The Truth About Social Media And Online Relationships

This is an era where social media has ruled over the entire world. Social sites are 24/7 jammed packed. You name it, and people start logging on to these social sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other such sites provide a platform to find the older ones, to meet the new people, to share your thoughts, views, memories and much more. These social sites have brought people of faraway lands very close where they have built adamant online relationships.

Since nowadays people spend the maximum of their time on this social site; sometimes they get to talk to the new ones to which they are attracted and start developing feelings for them, or maybe their old friendship statuses begin to transform into long-term relationships.

It all starts with little tweets and messages which further leads to the phone calls and video calls. And after sometimes people find themselves sitting together having quality time with each other. Well, all the stories do not have a happy ending. Some stories fade away in the starting; other finishes a bit later. In this article, a few hidden truths have been revealed through the experiences of the people who had faced or had been into bad situations in having an online relationship on these social sites.

Everyone is not honest about who they are

Be very careful and do not try to get impressed by anyone’s profile picture or what they have said about themselves in their profiles. This world is full of liars who just play games with the feelings of other people just for the sake of fun. So before going too far and getting yourself deeply involved, do clear up and confirm about the particulars of the other person.

People can hurt you

Online relationships can be perfect in the beginning, but with the passage of time at the meeting stage, you might find them taking liberty or advantage of you. You need to be very careful and fully aware of each step taken.

Social media is not a dating site

If your intentions are to look for a partner or to just date, then social media sites are not designed for this purpose. Although you may find someone on these sites which gets along with you very well but having such intentions, in particular, is not a good sign. It is better to visit sites which are specially prepared to provide their services in this regard.

Consider spending time offline

You met online, became good friends, your minds matched, you started possessing same feelings for each other, but this is not it. It is preferred to spend some time offline with each other just to get to know in a better way. Supporting and standing together while going through tough times. Check whether still you two click each other. If yes!! Then you have found the right person for yourself.

Do listen to your heart but use your brain too

When people fall in love, they forget everything and trust blindly; however, this is the time to look into everything very closely as this is one of the major decisions of your life. Always stay alerted and look for the red flags. Keep yourself on the safe side. Undoubtedly your heart just wants to be with that person, but your mind might be giving you some warning signs, so do not ignore such signals.

Well, what I believe that whether your relationship starts in person or online, meeting the right person at the right time is all the game of luck. Just be cautious and sensible while finding, falling in love and taking it along as a long term relationship.



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