The Unexpected Way You Can Tell Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a few weeks and you feel happy that after all these years, you’ve finally met someone who you think is your soulmate. You’ve been thinking about all sorts of things regarding the status of your relationship. Is it casual or are you in a committed, exclusive relationship? In fact, one of the most confusing and challenging parts of any loving relationship is to find out how to label it. You might be thinking of some unexpected ways to figure out whether your relationship is about to get serious, but you feel disappointed when you see it's not what you think.

During the first few dates, you can't help but wonder, “Does he like me?”, or “Will he call me again, or is he just being polite?” The last part is probably the worst thing one can think of on a first date. While dating there is always this complicated question: “What are we?’ Are we in a relationship? Are we a couple? Is she my girlfriend? Is he my boyfriend? Is our relationship casual or exclusive? If not, what should I call our relationship?”

The truth is, the way you can tell that your relationship became serious, and your partner has turned to your significant other is something you would never expect it to be.

You Start To Get Scared!
There is one thing all romantic relationships have in common. They all have to go through the same stages. When your significant other begins to feel that he has become a permanent part of your life, that’s typically when all of your deepest and hidden concerns, fears, and insecurities start to surface. Think about all the things you're afraid of when you get close to someone you love deeply. What will do if your relationship ends? Will he ever ask me to move in with him? Does my snoring or fashion sense scare him away? This might sound backwards to you, but the reason you feel scared is that your heart and mind are thinking of this relationship as long-term. This uncomfortable feeling tends to surface at such a phase in your relationship that you don’t have to question how you feel about each other, but you feel safe to care about each other deeply.

You may see that your spouse is also feeling the same way. Do you notice if they’re leaning back when you start to get close to them? Are they withholding saying something important when you’re intimate with them – emotionally or physically? This kind of behavior can make this situation even scarier!

Fortunately, There Is One Solution. Share How You Feel.
Share your inner feelings and thoughts with your partner without putting too much pressure on yourself. At first, share a small feeling and see how your partner reacts. Consider saying that you like to spend time with him and like him very much, and that thought makes you nervous. Pay attention to your boyfriend's reaction. This might be the moment your partner was waiting for to share his feelings, too.

When you’re dating or in a relationship, be honest, and let your fears overwhelm you to find true love. Sharing your deepest fears is not a sign that your relationship is over, but an indication that it’s getting stronger.

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