These Bad Dating Habits Will Make It Hard For You To Find Someone

If you’ve been on many dates, and you’re still aren’t in a relationship, it’s time that you reflect on yourself. Maybe it’s your personality or bad habits that are repelling your dates in having a relationship with you.

Here are six common dating habits that you should consider quitting as soon as possible!

1. Being available all day and all night!
He calls you for a date, and you’re ready for a date. You go to the date that night. He calls again, and you go to date the next evening. Getting excited about an upcoming date is perfectly fine, but making yourself available at all times, and letting your partner know about, can create problems in a new relationship. Your date might be the idea that you’ve no social life or friends and assumes that you’re willing to cancel all your plans for the date night. This kind of behavior might make you appear desperate, not to mention feeling bored or alone to your date.

2. Being less available
Being too available can be a problem, but being less available will also create problems in a new relationship. If you don’t enough time to date, why are you doing it? Your date will assume that you’re elusive, disinterested and incapable of maintaining a loving and committed relationship. Make sure to set aside a few hours every week for your dates and show some enthusiasm that you’re interested in spending time with your new love interest and getting to know him/her better. If you skip your dates frequently, stay prepared to kiss your relationship goodbye.

3. Stalking your date online
If you’re interested in someone, don’t get to know more about them by searching him/her on Google or Facebook. It’s okay if you’ve done it once, and that it. Don’t stalk his or her ex online. If you really want to know your date ask him or her in person. If you tell him or her something that you found online, it might scare your date.

4. Don’t be too picky.
We all standards and preferences that we like to see in our partners. But don’t get obsessed or too picky on them. If you think that you want someone who won’t meet all of your 100 qualities you want to see in your man or woman, better head to Disney land or quit dating. Give every people of various body types, careers or paychecks a chance.

5. Don’t be stuck in the past.
Don’t hold any grudges against your new love interest because you’ve a few bad dates in the past. Don’t expect her to fail like your ex, and don’t expect him to be better than your previous boyfriend. If you really want to share something from your past relationships, make sure you new date understands the perspective of it.

6. Stop engaging in off-putting behaviors.
Do your friends tease you that you dress like a teenager, gossip or drink too much on dates? Did your past partners complain that you swear too much or be rude to the waiters on dinner dates? If yes, then it’s time you take a close look at yourself, and get rid of all of these annoying behaviors. It is fine to be yourself, but it’s also important to the best of yourself, especially on dates.

If you’re looking for a relationship or in one already, and if the relationship evolves into love, only then your partner will know who you really are as a person, what your value most in life.

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