Things Women Do That Make Them Unapproachable To Men

Are you perplexed by the fact even after going to many days you’re still single? Guys never ask you out. You wonder why never seem attracted to you? You’re probably started to assume that there is something wrong with you. You feel insecure, and you beat yourself up inside. You began to tell yourself that you’re not beautiful enough, smart enough, or even funny enough to make men feel attracted to you. Well, that’s all nonsense! What if we tell you that you not being asked out by men have nothing to do with your looks or sense of humor? Because the truth is, it’s actually what you’re doing that is making him turn away.

Here are some things you need to seriously consider if your want to be in a serious relationship:

You’re In Love With Your Phone
When you’re always texting on your phone, you’re surely not paying any attention or making eye contact with a guy who’s looking at you across the table or room. When a man approaches towards you, he needs to connect with you on eye-to-eye level first. It is fully natural for him to do that so that he can see whether you’re his type and whether there are any potential interest and attraction. But, when you're constantly hooked on your phone’s screen, he’ll think you’re not taking him seriously, or not having fun or don’t want to be bothered.

You’re Hanging Out With Too Many Women
Men are already nervous to ask a lady out. Now, if he sees you hanging out with your girlfriends, and there are ten of them at once, imagine how intimidated and insecure that would that make him feel? So keep your posse small, at least for now.

You have A Bitchy Face
Nobody likes to date someone with a crappy mood or a bitch face that tells the world to stay away. Our facial expression says a lot about our personalities. If you’re at a bar or hanging out at a great party, but have that bitch face on you, no guy in his right mind would even remotely think to approach you. When it comes to dating girls, guys want to make sure he can be friends with you first, before he decides to ask you out. So, smile, be confident and engage in friendly banter, to keep yourself approachable.

He Always Sees Hanging Out With Your Boys
We aren’t saying that you should stop hanging out with your guy friends while looking for a man. We understand why you like spending time with your boys, they make you laugh, and they make sure you’re in for a great time. And, it’s quite an adventure too. But remember, guys are less likely to approach you, and immediately think you’re off-limits when they see you hanging out with a group of dudes. They assume that if they ask you out while being surrounded by your personal army, they might lose all their guts and glory. So, enjoy your nights out with the guys, but don’t plan on meeting a potential boyfriend while hanging out with them anytime soon.

You're Exuding Some Serious Negative Energy
Your body beams out energy the moment you enter a room. Your energy can make or break a date when a guy asks you out. So, if you want to make yourself attractive to guys, let your energy shine. When it comes to dating and relationships, it’s imperative that you connect with a man on all dimensions; mind, body, and spirit. Also, make sure your thoughts and emotions are radiating positively through your aura to attract his attention.

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