselves that whether they are capable of attracting women or not. They will never think about what it makes the women feel like. All they want is to check their capabilities.

They love Challenges:

This is the most common reason why men play mind games. They just cannot handle the disliking of a girl, and they can go to any extent to overcome it.

Gold digging:

This is the worst of all. In this case, men not only play with the girl’s mind but also cash her out. Cash doesn’t mean in the form of money, but they use a girl for her connections and make her do anything for them.

What are the most common mind games?

Check out the following list to know about the most common mind games:

  • A guy makes you feel guilty about the thing which you have not given to him but it is what he wants.
  • Just like a guilt trip, another way to play mind games with women are just to turn over the whole situation upside down and concluding it to be all women’s fault.
  • He proved to be a spontaneous lover. He disappears without any traces and spring back up when you least expect him with a promise that he missed you a lot and there he goes again.
  • Some boyfriends become inattentive intentionally. He will purposely ignore your calls and text messages to get you bothered. He knows that when he contacts you, he will have you around his fingers.

How to win their mind games?

Here are the ways which will help you to spot mind players and change the game.

  • Trust and listen to your instinct
  • Start appreciating your worth.
  • Do not let the guy take advantage of you. Never compromise just to please him.
  • If you catch a man playing games with you, do not get them back. It will, however, make no difference to them.
  • Do not allow your partner use any of your resources whether it is a car, a house or money unless and until you fully trust him.
  • When you see your guy is playing games with you, call on to him and tell him that you are not going to stand this bullshit.

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