Things A Man Does That Show He Doesn’t Love You, But Settling For You, Instead!

It could be startling to know the person they love could be settling for them, despite it is pretty common now. Many folks don’t even recognize that they’re settling for someone until they have an epiphany about it. But, the truth is that most of us have settled with someone we weren’t fully in love with at least once in our lives. So, why do people settle with someone they aren’t in love with. There are several reasons, but the primary reason is due to their insecurities.

Here are few signs that show that he doesn't love you, but settling for you:

He Doesn't Introduce You As His Girlfriend
If the guy you’re dating introduces you to his friends, family, coworkers, etc. as “meet my friend, Jane,” instead of “meet my girlfriend, Jane,” then it’s clear that he is having second guesses in the relationship. This is a big red flag in the relationship that he might be embarrassed about something about you, or about your looks, or your behaviors or habit, or is afraid of commitment or is simply not that into you.

He's Easily Get Irritated By Your Quirky Habits
During the initial days of a relationship, couples might find each other’s quirky habits cute and adorable. But, if you’ve been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a few weeks or months, and they already feel annoyed or disturbed by some of your habits or behaviors, we can safely say that he’s not really that into you, and won’t be in the future.

He Doesn’t Invite You To His Family Or Friends Events
Men like to show off their girlfriends or wives to their family and friends, and share all the things that matter to him to you. If you’re dating a man for a few weeks or months, and see him going to various family and friends events such as birthday parties and wedding with you, there is a reason he's decided not to bring you along. Normally, weddings are social functions where people bring someone they’re newly dating. If you’re already in a relationship for several months, and you see that your fiancé is going to weddings without you, we can assume that apparently, he doesn’t want you to get acquainted with his friends or family. It’s is clear sign that he is not into you, or madly in love with you.

He Talks About How Some Women Are “Out Of His League.”
Only a jerk will think about doing something like this. He’s basically implying that you aren’t special to him and that you are in his league, not out. He likes to date women who are out of his league but eventually decided to settle with you. A guy who really loves you and cares about you will always think that you’re the best thing that has happened to him.

He Takes Other People Advice About Your Relationship
If you’re dating someone, and if they’re really into you, they will care very less what other people think about you or the relationship. Meanwhile, if you discover that your partner is always seeking out other people’s advice before making important decisions regarding your relationship, then we have a problem. It’s a direct indication that he doesn’t value or considers your opinion about important decisions in the relationship, proving that you're not right for him.

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