Things Your Friends Won’t Tell You About Your Relationship

We all need relationship advice at some point in life. At that moment we quickly rush to the closest person to us from either friends or family. Sometimes, however, they are not the best people to take advice from. Why? Because they love us and they might not tell us the harsh realities or might just are in the habit of sugar coating our flaws in an attempt not to make us sad. There are a lot of things which our close friend or family don’t tell us and this article will point out the majority of those things.

#1 Talking about your partner behind his/her back is not good

It sure is better to share your problems and issues with a close one, but that is all healthy to a certain extent. When it is your life partner that you are talking about, then you must be careful that you don’t disrespect him/her and not backbite. Also, later on, you will mostly feel regretful, and it will not be a good feeling. Your friend, on the other hand, would never tell you this thing.

#2 Your in-laws should butt out of your marriage

The family is an important part of your life. They love you, and therefore they do have a right to advise you at the right time. But when it is about you and your partner, then there isn’t any strong bond than yours. You should know that you both are one unit and you should not give anyone else the right to say anything bad to your partner.

#3 Stop trying to fix your partner

There are some things which are embedded into a person’s nature. If your partner is repeating those things, then you should probably just stop trying to think of ways to fix it. Despite how much your friend tells you to fix him/her, you should know that it is not going to change now.

#4 You need to stop complaining

You ever wonder why your partner spends most of the time out and with other people. Maybe he/she is tired of you constantly bringing complaints up to them. No one will tell you this, but you need to realize this yourself that complaining too much is not healthy at all. Sometimes you should learn how to ignore things for the greater good, mental peace.

#5 Get busy

If you are facing too many issues at your home and it is constantly irritating your mind, then you should think of ways that will get you busy and give you something productive to do. You can join a club, or if you have some money, then it is best to start some social work because that will pass your time as well as give you self-satisfaction.

#6 No one has time every day to listen to your rants

No matter how close the person is to you or how much they love you, eventually they will get tired of listening to your complaints. They have a life too, and they can’t spend all day fixing your issues.


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